Capes & Ponchos for Fall

I was short on Fashion Friday inspiration this week, so I asked for suggestions on Twitter. I got this from @amyjbennett:

how about fall jackets? @hollyfurtick says jean jacket is out and poncho/capes are in. need ideas!

Hmm… denim jackets out!?? Say it ain’t so!!! Denim jackets are a staple in my fall and spring wardrobes. I love a denim jacket thrown on over a dress or a skirt/top. And of course it’s timeless with khaki pants. I went back to the original conversation, and this is actually what @hollyfurtick said:

While the jean jacket is a classic item, if you wanna be trendy try some type of cape or poncho instead.

Okay, yeah. I suppose I would agree with that. A denim jacket isn’t exactly cutting edge. But then of course, most of us probably aren’t either, right?

But. If you want to make a fashion statement this season, a cape or poncho is definitely the way to go. When Melissa and I pulled looks for the fashion show at Neiman Marcus, we saw lots of gorgeous capes. (In fact, I’m not sure why we didn’t choose one! There were just so many gorgeous pieces to chose from . . .)

I like this cape because it is belted — giving it a bit more structure than a typical cape. Would it be awesome paired with these burgundy skinny jeans? I’m quite sure I wouldn’t wear high heeled boots with this look, but I love it.

Belted Cape for Fall

Okay, this is fun. I can see how this would be addicting! PLEASE don’t look at the price points! I was just picking anything I like, regardless of the price.

Let’s try another!

Doesn’t everyone need a Burberry wool duffel coat in their closet? I thought so!

Cape and Jeans for Winter

Okay, those are both more or less outerwear. I was searching for capes, but I think the ponchos are going to be more interchangeable with a denim jacket. Here are several I found. Cute, huh? Awesome for pairing with jeans or slacks or even a pencil skirt for fall.