{Gluten Free} Weekly Meal Plan 11.05.12

gluten menu plan

The {Gluten Free} Recipe Roundup is BACK! I feel like I was away for much longer than a week. A LOT has happened in the past week!

If you’re not on the East Coast, you’re probably back to business as usual, or perhaps you barely even noticed the enormous natural disaster that has changed many lives forever. The devastation of our beloved Jersey beaches and parts of New York City and its islands is still hard to believe, and many of my friends are displaced right now due to lack of electricity and water and no idea when it will be restored.

I almost feel guilty carrying on like nothing has happened, and yet there’s not a whole lot I can do from here. I did make a donation to World Vision, and if you are watching from afar and want to help, I highly recommend donating funds to an organization that is equipped to handle these types of situations. You can see what World Vision is doing to help recovery efforts by checking out their blog.

Meanwhile, life must go on, so here is what I’m cooking this week!

Gluten Free Meal Plan

MONDAY: Hamburger Soup (Tis the season! I’ve been getting tons of turnip, celeriac and carrots in my CSA pickups this fall!)

TUESDAY: Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin with mashed potatoes and sautéed garden greens (sounds fancy but SO easy!)

WEDNESDAY: Chicken Rice Casserole with a side salad

THURSDAY: Stuffed Shells via Rose Romano’s October Newsletter

FRIDAY: Shepherd’s Pie with side salad 

SATURDAY: leftovers

What are you eating this week?

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  1. Jo-Lynne, you might be interested to know that some food bloggers have put together a little effort to try to raise money and awareness for the east coast aid efforts (including getting GF goods to the shelters!) I’ve got a post on my blog that links to some of the other bloggers – https://www.poorandglutenfree.blogspot.com/2012/11/food-bloggers-support-for-sandy.html

    This week I’ve share my adventures in making GF bread with beets ;p

    1. Danielle, Thanks for sharing the info. I’ll put it on my editorial calendar and put up a post on Thursday. Great idea!

  2. I have a mostly gluten-free menu planned for this week. I realized last week that I was backsliding which is why I haven’t been feeling great about running. Making extra veggie sides really helps me stay on track with eating gluten-free.

    Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday, AND Steph and I would love to see you link up to the Thanksgiving Recipe Inspiration on Thursday. This week’s topic is side dishes.

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