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I’ve been a shoe girl ever since I was old enough to walk. When I was little, I used to put on my grandmother’s heels and clop around the house. My mom has a picture of me as a child holding a book, pretending to teach school, with my little feet lost inside my Gramma’s shoes. I wish I could put my hands on that picture right now. I bet it’s tucked away in a family album somewhere in my mom’s house.

I love all types of shoes, but there’s nothing like a smokin’ pair of high heels to make me feel feminine and pretty. As I get older, though, I’ve had to put some of my heels on the high shelf of my closet in favor of more practical styles. This last year has been especially rough, with several foot injuries that have kept me in flats for the past few months.

It’s become my goal in life to find shoes that offer comfort and support without sacrificing style. My ongoing quest for stylish comfort shoes has led me to discover quite a few new brands and rediscover some old favorites.

Børn Shoes is one of those old favorites that I’m getting reacquainted with.

cream and mint 4

The Børn brand is known for hand-sewn craftsmanship and sophisticated style. They make the kind of shoes that sit at the front of your closet (or by your front door, if you’re anything like me!) They’re the ones you rely on to carry you to work, then to the grocery store, then to the Little League game, and finally, home again. Their signature hand-sewn technique creates a flexible sole with ultra-cushioning, making Børn the perfect shoe for all-day wear, and we mamas know how awesome that is.

Right now Børn is launching their new spring line, and I’m super excited to be Guest Pinner on their Børn Celebrates Spring Pinterest Board. Take a look!

Follow Børn Shoes’s board Børn Celebrates Spring – Curated by Jo-Lynne Shane on Pinterest.

They also sent me two of their new styles for me to sample and feature into a few wearable mom-on-the-go outfits. Can I say again how much I love my job??? The first pair I chose are the Tilda Sandals in Gold Basket.

Born Tilda in Gold Basket Weave

It’s been a while since I’ve worn heels of any sort, but I’m slowly getting used to them again. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed the added height that wearing a pair of heels provides. I’m not very tall, so I’ve always relied on heels to give me that extra boost. These are perfect because the wedge provides stability and the platform footbed reduces the incline.


They don’t feel like heels, but they give me the height that heels provide. They’re versatile too. These shoes would be fantastic with a maxi skirt or maxi dress for work, with dressy shorts for a girls’ night out, or with jeans for a casual daytime outfit. I decided to style them with my sea-foam green skinny jeans and a cream tunic. This is the type of outfit I’d wear out to lunch with friends or even to church on Sunday.


They come in black and gold, but I’m a huge fan of metallics for summertime because they go with everything, and they really lighten up an outfit.


The other pair of sandals I selected are the Mai Sandals in Topo.

Born Mai Sandals in Topo

I immediately fell in love with the unique strap details. They come in a ton of different colors, but I chose the metallic Topo (taupe). I tend to wear a lot of grey and black and denim, so I thought the deeper shade would lend itself well to my wardrobe. Again, these are incredibly versatile. I decided to style them into a casual look with shorts and a tank top. I work from home, so I spend most of my summer in some variation of this outfit.

Casual Summer Style with Born Shoes

I was worried that the straps might cut into the sides of my feet, but they are super soft, and they don’t cause blisters or discomfort of any sort. I’m truly impressed.


These are definitely going to get a lot of airtime in my wardrobe this summer! I can see myself wearing them with cropped jeans, skirts, dresses, and definitely with my shorts.

shorts for women over 40

Make sure you follow the Børn Celebrates Spring Pinterest Board for spring fashion inspiration, and if you’re looking for comfortable shoes that don’t sacrifice style, definitely check out the Børn website. They have so many cute styles for spring!

I wrote this post in partnership with Børn Shoes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. both pairs are adorbs but those slide ons are so NEUTRAL and can go with everything..dress up..dress down…I love versatility like that!


  2. Yay for Born! They are one of my top favorite brands of shoes. I have several pairs from them including boots, flats, and sneakers. One of my favorite types of shoes they sell are ballet flats because they manage to make them look cute and have some arch support in them. They are amazing.

  3. So cute and I love that they are comfy on your feet. I have the bottom pair in white. You look great and jealous of your tan!!

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