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It’s June! It feels like summer weather is finally here to stay, even though yesterday was a bit cooler than it’s been in a while. The kids are in their final two weeks of school, and I think we’re all ready for summer vacation to begin. WOOT!

In an effort to free up some time, I have hired out my photo editing. It’s amazing how much time I was spending on that! You might notice some inconsistencies while we work out the kinks, but taking this little chore off my plate is freeing up my time to write more and get more done around the house so I think it’s going to be a win. With that, here’s what I wore this week.

One day last week, I paired my ivory crochet tunic with my denim Bermuda shorts. I wouldn’t have thought to put this top with shorts. I usually wear it with long pants, but one of my friends wore pretty much this exact outfit to my house on Monday for our Memorial Day cookout, and I was surprised how well it worked together.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I wore my Tilda sandals for some added height, and I liked the gold with the outfit. 

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

For a necklace, I wore this dainty 3-disk necklace. It’s perfect for smaller v-necklines.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Then I added this colorful bracelet, and I carried my green satchel.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Outfit Details: crochet tunic c/o CAbi // denim Bermuda shorts (old; similar) // Tilda Sandals in Gold Basket c/o Børn Shoes // R Minkoff Cupid Satchel (eBay) // 3-disc necklace via Stitch Fix // gold hoop earrings (similar) // R Bracelet // Michael Kors Chain Bracelet Watch 

This outfit I’m super excited about. You know how I feel about denim. I would marry it if I could. Rare is the day that I don’t wear a piece of denim. But would you believe, I do NOT have a jean skirt? How can that BE!?? So when I saw this one by Madewell Raw Edge Denim Skirt on sale at Nordstrom, I snatched it right up.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I adore it. The fit is fantastic. It’s super soft, and it has a nice stretch to it. I thought this skirt was going to be my new go-to summer wardrobe item, but it’s harder to find tops that work with it than I expected. I am short-waisted, and I always struggle with skirts. All my tops seem to be too long, and that throws the proportion off. I also feel that I need a top that is form fitting with a skirt, or I look frumpy. So I ended up resorting to wearing one of my many tank tops, but I’d rather have something with more interest. I might need to wear it to the mall one day and try some different tops on with it. For now, this felt cute and comfy.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I wore my silver sandals and carried a grey bag. Since it’s a casual outfit, I just wore my silver circle necklace and diamond studs for jewelry. And I added the BIJOU Bracelet — sales of these bracelets support Three Angels Children’s Relief, an organization serving orphans and at-risk families in Haiti.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Outfit Details: J.Crew Perfect-Fit Tank  // Madewell Raw Edge Denim Skirt // Orthaheel Mia (sold out) // Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC // Silpada Duomo Necklace // BIJOU Bracelet

I got a new Stitch Fix last week, and this time they nailed my style and fit. I only kept 3 of the 5 items, but I thought they were all good choices for me. This lattice crochet tank is super cute. I like that it’s not super long. I paired it with my olive cargo pants (also from Stitch Fix — but one that I got last fall) and I wore the Børn Tilda sandals again. 

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Actually, I just put them on for the picture. My foot has flaked on me again, and I have to wear a medical boot or a foot brace on my left foot at all times (except when shooting outfit photos, ha!) But I really wanted to capture the outfit as it SHOULD have been, so I threw on these shoes for a few minutes. Hopefully I’ll only be in the foot brace for a couple of weeks this time. It’s been a week, and they said after two weeks, I can wean out of it again.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Since there was a lot going on in the top, I went without a necklace and wore these tribal-inspired gold chandeliers instead.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I picked up the pink mini drawstring bag at Shopbop. I’ve had my eye on it ever since my friend Kristie posted it on her Instagram a while back. I decided to splurge, but I’m not sure I’m keeping it. I LOVE the color, but it’s too small for me.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Drawstring Bag

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Outfit Details: lattice crochet tank & olive cargo pants via Stitch Fix // Tilda Sandals in Gold Basket c/o Børn Shoes // Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Mini Drawstring Bag // Reverie Chandelier Earrings // sunnies

On Saturday I wore another piece from my Stitch Fix to my daughter’s piano recital — this striped maxi dress.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I was thrilled with this because it is actually modest on top, which is very hard to find in a maxi dress. The scoop neckline covers everything that needs to be covered, and the wide straps allow me to wear a regular bra. Plus, it’s designed to be snug enough that it doesn’t gape when I bend over. I also like that the skirt isn’t too full. Overall, I felt like it was very flattering.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I also like how the stripes are designed differently in the back. You can see on the sides, how they don’t match up, and yet they do it in an intentional way. I thought that was a nice touch.

Tip: when you’re short-waisted and busy, these types of belts are are not flattering when tied in front, so I just brought it back and tied it behind me. I learned this trick when I was shopping for a similar style of dress last summer, and now I do it any time a dress comes with one of these belts.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Outfit Details: striped maxi dress via Stitch Fix // sandals // sunnies // necklace // link bracelet (cheaper)

Finally, I wore this to church on Sunday. This heathered dolman V-neck is the 3rd piece from my Stitch Fix that I’m keeping. This, I ADORE. The material is SO soft and comfy, the fit is forgiving, and the color is gorgeous. I got a ton of compliments on it.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Best of all, it’s a great year-round piece. I thought it looked fresh and crisp with my white jeans for spring, and it will be just as nice paired with charcoal grey or brown for fall.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms
I debated on what shoes to wear, and I decided the blush flats worked well with the color palette, plus I could fit my foot brace in them for church. To bring in more of that blush color, I wore this stack of stretch bracelets and carried my metallic Riviera Tote.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

I think this is my favorite outfit of the week.

