18 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfast ideas

I’m always trying to go beyond the boxed cereals and find delicious and healthy breakfast ideas to serve my family. I guess I’m not alone because this post still gets a lot of Google traffic, even though I wrote it 5 years ago. I’ve posted quite a few breakfast recipes since I originally wrote this post, so I thought it was high time to update and republish. I hope it gives you some new breakfast ideas to try!

18 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Fried Eggs on Toast. This is my go-to breakfast. I have this at least 4 mornings a week because it’s so quick and easy, and it keeps me full till lunchtime. I fry an egg or two in butter with sea salt and pepper for flavor. I usually throw a piece of bread into the toaster at the same time (Udi’s Gluten Free for me!) They both take about 3 minutes and are ready at the same time. I like to put my egg right on top of my toast and eat them together.

2. Scrambled Eggs. Another way we eat eggs often is scrambled. I loving mixing veggies and cheese into my scrambled eggs to keep it interesting. I always save leftover dinner veggies for this purpose. One combo I like is grated zucchini, bacon and cheddar.

Scrambled Eggs with Grated Zucchini

3. Smoothies. The sky’s the limit when it come to ideas for smoothie recipes. Here’s a roundup of 10 healthy breakfast smoothies.

healthy breakfast smoothie recipes

4. Healthy AND Tasty Pancakes with real maple syrup. I’ll be honest. It took my kids a few days to come around to this hearty pancake recipe, but now they ask for them. I make a batch for Saturday mornings, and then I store the leftovers in the freezer in ZipLock gallon bags that we pop in the toaster oven and eat throughout the week.

5. Breakfast Pizza. Breakfast pizzas are easy to put together if you buy your dough. If you like to make your own, it is more time consuming, of course. This makes a great weekend breakfast, or a fun breakfast-for-dinner.

Bacon Egg and Asparagus Breakfast Pizza

6. French Toast with real maple syrup. You can’t go wrong with this traditional favorite. It whips up pretty quickly, and you get an extra bonus if you make it with homemade bread.

7. Gluten-Free Banana Bread. Of course, you can make your favorite gluten-full version, but banana bread (or any quick bread) can make a nice breakfast. I like to spread mine with cream cheese for some protein.


8. Egg & Cheese Sandwiches. This is a great way to get eggs into your kids if they don’t like them by themselves. For a super special gluten-free treat, try making my cornbread donuts instead of using English muffins.


9. Homemade Granola. I absolutely LOVE this recipe. So does my husband. My bigger kids prefer it without milk, as a snack. But my little one scarfs down a bowl of it in milk every morning. It’s also good in yogurt.


10. Broccoli Cheddar Egg Cups. These are like mini-quiches. They come together quickly, especially if you have leftover dinner veggies.


11. Creeping Crust Fruit Pie. This one’s always a hit. It’s really a dessert, but it’s healthy enough to serve for breakfast.

12. Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes. These are very thin, almost like crepes. But they are delicious with butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Gluten Free & Paleo Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

13. Traditional Stovetop Oatmeal. It’s a classic. I like to make mine with old fashioned rolled oats (not the quick cooking kind) and whole milk. Then I top it with brown sugar and berries. Delish.

classic stovetop oatmeal

14. Banana Blueberry Egg Mini Muffins. These are gluten free and grain-free for those eating Paleo. The recipe is super simple, and they’re great for breakfast or a snack at any time of day.


15. Baked Soaked Oatmeal. My kids aren’t as fond of this as I am, but I love the stuff. Your kids may like it, though. It’s sweet and yummy.

16. Crustless Chard Quiche. This delectable quiche is so rich and delicious you’ll never miss the crust!


17. Refrigerator Apple Bran Muffins. Don’t let the bran scare you off. These are super yummy.

18. Cinnamon Banana Belgian Waffles. Need I say more? I created these for my gluten-free breakfast and brunch cookbook, and they are delicious, whether you eat gluten-free or not.