Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning, and happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! (And happy last weekend of November to the rest of you!) How do you plan to spend your day?

Paul just came into my office and surprised me with homemade peach Bellinis. Cheers to Turkey Day!  🥂

We’re having kind of a lazy Thanksgiving weekend. I will miss seeing my family in Virginia, but I’m so grateful not to be traveling.

We hung out with friends last night and celebrated a birthday, so that was fun.

This morning, I slept in till 7AM (that’s late for me!) and I’ve been updating my Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopper’s guide. A few new sales have dropped, and I cleaned up some of my shopping widgets, deleted some items that were sold out, and added a few new items I discovered.

The Ultimate Shopper's Guide to Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales & Deals

I still have to get to the grocery store and pick up a few things before we head down to my brother-in-law’s home for family dinner later this afternoon. Procrastinate much?

I figured the grocery store would be less crowded this morning than it was the past couple of days, so I just decided to wait.

Anyway, it’s always a good time, and best of all, I don’t have to cook! (I’m bringing a charcuterie plate and dinner rolls, and Caroline is making jalapeño popper dip.)

Yesterday, she made a homemade cherry pie, and it was delish. Yes, I broke my gluten-free diet to have a taste. (I’m not celiac, just gluten-sensitive if I have too much.)

I’ve been working pretty much round the clock all week, between sponsored posts that were due, gift guides I wanted to get out to you, and the Cyber Week deals that started early. It will be soooo nice to have today to rest and relax.

Then tomorrow, I will hit the ground running at the crack of dawn, updating my Black Friday shopping guide with the latest and greatest sales and deals. I’m curious to see where they go from here — some are already as good as they were last Cyber Monday!

I’m trying to keep this shopping guide highly curated to the best deals, not just listing everything I can find, but it keeps getting longer and longer as new sales crop up! I hope it’s helpful.

Remember, if you’re on Facebook, my Facebook Group is the best place to get of-the-moment sales and deals. I am always adding new things as I find them, and others are sharing their finds too! JOIN HERE!

We’re also planning to get our Christmas tree tomorrow.

I already set up our two faux trees — one in the living room, and a small one in a corner of the kitchen — but we always cut down a live tree for the family room, and that is the one we decorate with all of our family ornaments from over the years. We are all looking forward to that.

Hopefully the weather will calm down before then. It’s crazy windy out there right now. I thought for sure we were going to lose some shingles last night.

I’m also aiming to get our Christmas photo cards ordered this weekend, AND to put together the photo book I always make for Paul’s parents.

Yeah… that’s pretty ambitious, but I’ve learned from experience that Cyber Monday deals are the best of the season on Christmas photo cards and photo books, so I like to take advantage of that if I can.

I usually use Minted for our holiday photo cards, but I may go with some that are a little more economical this year since I’m just using a snapshot from my iPhone. Who do you usually use?

Any-WHO. That’s my plan for the Thanksgiving weekend. I’d love to hear about yours! Do you cook or go out to eat, or go to a friend or family member’s house?

Will you be shopping tomorrow or doing something festive with family? Hopefully you don’t have to work…

If you’re not in the USA, I hope you have some festive plans for the weekend just the same.

No matter where you hail from, I want you to know that I appreciate you more than words can say. When I started this blog on a whim back in March of 2006 — almost 14 years ago — I couldn’t have possibly imagined it would turn into what it is today.

Not only is it my full-time job that helps support our family, but it’s an amazing community of supportive women — many who I consider friends.

Thank you for being here, for commenting and pinning, or just showing up and reading along. I appreciate you!

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!