A New-To-Me Clean Skincare Brand and A Flash Sale!

As I get older, I’m becoming more in tune with my skin and what it needs, and I’m getting better at judging which products work… and which ones don’t.

While my skincare routine certainly isn’t 100% clean, what I put on my skin matters to me.

I’m trying to educate myself so I can be well-informed and make better choices, and I’ve started using a few new clean beauty products that I want to tell you about… plus one is on major sale this weekend!

Biossance (buy-oh-sawnce — rhymes with renaissance) is a company on a mission to make all beauty clean. Their products are formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrances, and over 2,000 other ingredients that are potentially toxic.

I was invited to choose a few of their products to try out, including their cult-favorite Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel.

Most of us know what peptides are, but you may be wondering: What is squalane???

Squalane is the essential ingredient in all Biossance products. It’s a weightless, non-comedogenic oil that instantly hydrates the skin while locking in essential moisture, and it makes other skincare ingredients work harder for you.

Our bodies produce a version of this compound, known as squalene, but our ability to produce and retain it decreases as we age. Biossance products help replenish our skin with this mega-moisturizing molecule.

Best of all, they derive their 100% plant-based squalane sustainably from sugarcane, so it’s sustainable and safe for the environment.

I have an issue with under-eye bags, so I was super excited to try the Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel because it’s formulated to reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness.

My first impression was I love how quickly it absorbs. But it also seems to rejuvenate that delicate skin under the eyes, making me look fresher and more awake. I can feel it too — it feels mildly cool and tingly.

Best of all, this best seller is on a flash sale this weekend only for $25!!! It’s originally $54, so that’s more than half off.

This product has NEVER been discounted like this before, and the promotion is only good through Sunday, so I recommend grabbing one while you can.

I also tried out their Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, Squalane + Omega Repair Cream, and Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm.

I’ve shared before that I have issues with extremely dry lips, and this Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm works as well as anything else I’ve tried at preventing peeling and cracking, plus it has lip plumping properties for a more youthful appearance. #yesplease

Then there’s the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil — a vitamin-C-rich face oil that targets dullness and discolorations, which I have in spades.

It happened suddenly — just this past summer, really. Suddenly I have these patchy brown spots all around my jawline, and dark spots are starting to appear in random places on my face. Joy!

I like the texture and moisture of this product so far, and it definitely gives my skin a healthy glow, but it will take a while to see its full effects on my dark spots and melasma. I’m excited to see how it works for me over time.

And finally, the Squalane + Omega Repair Cream is an oil-free moisturizer designed to hydrate, plump, and smooth skin.

This cream is formulated with lipids that mimic and support skin’s natural moisture barrier, and the result is dewy, healthy-looking skin without a greasy after-feel.

I love how it leaves my skin with a matte texture, a perfect base for applying makeup.

I’m excited to integrate these products into my skincare routine over the next few months and see how they work for me.

I’ll keep you posted, but I highly recommend grabbing the Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel while it’s on this mega sale!

Looking for holiday gifts? The Biossance Holiday Gift Shop has gift sets, stocking stuffers, limited edition deals, and more!

I also have an exclusive discount code to share with you! Use JOLYNNE25 to get 25% off your Biossance order. The discount can be applied to all products except the Eye Gel and the Lip Balm, and is good until 12/25.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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13 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these. I am slightly older than you and have the same thoughts and issues. I’ve tried a few Beauticounter products after rave reviews from bloggers/instagramers and have been fine with the products but not overly impressed. I’m going to give this a try – always interested to hear more recommendations and reviews!

  2. Good luck on finishing your gift shopping and wrapping today. That’s a tall order! 

    I’ve promised myself to finish up all the sundry creams/oils/lotions sitting in my bath. I guess I’m looking for the Fountain of Youth. I’ll wait on your recommendation of Biossance.

    1. Oh, my. The goal is EOD Monday. 🙂 I don’t think I could have done it all today, but I did get a head-start.

      When you find the fountain of youth, please don’t keep it a secret! 😉

  3. I seem to recall several months ago you mentioned you were going to try out some of the Beautycounter products.  Did you ever get a chance to try them out? If so, have you done a review of the products that you tried?  Thanks!

  4. Like you, I’ve begun to have some under eye bags in the morning. Did you feel the Biossance eye gel had an immediate effect in reducing the puffiness? I know there are some products out there with caffeine that are to help quickly but I haven’t tried any. Also have heard jade rollers can work for puffiness but it seems it would be awkward to use under your eyes. Appreciate your informational posts!

    1. I definitely feel like it helps — not dramatic so it would show up in a before/after picture, but then I don’t know of any product that does that, you know? I’m curious to see how it works over time.

    1. Hey Diana, I just tried, and it worked for me. Just be sure you’re not trying to use it on the eye gel or lip balm. If you’re still having trouble, let me know, and I’ll reach out to the brand.

      1. Thank you for checking. I tried ordering the Skin-Balancing Starter Kit but I guess it doesn’t work on that. 😞

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