Fashion Friday: Skirts

It went from mid-winter thaw to the high heat of summer virtually overnight. I predicted this. Oh yes I did. It will never cease to amaze me how miserable spring can be in the northeast. But hello summer! I’ll take it.

I’m not much of a winter skirt girl. Mainly because I hate tights.

But in the summer, bring on the skirts. They are so much cooler and more flattering than shorts. The key is finding the style that best suits you. For instance, I love the casual comfort of the fold over jersey skirt, but it just does absolutely NOTHING for my figure.

Some girls look adorable in a fuller skirt. Again, I can appreciate this style — on other women.

You got a bit of the hippy dippy trippy going on? I love that look too. Again, not me — but cute on some of you!

Me? Bring on the pencil skirts!

I have several and I wear them every chance I get. They’re great with tank tops for a casual look or an embellished T for when you want to look a little bit more put together. I wear them with flip flops or T-strap sandals for day, or I dress them up for evening with a wedge sandal.

Here are some of my favorite summer looks:

Do you wear a lot of skirts in the summertime? What’s your favorite style?

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18 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Skirts

  1. I really like pencil skirts, but I am way too “curvy” to make them look very appealing. I go with a-line or full. I have a few of the fold-over jersey skirts and I love the way they feel. They are my go-to item for hot sticky days.

  2. I have a jersey skirt that does NOTHING for my figure either but it’s so comfortable that I wear it around the house and outside just to ya know… “hang” (cuz I’m cool like that).

    I’m all about the pencil skirt too! LOVE. LOVE. Where do you think a pencil skirt length looks best on someone who is 5’5″ and a size 10 (but short inseam – I probably have a 30-31″ inseam).

    1. I think everyone has to find their “sweet spot” when it comes to skirt length but personally I like it when they hit me JUST ABOVE the kneecap – all of mine are a tad too short. It’s almost impossible to find the length I like. I’m 5’5″ and all leg and boob. LOL.

  3. We’re also “enjoying” the heat wave. Next week is forecast to be even hotter and I’m wondering if it’s too early to put in the A/C unit.

    This year especially, I feel more comfortable wearing a skirt than shorts. I have very short legs so capri pants are out. Right now I’m leaning towards a-line skirts and am gradually collecting more. I did like my jeans skirts but I’ve outgrown them (ahem!). Maybe I’ll try and find another one. Hippi dippi trippi would fit right in around here but it’s definitely not my style.

  4. I love skirts! I wear all styles, although it is so ding-dang windy here that sometimes my options are limited. I love pencil skirts, but they can be a little hard to maneuver in when I’m chasing littles. I like the tiered skirt that Old Navy seems to sell every season. And this year I can’t get enough of ruffles! Now I wish I could find some cute casual dresses that were not all baby-doll or empire style, because they just make me look pregnant.

  5. I love wearing skirts in the summer. They’re cooler than capris, and more flattering than shorts. I’m actually choosing much longer skirts than I used to, since I spend most of my days sitting on the floor with my little one, but they’re still quite comfy!

  6. Ugh. Tights. I agree with you on that one. Summer is the time for dresses and skirts and tan legs. You have to shave more frequently, but it’s so worth it!

  7. I just bought one of those foldover jersey skirts at Old Navy the other day. Wore it today and I have a new best friend. I’m going to go get another one. Or two.

  8. Skirts are a favorite for me year round. I have a lot of boots and like that look. It’s a comfortable, stylish and flattering choice for many women. Wearing a skirt doesn’t mean you are “too dressed up” I so agree that they are more comfortable AND often more flattering than shorts! I just need some nice weather to wear them.

  9. My style is definitely the pencil skirt! I do have a couple shorter Skorts that I like to wear to baseball games. Seems to be easier to wear when climbing up & down or sitting on bleachers. Oh and they are they style where the skirt goes all the way around,not those front only styles, and they have a little stretch to them.

    I do like that foldover style, I may have to give it a whirl.

  10. Love these skirts… I have a few (similar denim and the foldover yoga style one). I just find as the weather gets hotter my legs get stickier. Short of wearing ‘shorts’ underneath I have not found a solution for this yet 🙁

  11. I love love love me some foldover jersey skirts… but you’re right, pretty hideous on anybody with any weight in the legs. But gosh, I still love them. Just not in public. Except the grocery store. And mall.

  12. I probably buy 3 new fold over skirts from ON each season. I’ll have a full rainbow in a year or two. SO comfortable and easy to wear.

    1. I love ’em. Wish I looked good in them. I may give them another try, but they tend to make me look really wide, and also they give me a shovel butt. LOL.

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