Floral Summer Midi Skirt Outfit

Hey ladies, guess what? I’ve got a summer midi skirt outfit for you today! I know, I’m rather shocked too. Haha!

I ordered this faux wrap midi skirt from J.Crew Factory, thinking it could be a nice piece for casual days when I don’t want to wear shorts, but I suppose it could also be dressed up for work wear.

Summer Midi Skirt Outfit with J.Crew Factory Faux-Wrap Pull-On Midi Skirt in Fantome Floral Ivory Red Print | also wearing: J.Crew Factory Open-Neck Cami Top and Nine West Gianna Cut-Out Slides | Fashion over 40 with Jo-Lynne Shane

I love how they combine a wrap skirt into an easy pull-on style. It allows you to set the waistband where you want it — this is key for me, being short-waisted. If skirts set too high, it looks awkward, especially when tucking in tops.

This skirt is lightweight and comfortable — perfect for hot summer days — and it comes in 4 fun prints.

J.Crew Faux-Wrap Midi-Skirt with Nine West Gianna Cut-Out Slides

I was also drawn to the twinkle navy lemon, and the ivory black is classy, but I ended up with this fantome floral ivory red. I love a bright orangey-red for summertime, and this skirt is just so happy.

The factory price is $39.50, plus you can take an extra 20% off with code 1DAYONLY. For size reference, I’m wearing the small.

Summer Midi Skirt Outfit with J.Crew Factory Faux-Wrap Pull-On Midi Skirt in Fantome Floral Ivory Red Print | also wearing: J.Crew Factory Open-Neck Cami Top and Nine West Gianna Cut-Out Slides | Fashion over 40 with Jo-Lynne Shane

I have these sandals in both white and camel, and I almost styled this summer midi skirt outfit with the white since there’s so much white in the outfit, but at the last minute I went with the camel.

I like how they blend into the color of my skin, and keep the skirt center stage in the outfit.

J.Crew Faux-Wrap Midi-Skirt with Nine West Gianna Cut-Out Slides

Because the skirt is flowy, I’m wearing a more form-fitting top, and I did tuck it in all the way around, but I also bloused it out just a little to try to elongate my upper body. I also set the skirt a little lower in my waist area to achieve a good balance.

This is the open neck cami top that I also have in the navy/white stripe. I’m wearing a medium, for reference.

For accessories, I wore pearl earrings and this Madewell holding pattern necklace in the light silver fox. I like how I can adjust the length, and I wore it a little shorter for this look so it wasn’t dangling off my chest, haha!

J.Crew Factory Open-Neck Cami Top with Madewell Holding Pattern Necklace in Light Silver Fox

Why I didn’t bring my denim jacket to top off this look, I have no idea. That would be the perfect finishing touch, in my opinion, plus I’ll need something to throw on when the A/C is blasting indoors.

Otherwise, this is the perfect easy breezy summer look for all kinds of events and venues. I’d wear this summer midi skirt outfit just about anywhere — church, the mall, meeting a friend for coffee, out to dinner with the family… It’s such a versatile look, and budget-friendly as well!

Summer Midi Skirt Outfit with J.Crew Factory Faux-Wrap Pull-On Midi Skirt in Fantome Floral Ivory Red Print | also wearing: J.Crew Factory Open-Neck Cami Top and Nine West Gianna Cut-Out Slides | Fashion over 40 with Jo-Lynne Shane

Outfit Details:

faux-wrap pull-on midi skirt // open-neck cami top // sandals // leather hobo // necklace // bracelet

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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21 thoughts on “Floral Summer Midi Skirt Outfit

  1. Gorgeous color in the skirt and a great outfit. 
    Question about the top …. are you able to wear a normal bra without the straps peeking out? 
    Love your blog

    1. Hey Kriss, yes I have a regular bra. The straps aren’t an issue, but mine does peek out just a touch around the armholes. I tried to photoshop it, lol, and then just decided to keep it real. I have that issue a lot with sleeveless tops.☹️

  2. You look like a very stylish mom, ready for lunch with friends. This outfit looks cool and fresh but unfortunately I have never been one to wear skirts, other than a jean skirt. 
    I certainly understand you taking a summer hiatus from FB live. Enjoy your time with the kids while you still can. I rarely get to spend time with my 22 yrs old daughter and she still lives at home. But between college, her part time job, boyfriend and the gym; we seem to be always missing each other. We did make plans to see The Secret Lives of Pets 2 on Thursday, so that will be fun. Enjoy your run! 

