{Gluten Free} Weekly Meal Plan 04.23.12 *with Linky*

Gluten Free Meal Plan via Musings of a Housewife

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I’m going to be out Monday night this week, and then out of town at the end of the week, so rather than posting exactly what our family will be eating, I am going to feature some recipes from past linkys. I hope you’ll join in! If you have a gluten free recipe, or menu plan, please link up at the end of this post!!!

{Gluten Free} Weekly Meal Plan

MONDAY: Sausage Balls with a roasted green vegetable and Corn Muffins with a Secret

TUESDAY: Gluten Free Spring Rolls with Spicy Ginger Sauce and a side salad

WEDNESDAY: Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin with Pasta Salad with Feta

THURSDAY: Skirt Steak Fajitas

FRIDAY: Slow Cooked BBQ Chicken with mashed potatoes and a green veggie

SATURDAY: Coconut Shrimp (I never got around to making these when I posted it before, but I am going to one of these days!!)

What are you eating this week?