Fashion Over 40: Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Outfit Details: heathered dolman V-neck top via Stitch Fix // white jeans // tote // ballet flats c/o Payless // necklace (old) // bracelet stack (old; shop bracelets at LOFT)

* * *

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  1. when did tops all get so long?? i’ve been having trouble finding shorter ones too. we don’t all wear leggings every day, we need some regular length tops!

    also, i don’t know what the problem is, but i had some trouble scrolling in this post. i clicked over from facebook and it kept popping back up to one of the pictures of the first outfit. (i cant remember which one now.) so i switched over to my feed reader and was able to scroll down through the whole post there without any trouble, and then clicked back through to leave a comment, and noticed i was getting stuck scrolling at the exact same spot again. i refreshed the page and that seemed to work. maybe a problem with one of the ads on the side? it looked like maybe the ad at the top of where it got stuck was a video? yes, i opened a new tab and tried again and am having the trouble again. it’s the ad next to the paragraph starting “one day last week” about the bermuda shorts.

    1. UGH! It’s an ad. It’s been an ongoing problem, and my network can’t figure out which one. I’m sorry about that! Refreshing should help. We will keep working on it.

  2. I love that maxi dress! I also dislike dresses that have tiny straps, I hate wearing a strapless bra, I’ve been on the lookout for cute dresses with bigger straps this summer!

  3. I must say that maxi dress is fabulous! It’s nice when you can wear a real bra with it and yet it still looks stylish!!
    I love the denim skirt also, but maybe you’re over thinking the combos for it? Why not your printed top (from Ross—because you know it’s one of my favorites on you)? jodie

  4. You look great in everything, but I especially love your Stitch Fix items. That maxi is so pretty and looks awesome on you. I really love the dolman top too. It’s a pretty color, so flattering, and multi-seasonal. All great outfits! Sorry to hear you’re wearing the boot again.Hopefully you’ll be out of it soon. Have a great day!

  5. Love them all but the jean skirt shows me how jean skirts will never go out of style and a cute way to style mine! Thanks! You look adorable in each and every outfit! xo

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne!

    Well I just wanted to share that thanks to you, I got some long denim shorts similar to yours, made by DKNY at Ross! Find! And, I just received my first pair of Ortha-heel sandals from Zappos. They are very cute! Can’t remember the name of my style, but they look like brown leather and have coral-colored adornments on the between-the-toe straps. The directions say to only wear for a little bit each day as you get used to them. Like U2, I will follow!

    Thank you for improving my personal style!


    1. LOL!! That’s awesome! Enjoy your new duds!!! (And yeah, it took me a few days to get used to Orthaheels, but now they’re the most comfortable shoes I own. 🙂 )

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne! I love reading your blog and I follow you on Facebook, although I’m a bit further north of 40 (I got my Medicare card today – where did the time go?)! Still love being stylish, so I wanted to ask you how you like your Tori Burch Miller sandals. Are they comfortable? They’re so cute and I have that big birthday coming up so I might splurge. Thank you! Hope your foot is better soon.

    1. Hey Nancy. I LOVE THEM. Really. They are comfortable, if you aren’t looking for support. They don’t cut me anywhere or cause any blisters or anything. I do have fairly flat, narrow feet, and many sandals are too big or “stand up” off the top of my foot. These don’t. So they may be better for people with narrow feet? Just something to be aware of, but I really love them, and in fact, I want another pair.

  8. Not a fan of the striped maxi at all. It makes the bust look small and waist/leg large bc of the light stripe in problem areas.. But, when I saw the back (in reverse stripes) it was awful. Wouldn’t want this reverse on the front. Not a fan at all.

  9. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I am a fairly new follower and I appreciate how real and practical you seem to be. I have gleaned lots of fashion tips and recipes thus far. I consider myself pretty challenged in the fashion department and don’t feel drawn to trendy looks. I love your classy and current look! Your styling tips have helped me to feel more confident and put together as I go about my daily life as a stay at home mom of two young girls. Thank you!

  10. Great looks! I especially love the striped Maxi!! Thanks so much for linking this post up with our Spotlight of the Week linkup today! Please follow me on Instagram as well @LegalLeeBlonde <3

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  11. I always love your style and you’ve almost convinced me to give Stitch Fix a try! 🙂 I was looking at the Tilda sandals and was wondering what you thought of the bronze vs. gold? Could the bronze be worn as a pretty good neutral as well and is it on trend?

  12. 1. I am so glad bermuda shorts are back in style. Still cool on hot days but without showing too much leg. Thank you for reminding me!
    2. That maxi dress is amazing. The colors and the coverage. You’re right, it’s so hard to find them. I usually wear tank tops underneath and cardigans to make my maxi dresses work appropriate.
    3. You have great style. I usually glance at fashion blogs and leave because it’s not to my taste, but you have really pulled together outfits. Thank you for sharing them!

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to hear that. I often feel like my outfits are too ordinary, but I think that’s really what most of us want, right? 🙂

      1. It really is! There is nothing like an easy outfit that makes you look really pulled together. You clothes are attainable but have a great flair. I’m really enjoying looking at your posts.

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