They Don’t Care If It’s Pinteresting

I don’t know why I put myself through the ringer. Last month when my daughter was turning seven, she requested an Ariel cake. Because I am always a day late and a dollar short, I waited too late to call the grocery store to put in my order so I was stuck making one myself.

You have to understand. I can bake, but I cannot make a pretty cake. When it comes to birthday cakes, I buy them. But in a moment of insanity, I thought that perhaps I could pull off one of those cakes where you make the cake in a bowl, and invert it to make a skirt, and then stick a Barbie doll (or in my case, an Ariel Barbie) in the top.

I was envisioning something like this:

source: Trina Dimino Davis via Pinterest

 Well, that didn’t go so well.

Fortunately I was ready with a backup plan. Knowing my lack of talent for cake decorating (not that I even got THAT far), I had picked up a Barbie candle (there were no Ariels) and some of those premade sugar decorations just in case I need to drop back and punt.

Drop back and punt is exactly what I did.

My second attempt didn’t turn out MUCH better, although at least the cake cooked evenly. Barbie, however, did NOT want to stand up. Here she is, swimming in a sea of icing.

Finally, after much finagling, I managed to get her to stand up. I quickly plopped some sugar candies around her and decided to call it a day while I was still ahead.

My daughter entered the kitchen as I was putting the last candle in her cake. She took one look at the second cake, and exclaimed with awe and appreciation in her big blue eyes:

Mommy! Now THAT is a BEAUTIFUL cake!!!!!

WHY do I bother trying to be all fancy?? She was perfectly happy with a cake that looked like the ones we used to make in our college dorm.

Last night was my son’s 13th birthday. He specifically requested my homemade chocolate cake so buying a professionally decorated cake was out. Once again I got it in my head to try something creative.

Part of his birthday gift is getting to open his own Facebook account, so I started searching for Facebook cakes on Pinterest. I mean, really. HOW HARD CAN IT BE to make a cute cake?

I love this…

source: Claudia_Riegler via Pinterest

But I don’t do fondant.

And the family likes chocolate frosting on their chocolate cake.

So I ended up with this.

That was NOT what I originally envisioned, mind you.

My vision included the Facebook logo framed in a blue box. When I decided not to bother with the blue box, I thought perhaps I could make the word FACEBOOK look kinda logo-ish. But as soon as I started working with the frosting, I knew I was going to have to keep it simple.

I had at LEAST wanted to print out a picture of my son and glue it to a toothpick and have it standing in the middle, but I ran out of time.

When 6PM rolled around and I was frosting his cake and still had to make dinner . . . well. This was the best I could do.

But you know what?

He didn’t care.

He looks happy, right?

And best of all, it tasted great!

At least, everyone said so. Unfortunately my gluten sensitivity wouldn’t allow me to indulge. But the proof is in the smiles.

Happy 13th birthday, buddy! You’re a teenager!!