Because I was due for another foot injury…

Yesterday I posted on my Instagram that I was heading to the doctor to see what’s up with my foot, and I’ve been getting questions ever since about what’s going on.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.12.22 PM

Ironically, I was going to post a couple weeks ago about how well I was doing, but I had this awful feeling that if I declared victory over the finicky feet, I would be jinxing myself, so I kept quiet. Besides, I figured everyone is as sick of hearing about my trials and tribulations as I am of talking about them.

While I didn’t jinx myself, my premonition about something going wrong was evidently well-placed, because my left foot started acting up again last week. You may remember, or you probably don’t, because not even my husband can keep track, but I had plantar fasciitis in my right foot when I was running. I ran through the pain for a while, then I took some time off and tried a few different treatments including but not limited to physical therapy, a steroid injection, and a medical compression boot. I was just getting back to running last summer when I somehow sustained a stress fracture in the cuboid bone on my left foot. Yes, the OTHER foot.

I was back in the medical boot for about six weeks, and I was just getting back on my feet (ha! see what I did there?) when I suddenly had another set back in the form of a torn peroneal tendon. The tear was also in the left foot and had probably been there all along, but no one really knows which came first, the chicken or the egg… or in my case, the break or the tear. We still don’t even know what I did to sustain those injuries. Regardless, I was back in the boot (actually, a brace) for the better part of the winter.

I finally started resuming normal activities this spring. I thought I was being cautious and increasing my activity gradually to avoid any potential setbacks. I recently graduated from PT and started following a plan my trainer gave me to alternate walking and jogging and kept track of my total daily steps on the Fitbit. It’s only been during the past month that I started to feel “normal” again, and it seemed like perhaps there was a light at the end of this dreadfully long, dark tunnel.

Evidently my return to activity wasn’t gradual enough because my foot started acting up again last week. I knew almost immediately that something was wrong. By now, I can tell. I tried to wait it out, but finally I knew I needed to call the doctor, so I went in yesterday. He thinks it’s that peroneal tendon causing my current discomfort and predicts that this will be “a chronic problem” for me. Awesome.

All that to say, I am back in a medical boot for a few weeks. It’s pretty annoying, but I am trying to have a good attitude. I mean, at this point, it’s starting to feel like my normal routine. Every few months, I get to add a black medical boot to my wardrobe for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll start a new trend.

Of course, nothing can be easy, so my orthopedist wants me to get an ultrasound to get a better look at the situation. It is one of those needle-guided ones, which sounds so dreadful that I may just ditch the appointment and make the black medical boot a permanent part of my personal fashion statement.

To top it all off, I’ve been having chest pains, so I left my orthopedist yesterday and went straight to my family doctor to get that checked out. They ruled out a heart attack with an EKG, but that didn’t answer the question of what is the culprit. And because I’ve never had an easily diagnosable medical issue, they want me to see both a cardiologist AND a gastroenterologist to figure out what’s causing it. Of course, it is probably just stress, and I’m wasting my time chasing specialists, but I’ve got nothing better to do with my time, right?


So yeah, that is the latest with me. I swear, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. As if I would want to.