Fashion Friday: Denim for Summer

Thanks to Stephanie, who likes to keep me stocked with Fashion Friday ideas, I’m dedicating today’s Fashion Friday to my first love: DENIM. (Stephanie suggested that I discuss denim for summer.)

Here in the northeast, we have some sweltering days and some cooler days. The mid-day temperatures range anywhere from 65 degrees to 95 so denim certainly has a place in the summer wardrobe here in PA.

My very favorite piece of denim in the summertime is a denim jacket. I love to throw on a denim jacket over a tank top and a colorful skirt. In fact, this time last year I wrote a post all about how to wear a denim jacket and I photographed a few different outfits using a denim jacket as a fashion accessory. I just like the casual, edgy vibe that a denim jacket gives to an otherwise conservative outfit. When shopping for a denim jacket, the key is to get something with a flattering shape through the waist, like this one at Old Navy.


White denim is always a great way to bring denim into the summer months. I’ve had a white denim jacket for years, and I often pair it with khaki cargo cropped pants or cotton skirts. But this year I bought two pair of white jeans — a pair of cropped skinny jeans that I got on sale at the Gap, and then another pair of boot cut jeans that were a bit more of an investment.


I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.  I like the cropped jeans for casual daytime wear and the boot cut jeans for dressing up in the evenings. (The secret, by the way, to keeping your dignity when wearing white pants is to wear undergarments that match your skin tone.)

Of course, good old fashioned blue denim is perfectly appropriate for summertime.  I practically live in my jean shorts and cropped jeans in the summer.


I even wear my black jeans for an occasional night out.

At the moment I don’t have a jean skirt, but that’s always a nice way to bring denim into the summer months and not roast while you’re at it. This white denim mini skirt from the LOFT is adorable.


How about you? How do you wear denim in the summertime?

* * *

For more fashion talk, head on over to the Fashion Friday headquarters at Big Mama‘s place.  I am so glad to see that she is taking a stand against the return of the romper as a fashion trend.

Do you have a Fashion Friday post? I asked Big Mama if she’d mind if I put up a Linky, and she said to go right ahead.  I’ve noticed that some of you are hopping on board the Fashion Friday train, and I’d love to see your posts!  (Please be sure to link directly to your post, not to the main page of your blog.)

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  1. I would love to have a cute denim skirt but have had an awful time trying to find one that isn’t too short that actually fits. Every store seems to only have one denim skirt and I dont have the time to go to a million stores to find one that fits me well. 🙁

  2. I love those white bootcut jeans!!!! Mama needs a pair of those.

    I have a white pair of denim shorts but my legs are typically so white ugh…I wear them around the house and not in public. 😉

    Have you ever played around on the ShopStyle website? I just opened an account this week. It is ADDICTIVE. It’s like virtual paper dolls for women. Ha! I know people love Polyvore, too.

  3. Cute stuff! I’m not a denim wearer much, but it’s a great look.

    I watched a few episodes of “What Not To Wear” while on vacation, and I think they said ADAMANTLY: NO short skirts (i.e., above the knee much) if you’re over 35. That cute white number up there — can you wear that if you’re over 35? I suppose they’re addressing the aging female leg, with its veins and bulging.

    1. LOL. I think it depends on the legs but as a rule I’m not a fan of the miniskirt. I have seen some moms wearing them and looking cute, but mostly it’s a no-no. I prefer for my skirts to hit right above the knee, but they are getting hard to find, what with the mini skirts coming back in fashion. I’ve been looking hard for one b/c I prefer skirts to shorts, but they are all either too short or they are A-line or swishy. I need my skirts to hang straight or even taper back in a bit. Otherwise I look really W-I-D-E. 🙂

  4. I love my white jeans, but it’s so hot in Houston during the summer that I don’t wear a ton of denim. I do wear denim bermuda shorts a lot. I just can’t do mini-skirts…I have a couple but I think they aren’t very flattering.

    1. Yeah, I should have clarified about the miniskirts. I’m not really a fan for the general population. 🙂 I will look for another one that’s longer.

  5. Where did you find your white jeans? I’ve been looking for a pair for 2 years! They either don’t fit right (I have a hard time finding jeans I like in general) and/or they are sort of see-through. My dimples don’t do see through!

    1. Hahaha. Mine don’t either. 😉 They are Sevens. I got them at Bloomies when they had a 20% off sale on denim.

  6. Oh, man! The one week I don’t do a fashion Friday post! 🙂

    I am in love with those blue denim capris, third picture down. They are adorable!

    1. Thank you! I wear those ALL the time. In fact, my first pair got worn looking and I bought another.

  7. Since I live in TX, and we are apparently closer to the Equator than the map would have you believe, my summer denim is usually limited to skirts. But, if we are going out to a movie or dinner indoors then I sometimes put on jeans, just for something different. I need a pair of straight leg jeans to wear with flats this summer, but not until I’ve gotten back to exercising.

  8. I think I’m in love with the cropped jeans! Did you mention where to find those?? I may have glazed past it if so because I was mesmerized.

    1. They are hard to find now. I got them 2 years ago, and they are Joe’s Socialite “kicker” — you can google them and maybe find them.

  9. I love the white jean look to go with tunic type-tops. Bought a boot cup pair last summer that no longer fit (finally back to my normal size after recovering from knee surgery in early 2009) so today I actually bought a pair of white denim jeggings (yes, I know, kind of embarrassing to admit I jumped on that trend. Haha) from Zara that were only $40! Definitely excited to wear them this summer!

    1. Now that’s one trend I haven’t jumped on yet. I don’t think it’s a great look for a mom of three, but I’m sure YOU pull them off beautifully! 😉

  10. I *still* have to get my white jeans hemmed. Maybe next week…!

    Also – I’d love to see some photos of your jean shorts. What are they like? Brand? Length? Etc.

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