Fashion Friday :: Rocking the Yoga Pants

In my last Daily Mom Style post, I mentioned:

a) feeling silly featuring yoga pants in a style post, and

b) possibly cutting back on Daily Mom Style posts or changing them up a bit to focus more on one specific (hopefully interesting) outfit.

The latter suggestion was met with much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but several of you piped up and asked me to keep going, so I probably will.

The reaction to the first suggestion was enlightening. Not only do you appreciate seeing what I wear on the days that I revert to my comfy yoga pants, but it was even suggested that I do a post about how to look put together wearing yoga pants.

Well, I decided that was a fine and dandy idea for a Fashion Friday post. After all, the reality is, most women who spend the majority of their time at home do not get dressed to the nines every day. I do appreciate how I feel when I put on pants that button, but I also think that it’s possible to wear yoga pants in such a way that they are fit for public consumption.

The key AS ALWAYS is proper fit. I’m sure we can all agree that wearing your ragged sweatpants from college with PINK splashed across your tushy and your husband’s oversized, hole-infested sweatshirt is a big no-no. So assuming we are way beyond that, here are some practical tips for looking pulled together in your sweats.

My biggest pet peeve, and the thing that I think that I notice the most that detracts from looking pulled together when wearing athletic great is when the yoga pants are too short. (Or, conversely, when they’re too long and dragging on the ground, but I notice the too-short issue much more often.)

I know it’s hard when you’re tall, but try to find a brand that makes longer lengths if you need them. Personally, I can attest that Athleta’s yoga pants come pretty long (even in their regular length), and they also don’t shrink. I know this because I’ve tried to shrink mine. They are just a quarter inch too long, and I sometimes find myself walking on the hems. Annoying, but they still fit the best of any brand I’ve tried. (That is not to say that they will fit YOU best, but it’s a good place to start.) They also come in long and petite sizes.

I have two pair of black Athleta yoga pants, and I’m about to buy another. They come in different colors, but honestly I just like the black. I’m a plain jane like that.

Athleta makes several styles, but this Magnolia Pant is the cheapest at the moment. Some are more fitted and some are a relaxed fit, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Athleta Magnolia Pant

As for the rest of your outfit, it’s really all about what you like. I prefer zip-up hoodies, but of course there are all kinds of pullovers and you can also wear a drapey sweater, which helps elevate the yoga pants to make a bit of a fashion statement.

Then I usually just wear a simple tank underneath, but I also have a few cute tees and tops that I sometimes wear for the under layer. If you’re a regular around here, you’ve seen them all.

My rule of thumb is to wear one bold color. So if I wear my gray fleece zip-up hoodie (a current fave) with my black pants, I wear a colorful tee or tank underneath. I like it when the hem of the under layer shows a bit, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. If I wear a bolder color sweatshirt, I stick with a neutral tank.

And really, that’s it. I mean, this isn’t rocket science here. Make sure all your pieces are clean and fit well and are fairly current trend-wise, then go forth and be comfy!

Here are a few outfits I threw together on Polyvore as examples.

Cute Loungewear


The other thing that bears mentioning is that if you ARE going to wear sweats all day, that does not give you license to forego the shower. NOT to say that I always follow my own advice, but I try to still at least throw on some makeup even if I don’t do the whole shower/blow-dry routine.

That is probably the single biggest thing that keeps you from looking schlumpy when you’re wearing sweats. Put on some makeup, brush your hair and throw on some earrings. It makes a WORLD of difference, and it only takes 5 minutes.

Whaddya think?? Anything I left out??

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15 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: Rocking the Yoga Pants

  1. I just started reading your blog, and am enjoying it very much. I really enjoyed today’s post because I am a runner who runs most mornings, and a high school coach who runs again with her team most afternoons. As a result, I spend a LOT of time in running clothes. Despite that, I try very hard to look put-together most days. I agree with you, whole heartedly that fit is the #1 most important element to making athletic clothes still appear fashionable. After that, I’d say staying on trend for colors and styles. Right now, I am wearing a lot of neon quarter-zips over my black running pants or tights. I still pick colors that flatter me, and try hard to make sure that all my accessories co-ordinate, too (i.e. if it’s cold enough to need hats and mittens). If you don’t let your circumstances lead to excuses (e.g. why try when it’s just running clothes?), you can still look good!

    1. Hey Dani. Thanks, good point about staying on trend. I kind of threw that in at the last minute, but I that is a pretty big component to looking good in your athletic gear. Honestly, they make such CUTE athletic gear these days, it’s a shame NOT to wear it outside of the gym. LOL!!

  2. We really benefit now from having a wider selection of workout wear that can be worn casually. With athleta, Lululemon, and the other traditional workout brands like Nike and Adidas focusing more on casual athletic wear, find items with a great fit is easier than it used to be- and less of an excuse to wear pants that drag on the floor, for instance. Great suggestions.

  3. One last thing . . . . as long as the running/yoga pants don’t have a zipper at the hem, they can always be hemmed, so no excuse for floor dragging! I’m only 5’3″, so I often have to have things shortened. It’s annoying to spend money to tailor workout clothes, but it’s worth it to look better.

  4. I have the Athleta yoga pants in the tall and love them! I am 5 ft 10 and most talls are not tall enough for me. I tried wearing regular yoga pants, but you are right, the too short for you yoga pants look, is not pretty. 🙂 So, for me it was worth paying extra to get ones that fit right. I have only had the Athleta ones for a short time, but so far I love them and the fit is great.

  5. Love your suggestions for pairings with the yoga pants! I have always LOVED the look of Athleta and cherish my catalogs, just haven’t jumped in and bought anything yet. You just inspired me to try these pants!

  6. I love Lands’ End yogas (I don’t even know if they carry them anymore and if they do not, it’s a sad sad day). I have them in black, grey and navy. I love to pair them with the Old Navy super sonic bright hoodies (some are compression, some are not). Makes winter time easier to bear in something bright and colorful. Cute chenille socks are a must. And they fit in my Mary Jane Keens, so it’s a win-win.

  7. Oh please oh please DO NOT stop with the Daily Mom Style posts!! They help me with new ideas for my own wardrobe with having to buy anything new. (My husband greatly appreciates this by the way.)

    Also great advice! Work-out clothes look fine as long as you follow all this advice!! 🙂

  8. I love that many people–or workout clothes makers–are making pants with the wide waistband like the ones pictured above. The first ones I saw were in Lululemon for $80-90. Yikes. Now Athleta, Title 9 and even Target have plenty of options. For those of us with a wider/squishy middle it really holds the stuffing in so that we can wear more form-fitting shirts. Or, at least we can feel more comfortable wearing shirts that don’t look like a men’s XL which is what I used to wear to cover that unsightly area that I was trying to whittle away, while wearing those clothes during my workout. 🙂 I do love Athleta. I’m 5’4 and am just on the cusp of petite with normal clothes. I find that their petite pants fit perfectly in the length and the stride. Also, even though I just complained about how pricey Lululemon pants are, if you can ever get a pair on sale, give ’em a try. They are soooo wonderful– like the perfect fitting pair of designer jeans.

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