The No-Brainer Holiday Gift for Everyone On Your List

If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift that can be personalized and is practical too, this is the post for you! Tervis tumblers can check off so many people on your list.

Whether it’s your child’s favorite teacher, a holiday gift exchange, a group of good friends, the kid going off to college, or that person on your list who seems to have everything… a Tervis tumbler makes the perfect gift.

I love that you can personalize these clever cups to your recipient’s interests.

We’re huge Philadelphia sports fans in our house, so we love their sports & activities designs.

I ordered a Sixers tumbler for my 14-year-old, and I got this Phillies tumbler for my college-age son. It will be perfect for him to take back to his apartment.

Not a sports fan? Tervis also has designs inspired by popular movies & TV shows, sarcasm & humor, seasonal themes, and more.

My 16-year-old is getting this Rescue Dog tumbler.

These tumblers are a must-have in a house full of teens because they’re non-breakable. They also don’t “sweat” and leave rings on your furniture. #nocoastersneeded

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lectured about using coasters, but with Tervis, I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

These tumblers are also perfect for outdoor use. We have a no-glass-by-the-pool rule, so we use these rather than flimsy disposable cups.

It’s better for the environment, and they’re more fun to drink from too.

All Tervis products are BPA-free, made in America of at least 50% recycled material, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Seriously!

That makes these clever cups are a pretty good investment. I talk about cost per wear all the time when it comes to clothing and accessories, but the same logic applies to household items as well.

FYI, returned Tervis drinkware is upcycled into new, usable materials to prevent any contribution to the waste stream.

I love that these reusable tumblers now come with lids, so you can take them to go, further reducing the use of disposable products.

They can hold hot or cold drinks, and the insulation helps keep the desired temperature.

And I have a special code for you to use! Save 30% on your Tervis order with code JOLYNNSHANE. (This code is not stackable with any other offers.)

Because each product is made to order, shipping does take a little longer than average, so take that into consideration. December 17th is their shipping cutoff date, but to be safe, I recommend placing your order well before that.

Check out the Tervis Gift Guide for even more clever gift ideas, and wrap up your holiday shopping with plenty of time to spare!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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11 Responses

  1. My kids are always getting cups mixed up (and they are still young, and carrying lots of germs around, so I try not to to let the cups get mixed up), forgetting that they have one out and pulling out another, etc. – this would be a great way to prevent that!

  2. They really are lifetime guaranteed!  I’ve returned several with stress cracks in them either at a store or via mail and they come back perfect!

    1. I’ve heard that about them! I think Paul’s parents used the return policy once or twice. They had a bunch of Tervis tumblers when I came into the family… probably still do. They’ve been around for years.

  3. We love our Tervis cups! Love that you have the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles tradition, so do we! Only we will watch it Thanksgiving evening. No matter how many times you watch it, it’s still funny! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. I am done cooking. Going to my daughters. I even have finished shopping for Christmas. Dont hate me. This is the first time ever. My grands are 14 plus so money was a good option. Life is good.

  5. Never heard of Tervis cups.  Neat idea. Thanks. I also haven’t ever watched the movie you mentioned.  I bet you are laughing about now……wanting to say “have you been living under a rock? LOL   I should look it up.  🙂  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

    1. Haha! I am a little surprised you haven’t heard of it. It’s considered a Thanksgiving classic b/c Steve Martin is trying to get home to his family for Thanksgiving, and has has all sorts of weather delays… runs into this annoying guy (John Candy) who is his polar opposite and they end up traveling together… it’s cute. Very 1980s. With the exception of one scene with a bunch of expletives, it’s clean too. Why they have to throw that in there, I don’t know. Anyway! Worth a watch if you like Steve Martin.

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