  3. I love everything wrapped! (especially presents!LOL!) No I mean, I love wrap dresses and skirts a lot. That is the perfect summer dress with the lovely print and color. I sent you a email, perhaps it’s gotten into your spam?

  4. YOU LOOK FABULOUS in this outfit!  I agree with your thoughts on sandals that match your skin tone, to allow the skirt to take center stage.  Smart mom decision to cancel the FB lives during the summer.  So, seeing you in this skirt with a tighter fitting top tucked in reminded me of an outfit I’d love to see you style because I need visual help!  I have a short knit skort that I keep trying to wear around the house, BUT I haven’t liked any top I’ve tried on with it.  The skort is a little big, but i kept it since it will be a very comfortable ‘at home’ option.  Thank you!

  5. Love that skirt!  So cute and  colorful, and the length is great.  Totally understandable about canceling FB Live over the summer.  Family time is important.  Enjoy your nice weather!

  6. Didn’t get comment yester out of town with work. Great team you and your daughter!
    Going on a big vacation in three days….
    Would hv added blue dress and skirt!
    I am taking all the Jo-Lynne suggestions
    Hv white jeans tee white jacket sandals
    Tees and purses!
    One exception Cindy amazon swimsuit!
    Thanks for all your fashion advice!
    Now to pack it all!!!!!!

  7. Love ❤️ ❤️❤️ the skirt and top so much I purchased immediately!!!  Like you, I was torn between the colors but went with the same as you. Such a bright and beautiful color for a hot Florida summer day. I love outfits I can dress up or down. Win-win!! Love your blog and after 6 years have cancelled my monthly clothes subscription box.  I  can’t imagine how much work goes into your blog but I appreciate it. Have an awesome day!  

  8. So pretty.  I think the midi skirt is perfect for casual, to take the place of shorts.  Don’t even think of feeling sorry for suspending facebook LIVE for the summer.  I think its a smart thing to do and if you are busy etc. etc. then your followers will be too.  I know so many things in our lives that take a break during the summer and it will make the LIVES that much more fun in the Fall.  Enjoy those kids while you can. It does go way too fast.  Glad your weather cleared up to enjoy some sun.  It really sounds like you are having a rainy Spring.  Ours has been dryer than normal and that can be bad with fire season coming up. (NW Oregon) 

    1. We are, but it’s not as bad as last year. I really hope the fall is better than last year’s. That was brutal. It’s not even that it affects my mood so much (which it does) but it’s so hard to schedule photo shoots when it’s so rainy.

  9. I love this outfit on you!! Midi skirts are my favorite thing to wear in the spring and summer. So easy to throw on with a tank or tee and a pair of sandals.  Looking at it on the website though doesn’t do it justice; you make it look even cuter. I’d buy it if it were an inch or two longer.
     The tank though is perfect! I’m buying it in two colors: red (for the 4th of July) and black. Thank you! 😊👏🏻

  10. Hi – love the skirt and the whole outfit! I immediately bought the skirt too in the color you are showing. Liked the navy but one skirt is enough. Sadly, I couldn’t get either of the links to the sandals – it is so hard to find a truly neutral shoe. Most of them are blush and that would clash like crazy I think with this skirt.

    1. That is odd that you can’t get the link to the sandals to work. They’re the Lucky Brand Garston.

      They do come in a TON of neutrals – I’m sure you can find one you like.

      They’re at Amazon:
      Lucky Brand:
      L+T: best deal – $47.40 with code FRIENDS)
      and Zappo’s: (some colors on sale)

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