Fashion Friday :: Structured Totes

six totes under $100

My friend Rachee asked me the other day about where to find an affordable structured tote. Well, you know me! I didn’t need much more encouragement than that. Handbags are my love language.

Here is what she needs:

I would like to know where to go to get a tote. Monica recommended that we have a base color and build from there. The base colors are camel, black, navy blue, brown or camel. I want to find something affordable and able to work with all that I am doing, aka being able to carry all of my crap without me looking like a crazy bag lady. Can you recommend a couple of places, price ranges, and styles?

First I have to tell you, Nordstrom (please, not Nordstroms) just started their half-yearly sale. Nordstrom actually has a great range of price points; it is not all high end, and when they’re having a sale, it’s always worth a look. I’ve found some great deals on their sale racks. Plus, if you order online, you get free shipping and free returns. HOW can you argue with THAT!?

So of course I had to take a peek.

This plum Steven by Steve Madden calfskin leather tote is divine. At $98 (that is 50% off!!), it’s a bit of an investment piece, but for leather, that’s actually a good price.

Steven by Steve Madden 'France' Calfskin Leather Tote

I know it’s not a neutral, but it is my personal philosophy that neutrals are overrated.

Okay, if you want neutrals, what about snakeskin? I’m drooling over this Signature Genevieve tote by Sam Edelman. I might have to spring for that, myself.

Sam Edelman 'Signature Genevieve' Tote

Piperlime is another go-to place to look for affordable handbags.

This Danielle Nicole Jelly Tote is pretty cool. Okay, so it’s not neutral either. Don’t fence me in, I say!!!!

I love that, don’t you? Now, that would be more of a tote, less of a handbag. If you want to go for a combination of both, that’s probably not your bag. But the price is nice, and it’s very cool.

It is hard to find an affordable, structured tote. Moving on . . . Let’s try Zappos!

The Hurley Prism Book Tote is neutral and looks functional at $46. It also comes in cream beige and brown.

And the ALDO Summerall is also very cute. The black one is $44.99 and the bone is $39.99.

ALDO Sumerall

Or what about the Nine West If The Tote Fits Shopper? It also comes in pink. FUN!

You can also check Target, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for really great deals on designer handbags and totes.

Rachee, does this help at all?

What about you, Dear Reader?? Any suggestions in Rachee’s quest for an affordable, structured tote?

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