{Gluten Free} Meal Plan 9.19.11

This is a short week as we’re going to my husband’s 20th college reunion this week in western PA. Good times. Since it’s a bit of a haul, we decided to make a long weekend of it! Which means I only have to plan 3 meals this week. WOOT!

Menu Plan Monday

menu plan monday

MONDAY: Chicken Gruyere – consistently one of my most popular posts.

TUESDAY: Leftover taco meal – inspired by Kelly’s “Taco Soup” concoction, I am going to throw together something using leftover meatloaf and london broil (I baked it so it has some juices with it). I’ll try to shred the london broil up real fine so it blends into the ground beef from the meatloaf. Then I’ll add some Mexican spices and peppers and such and let it simmer for an hour or so. I’ll throw it into some taco shells, grate some cheese, and call it a dinner. I’m thinking of putting together a salad to go with it to balance out the meal.

WEDNESDAY: something with seafood. Either salmon cakes, or if I have time to pick up some fresh wild salmon at the store, I will make this Baked Salmon that our family always enjoys. (I use gluten-free breadcrumbs of course.) Probably with roasted broccoli – that’s always good with seafood! (Yes, that recipe is for roasted asparagus, but it’s the same concept.)

And then we’re off! Hopefully I can get some good fall photos while we’re out there. I’m dying to update my blog header.

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