Fashion Friday: Stripes?

Word on the street is that stripes are “in” this year.  I got this in my inbox this week.  Discuss.


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  1. Wow…. I’m too self-conscious to do horizontal stripes. I would do vertical!!!!!!! I have a picture of me 8 months pregnant in a wool sweater that was striped. I look like the size of a Volvo. I vowed never again!

  2. Ew…No. The middle one is okay, but only if you’re built like that model, which I DEFINITELY am not. I’m sorry, but there are some fasion statements that are best left to the circulars, and this is one of them.

  3. Apart from perhaps a stripey scarf the only stripes I want to see near me are zebras at a zoo or on the road at a pedestrian crossing!

  4. I used to have a blue and white stripped shirt with horizontal stripes. It was one of my favourites. But it was an eighties flavour, so wide shouldered and loose and probably quite unflattering to me now!

    I wonder where it is?

  5. Why in the name of all that is slimming and figure flattering does the fashion industry insist on making the stripes on a perfectly nice garment run the very direction that widens even the tiniest of bodies????? I think the normal-sized fashion designers (not those skinny ones!) themselves should have to wear these and eat several meals in them!!! Preferably ones loaded with carbs to encourage belly bloating! I see these becoming popular when that ever-so-famous fashion trend of making yourself look like a linebacker returns. I won’t even need the horizontal stripes then!!!!!!

  6. I loved stripes when I was 19 years old and weighed 105 pounds.

    I am NEITHER of those at this point in my life.

    The End. 🙂

  7. Since I have been asked more than once if I’m having twins, I’m definitely avoiding the horizontal stripe. You just have to find the perfect fit and really have a slim figure to pull it off. And it looks either nautical or childish most of the time, in my opinion.

  8. Yikes! I am all about trying new fashion and keeping up with it, but I just can’t do stripes. I’ve tried. We don’t “mesh” well. It’s not pretty.

    To those who can, more power(and stripes) to ya!

  9. Stripes on a scarf – yes. Stripes on anything else that goes on my body – no, never, not gonna happen.

  10. LOVE Janel’s comment.

    This is one trend I think I’ll skip this year. And if you see me in a stripped anything – slap me!

  11. I’m 5″10 and heck no will I EVER wear stripes (again). I see lots of women wearing them, but honestly it’s not a very flattering look unless you have no boobs at all and weigh about 100 lbs. The one person I saw who looked nice in the stripes had a solid color jacket over the top.

  12. I’m wearing a black and white striped shirt in my 7th grade school picture. It’s been a long time since I was in 7th grade and I don’t care to revisit any part of it. Especially where style comes in. I believe I was also rolling up the bottom of my pants. Another thing I will never do again. Who is it that gets to decide what’s “in” anyway?

  13. Love them! The dress needs to lose the funky shoulders, but I’d totally wear it otherwise (over leggings, at my age). And I, too, love the zebra shoes (not that I’d wear them with the striped dress).

  14. I have always LOVED stripes, but unfortunately I can’t pull them off. I am short and squat, so they certainly don’t do me any justice.

  15. UGH. That’s all I can say! The only thing ickier than stripes is black-and-white stripes. I will say, however, that silly outfits like that in public do give the rest of us something to giggle at 🙂

  16. My first thought is “aren’t horizontal stripes a MAJOR no-no?!” I won’t be wearing any of the above… but that’s just me.

  17. i wear stripes. i am one of those people who wears things because i like them, no matter what. i am one of those people who happens to love myself no matter how i look. so sue me.

    i might not look good, but i am happy. =)

    some days stripes make me happy! some days i wear black from head to toe. some days i don’t get out of my pj’s. whatever makes me happy!

    1. LOL. I was actually expecting more people to defend the stripe. It could be cute, depending on the cut. I usually stay away from stripes b/c of the boobage. @@

  18. i actually like all 3 of the outfits….and the sleeves on the dress are one of my favorite ‘touches’! (they look very “anthropologie to me.) now, i do agree with everyone who said you have to be a certain build/size, etc. to pull them off well. i am not that build, size or weight, so the most i would do is the shirt. i really like the classic “french-nautical” look of a navy and white striped long-sleeve T with a boat neck.

  19. Um. Ugly. That was my first thought.

    And not flattering for anyone who isn’t tall and super-super-skinny. Why-oh-why do horizontal stripes seem to come back “in” every other season? I tend to avoid them completely, regardless of their trendiness.

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