Springtime First Aid Kit Essentials

Like most kids, my kids play hard. At the first hint of mild weather, they are outside riding bikes and RipStiks, playing soccer and basketball with their neighbor friends, climbing trees, creating gymnastics routines on the monkey bars, and basically anything else that is likely to result in scrapes and bumps and bruises.


I love it. I encourage my kids to play outside and be active, and I start to get twitchy when they’ve spent several days in a row indoors. I believe it is crucial to their development to have plenty of time for free play — to explore, get dirty, make up games, and play with other kids without an adult organizing every nanosecond. As they get older, much of their free time is taken up with homework, organized sports, work and music lessons; but I’m striving to let my kids be kids as long as I can. We intentionally don’t over schedule them because I want them to have time for free play, even as they enter the teenage years… yes, especially as they enter the teen years.

Some days it takes a little more pushing and prodding than others to get them out the door, especially now that they’re older and have discovered the lure of video games and YouTube, but once they get outside, they always have a great time. Of course, nowadays they come back in smelling more like sweaty bodies than the great outdoors, but that’s what showers are for, right?

When they fall down and get scraped up, which they inevitably do, I tell them they’re tough, bandage them up, and send them back out to start all over again. 

We go through first aid supplies like candy, so I was thrilled when CVS sent me a box of their first aid supplies to have on hand for those occasions.

In fact, just last night, we broke into the wound wash and antibiotic ointment when my 9-year-old came in with a scraped up leg from falling while riding her Ripstik. One nice thing about having older kids is that sometimes I don’t even need to get involved. Her older sister had her cleaned, bandaged up and back outside before I even knew what had happened. For this reason, I keep a basket of first aid supplies on a low shelf in the laundry room so they can get to it whenever they need it.


When we need medicine and first aid supplies, we always buy the CVS brand products when we have the option. They’re significantly less expensive than name brand products, and so far I haven’t been able to tell the difference. I love knowing that they have a money back guarantee in the event that we’re not 100% satisfied, but we’ve been buying their store brand products for years, and we’ve never returned a thing.

Here’s what we keep in our First Aid Basket.

First Aid Kit Essentials

This is a great time to stock up on first aid essentials and anything else you buy at CVS because to celebrate the unofficial start of the summer season, CVS/pharmacy just announced their “CVSCash Card” promotion.

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  1. I heart CVS so much and I save oodles there! This is a great list and I feel better because we have all these in our kit! 🙂 Our boys are teens but boo boos galore are still happening but now we have to worry when they pull out of the drive in their cars, not bikes. Ha!! Have a wonderful day pretty lady!!


  2. I really need to get a first aid kit together for the summer, I’m adding these items to my list for my next trip to CVS.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful idea of putting together a first aid kit. I also encourage my girls (6 & 11) to enjoy the outdoors and have time to play. I feel like I’m one of the few left that does not overschedule. Love getting your emails.

  4. That’s great to know! Love my CVS. My daughter nursery loves wearing band aids so we always make sure we are stocked up, for play and injuries.

  5. I live at my CVS and yet I Have never thought about creating a first aid basket as opposed to do what I usually have done in the past which is running around like a crazy person trying to find ointment and band-aids when my son rushes into the house all bruised up ( which during the warmer months happens more often than not!) love this post and the savings info too!

  6. Great tips! One thing I always suggest to add to a first aid kit is tweezers. Not everyone thinks of it. I am getting ready to restock mine, so I will be sure to check out CVS.

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