Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

So it’s almost an afternoon coffee talk, but who’s counting?

I did something this morning I almost NEVER do. I got up and got my coffee (well, that I ALWAYS do) and then I did NOT get on the computer.

I’ll stop here and let that sink in for a minute.

I did NOT get on the computer, y’all!

Nope! Instead, I sat down and read a book.


It was heavenly. Why do I not start out every morning this way?

Well, okay, that would be because then I wouldn’t get on the computer until 11am, and the day would be half gone before I started working. Sort of like today. But it’s Saturday, so I’m giving myself a free pass.

I was up late last night because we took our kids to see the Reading Fightin Phils — that’s our minor league baseball team, for the uninitiated.

Reading Fightin Phils

Yeah, we had pretty nice seats. We were able to buy tickets yesterday and get box seats right behind home plate. (AND for just $12 each, at that!) To sweeten the deal, we invited friends to go with us, and they were available, which means our kids were happy to be there and not whiny-butts. Except when I told them they couldn’t have anymore sugar. That did produce a whine or two. But I gave them The Look, and they settle right down.

I love minor league baseball games. It’s so homey — sort of like stepping back in time. And this is a very cool stadium. It was built in the 50s and it still has a lot of character, not to mention really good fries. And they have a fireworks show once a month, which is always fun.


So that was our weekend so far. This afternoon we are attending my daughter’s piano recital, and tomorrow is blissfully free of obligations. I love weekends like this. I hope yours is going as well as mine.

For those who read my injury update, I’m still having some chest pains but not as much as before. I have dutifully made appointments for an ultrasound for my foot, a new orthopedist for a 2nd opinion on that, a gastroenterologist for the chest pains, and I will call the cardiologist on Monday. Of course, no one can see me for a month or more, so in the meantime, I clomp around in a medical boot and wait.

It’s all good, though. I’m thankful I have no imminent travel plans, and warm weather is finally here so I can just sit on my deck with my foot up and enjoy my safe haven.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I’ll read your coffee talk anytime it’s posted! 🙂 Glad you had a relaxing morning and hoping all of your appointments (in a month!) go well! We’re heading to our local minor league game at the end of June as well! My youngest baseball fanatic gets to throw out the first pitch so it should be fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Love minor league baseball. We had a great team here, the Diablos, but have replaced them with a Triple A team, the Chihuahuas and a spanking new ball park that is first rate. Cannot believe how long you have to wait to be seen by a doctor. Glad you are pursuing a cardiologist. I know some of your chest pain could be acid reflux/GERD related but I think it is wise to see a heart guy, too. Praying for your return to health.

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