Fashion Friday: Think Fall!

In all honesty, I am in NO WAY ready to think about fall. PULLEEZE. Summer just finally arrived in all its glory here in PA.

But if you are in the fashion industry, fall is already well under way, and yesterday I was able to attend a Stylist Luncheon at Neiman Marcus where they introduced us to the upcoming Fall 2011 trends. They reached out to a few local style bloggers here in the Philly area, and Melissa and I got to go!

We met in the cosmetics and fragrance department and were introduced to some of the newest skincare products and fragrances. That was fun, but the part I really loved was when we went upstairs to have lunch at The Zodiac, and while we were eating, two models came in sporting the latest styles and colors for fall. They modelled 3 or 4 different outfits each while we lunched, although I only snapped one photo, and unfortunately it didn’t turn out very well.

I wish you could see how fabulous their outfits were. AND THE SHOES, oh my word!

I posted today on All Things Chic (the style blog that Melissa and I own, in case you’re a newbie around these here parts) about the biggest color trend for fall: bordeaux, which is what the models are wearing in that picture, although you can’t see very well. I pulled some fabulous pieces off the Neiman Marcus website for my All Things Chic post, and really, you must check them out.

But I also realize that for most of us, those items are waaaaaaay spendy. So I thought I’d find some more affordable pieces that I might actually put on my fall fashion wish list.

I’m drooling over this top at Bluefly, but why is it so see-through? Annoying.

And how gorgeous is this silk top from Ann Taylor? I’d totally pair this with gray slacks and heels for church or a dinner out, although the skirt they have it with is really striking.

This jersey dress could be really pretty on. I have a hard time with dresses, but I think that might work for me.

But really, the easiest way to embrace a trend is with accessories. Now, you know I can’t post about accessories without a handbag or two, right? I love the Diane von Furstenberg one I posted on All Things Chic — but at $695 it’s just a LITTLE BIT beyond my target price range. This Dooney & Bourke Pocket Satchel is still pretty spendy, but I just spent 30 minutes online trying to find one I like better for less, and I couldn’t come up with a single thing. That’s Christmas wish list material, right there.

Okay, that’s enough window shopping for now.

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10 Responses

  1. I already whined on about more plum on ATC so I will refrain from whining more on here. 😀

    I do like this purse you picked out much better than the one on ATC.

  2. Hi – Am visiting from your Fashion Friday – nice to meet you and am a new follower!!!

    I am LOL-ing a bit – I just posted about a summer fashion look – so, like you, am definitely not wanting to think about fall! (Although I live in South Florida so I get to wear summer fashions year-round).

    I saw a few mentions about fall fashion elsewhere – and again – I thought – we just started summer!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. That’s one of my favorite colors…especially for purses!!! I have a similar version of that bag in a congac color. I love the long strap or handles option. It’s turned into my most constant bag…and that’s a big deal for me. 😉

  4. I’m so glad that bordeaux is IN for fall. I love dark, rich colors like that.

    That silk blouse by Ann Taylor is gorgeous. I wonder if it would be too low-cut for my curvy figure?

  5. in no way ready for fall?

    One week later… I”m starting to feel ready.

    Love the color. but, yeah. What is WITH the see-thru?

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