Fashion Friday Update

A few weeks ago, DeAnn wrote in asking for advice for what to wear to her 20-year high school reunion coming up this fall.

She took our advice and went shopping, and when she wrote to tell me what she found, I asked her if she’d send pictures. Lo and behold, she agreed! SO FUN!!! I will post her photos with her commentary, and you all can comment about your favorite. This takes a lot of guts, y’all, so be kind!!

These are her dinner outfit choices. Remember, it’s a small town and she doesn’t want to be over or under dressed.

The first picture is of the boring black dress that is in my closet. It’s my fall-back dress when I don’t know what to wear. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually too big and way unflattering.

I think your body language says it all. (Love the pose, by the way!) I agree, you can do better. On to #2!

Honestly, I kept trying to find a black dress and I never would have veered from that had I not asked for your opinion. Why was I thinking “cocktail dress” when people will be wearing everything from jeans and cowboy boots to casual pant suits to glittery sequined numbers? I’d like to be somewhere in between so I found the next cute little dress on sale at Boden. Actually, it’s a little too big also but I like the colors and I have a pretty, thin cream-colored cardigan that I can throw on top of it if needed.

Personally, I love this! It’s flattering and different from the typical black dress and the perfect mix of casual and dressy.

Here’s the other way I was inspired by your suggestions. I tend to leave Ann Taylor alone. I always think it’s really for the skinny, stylish, working woman. The next two dresses I got there online for 40% off! Woohoo! The first one is black, but not one that I’d normally choose. Not sure about it as it hit my arms at the least flattering part and it doesn’t do much for my torso area. A smaller size may fix that problem but I’m not sure… It is kind of interesting.

Yeah, honestly, I’m not loving this, and I sense from your comments that you aren’t either. I think perhaps it is because the waist is not hitting you quite high enough. I often have this problem with dresses, as I’m high-waisted. Plus I feel like black is probably your safety choice, and I think it will be great if you go for something other than black for this occasion.

The next dress was the biggest surprise to me. I would have never ever given it a second thought if it hadn’t been one of your suggestions. I think animal prints are fun but only usually do them with accessories. This one, however is fun AND totally comfortable. I feel like it’s stylish but not fussy–as in I’m not pulling at it all of the time. I’d greatly appreciate some help with choosing one!

Hmmmm… This is a tough call! I like this too. As far as I’m concerned, the black dresses are out. I think I may like the Boden dress better than the leopard print from Ann Taylor, but I sense that you really like the A.T. one, and it is so hard to tell from one picture each which one is truly the most flattering. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of the non-black ones.

I’m curious if your husband has an opinion. (If he is anything like mine, he probably does not, but you never know. Sometimes they surprise us!)

So, Dear Reader. What do YOU think? Which dress should DeAnn wear to her 20th High School Reunion next week?

This was so much fun, we could even start a regular advice column. If people are gutsy enough to send in “before” photos, I will post my advice, and then we can have a results post when they send in what they fine with “after” photos! Who’s game??