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The holidays are right around the corner, and I plan to start rolling out my holiday gift guides very soon! But first, let’s talk about holiday decor storage and organization.

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It’s not as fun as decking the halls or shopping for that perfect gift, but having functional and practical holiday decor storage containers makes the dreaded de-decorating process a lot more bearable. It also makes it a lot easier to find what you need when you’re ready to decorate next year.

I store all of my seasonal decor and gift wrapping supplies along with our suitcases and out of season clothes in our basement. We got these heavy duty, adjustable shelving units at Home Depot, and Amazon has some similar options. They’re strong and durable, and they come with a lifetime warranty. I highly recommend them if you need shelves for basement or garage storage.

Getting this all set up was quite an undertaking, but it’s so nice to have everything organized and labeled and easy to access. Big shoutout to my friend Darla at HeartWork Organizing for her help!

The section to the left is where I keep all my seasonal decor when it’s not in use. As you can see, it’s mostly plastic tubs, but a couple of them have dividers inside for ornament storage, like this one.

I also have a few wreath storage containers off to the side, that aren’t visible in this picture, and I’m planning to order one of those gift wrap storage organizers. I didn’t even know those existed until I started researching this post!

Here’s a full roundup of holiday decor storage bins and organizational containers, all available at Amazon!

Holiday Decor Storage & Organization

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Decor Storage

  1. I loved seeing the photo of your basement storage, Jo-Lynne. And I thought I was the queen of storage tubs! I have several of the Christmas storage items you highlighted like the wreath holders and ornament boxes and love them. We store our tubs on rolling carts in our basement and the wreath bags hang easily on the cart and don’t get smooshed. It’s hard to believe it’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas but stores around me are already moving dwindling fall decorations inventory aside for Christmas ones. I’m not ready!

  2. Love the way you’re able to keep everything off the floor and organized so nicely. Coleen has a nice idea using rolling carts; don’t have a basement but could use this in my attic space.

    1. Nancy…. Never thought of doing shelving in an attic. We have garage, attic and shop. All need some work. I’m ready for a throw away day for sure.

    2. I used to have all my stuff in the attic, in our old house. I just used bins and no racks, but they were all stacked on top of each other and kind of a mess. Not sure these racks could fit into an attic tho. The rolling carts sound like a great idea.

  3. I have needed a gift wrapping and gift bag organizer forever. This should motivate me to do so. Which gift wrap one are you getting? I’d like to know how you like it. As for Christmas decor I just have red and green totes. After the kids all left home, each year I have scaled down my decor for each holiday. It was hard to get rid of some things because of the memories but they either were looking worn, didn’t go anymore or even my kids were saying its time. Lol 😩Your basement shelf looks so organized. 🙂

    1. I haven’t bought gift wrap yet this year. I usually try to buy a matching set, and I like to get the higher quality thick wrap. Hallmark makes really nice stuff still – I might try to stop in there when it gets closer to the holidays.

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