Fashion Friday :: Easter Sunday Attire

I got a few requests for a post on Easter fashion, so here goes. I will be the first to admit, I don’t put a lot of thought into my Easter outfits. I did growing up. Shopping for a new Easter outfit was a BIG DEAL in my house. We didn’t do the Easter basket thing or the Easter bunny thing, so it was all about Sunday morning, church, getting dressed up and going out for lunch. Yes, I’m from the South. What can I say?

Now that I’m the momma, I admit, I don’t think much about my own outfits on Easter Sunday. (My kids do get new outfits, though.) I usually go for something in my closet.

I don’t do a lot of dresses, and here in the northeast, it is often chilly on Easter Sunday, so I usually opt for pants.


If it was guaranteed to be warm, and if I was going out to a nice restaurant afterwards, and if I thought I would have other occasions to wear it, I’d go for something like this printed sheath dress from Ann Taylor with cream or beige pumps, as shown. It reminds me of one of Monet’s watercolor paintings.

This Poppy Print sheath dress by Milly also caught my eye. It’s $$$ but if you’re gonna daydream, go big or go home, right??

Florals are back in vogue this season, and while I’m not typically a floral sorta girl, this one appeals to me. I think it’s the bright colors, and of course, the poppies. Who doesn’t love poppies??

I typically opt for skirts and tops over dresses, and there are plenty of options in that category too. I’m a huge fan of navy-and-white on Easter.

How about you? What are you wearing for Easter this year? Do you usually get a new outfit or shop your closet?