See, I can be a fun mom.

I’m not usually the fun mom.  I’m not the mom who gets out in the snow and sleds down the hill and builds snowmen.  I’m not the mom who gets in the swimming pool to play Marco Polo with the kids.  I’m not the mom who spends hours pushing the kids on the swings and cheering them on as they make their way across the monkey bars.  But every once in a while in a weak moment, I actually can be the fun mom.

This week the kids were out of school two days for parent teacher conferences, and after the eleventy-seven snow days we’ve had this year, I decided it was high time I took them somewhere besides the mall.  So on Thursday morning I packed lunches and told the kids to get dressed and drove through Philadelphia and into New Jersey to visit Adventure Aquarium.

Because I’m a blogger and I enjoy experiencing life from the lens of my camera, I took pictures of EVERYTHING.

When we got there, it was FR-E-E-E-ZING but I made the kids stand in front of the river while I snapped a few {dozen} shots.  I figured it might be the only time I caught all three of them together for the rest of the afternoon.


Once inside, they headed straight to the Touch A Shark exhibit.

touch a shark

I was rather intrigued by this spiny lobster.


I have no idea what this is, but I thought it would make a cool picture.  And it did!


And I loved this tank.  Again, with the name.  Have I ever told you that I almost failed high school Biology?


We spent the most time in the room with the sting rays.


They all touched one eventually, but it took D a loooong time to work up the nerve.


In a rare moment of peace and harmony, the girls posed in the rain forest area.


And D even cooperated and gave me a sweet smile when we were outside watching the seals perform tricks in the water.


Guess who’s going to the barber shop next week?

On the way home we stopped by my old stomping grounds and picked up a pizza that was to. die. for.  I love living in the country MOST of the time, but sometimes a girl just needs a good slice of Philly pie.  And no, I have no photos of that.  Some things you just have to experience to believe.