Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone who went trick-or-treating last night had a great time. I know some have yet to get their Halloween fix as many towns in our area have postponed trick-or-treating until everyone has recovered from Sandy. Our township went ahead with it last night, and we managed to get home JUST in the nick of time!

Our flight that was scheduled to leave Orlando at 10:15 didn’t leave until 12:45, putting us in Philly right at rush hour. We made a beeline for home, stopping briefly to pick up our beloved Savannah, who was VERY happy to see us.

The kids ran inside, grabbed their costumes, and right back out again just in time to join their friends for Halloween festivities.

The only shot I got of my son is AFTER he got back from trick-or-treating, as he was organizing his loot. Clearly he was pleased. He dressed up as a baseball player, but this was obviously taken after he removed his hat.

Ignore the mess in the background. I just got home from Disney World, whaddya want from me?

While the girls were out trick-or-treating, I happened to notice a box sitting in our foyer that one of our neighbors had brought in while we were gone. There were several boxes, as I order basic household products frequently from Amazon.com, so I didn’t pay much attention upon arrival. But the one that caught my eye had a Disney logo on it. As soon as I saw it, I realized what it was.

Disney was sending me a Rapunzel costume for my youngest daughter. It didn’t arrive before we left for Disney, and I had assumed it just wasn’t coming. It never occurred to me to look for it when we got home, and we were in such a rush to get the kids out the door that I didn’t open any mail or even look at the boxes. If only I’d taken a quick glance….

As soon as she got back from trick-or-treating, she wanted to put it on. Isn’t it gorgeous!??

She was bummed that she didn’t get to wear it trick-or-treating, but fortunately she very much likes to play dress up and make believe so this dress will definitely get a lot of use. If you haven’t checked out Disney’s Halloween costumes and dress up clothes, they do a great job at making them look just like the movies. We had a Cinderella costume from the Disney Store that my girls wore to death and it has held up wonderfully.

They have all the new favorite characters like Merida from Brave, Jake and Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and super heroes inspired by The Avengers as well as all the traditional best-sellers from Disney Princesses to Mickey Mouse. Check out the full lineup of Disney Store Halloween costumes because they are great for dressing up and playing pretend all year long. With the holidays coming up, these costumes could make fabulous gifts for under the Christmas tree.

I hope you and yours had (or will have) a fun and safe Halloween! And don’t forget to make your kids pay the toll — in our house, my husband and I each get to pick one candy from each Halloween bag. We figure we deserve it for putting up with their sass all year long. Ha!

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  1. Bummer that it didn’t show up before your trip, but yes, your little princess does look fabulous in that Rapunzel dress. My Cassie has the same one.

  2. How fun, she got to dress up twice! Glad you all made it in time to trick or treat.

    K wore a Cinderella dress last night that a friend passed down to me, that was purchased at Disney World. It’s so pretty. I wish she could wear it longer… 🙂

  3. Great costumes! Too bad my kids are too old for Trick or Treat which means I don’t get candy! 🙂
    Most towns in central northern Ohio moved Trick or Treat to the weekend. Should be better weather,but will still be cold!

  4. Love that they got to take advantage of their BBB hairstyles for Halloween! That’s getting extra bang for your buck!

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