How to Save on Beauty, Health, and Wellness with Groupon

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Save with Groupon

This is the time of year I start coming out of hibernation, and I’m ready to start amping up my beauty routine for spring and summer. The weather has been teasing us with some warm, sunny days, and I’m starting to think about summer vacation, sandals, bathing suits, and all that comes with the return of warmer temperatures.

I always like to update my beauty routine with the onset of spring, and I often treat myself to a few beauty treatments this time of year — a fresh pedicure, a revitalizing facial, and maybe even a spray tan if I’m going to a warm weather location.

The cost of these services can add up, so one way I like to cut down on the costs is to use Groupon.

What Is Groupon?

Groupon.com is a website that offers many discounted local deals across the country. You can get fantastic deals on all kinds of products and local services with Groupon, and it’s also a great way to find new service providers in your area. In fact, I discovered one of my best hairdressers ever when I used a Groupon at his salon.

If you haven’t signed up, it’s easy to do so. Just follow the prompts on their home page. Once you sign up, Groupon will email you regularly with offers in your area such as spa coupons, salon specials, restaurant offers, trips, and so on. The site uses your zip code to target deals that are in your area.

Groupon Beauty Week Deals

This week is Groupon’s Beauty Week, and they’re running some great specials right now.

  • March 14th & 15th: 20% Off Beauty and Spas with the promo code: Spring20
  • March 16th: $30 Massage Day; massage offers will be available throughout the Massage page
  • March 17th-19th: Final Close Out Sale with 80% off a variety of health & beauty products

How Do I Use Groupon?

There are two ways to use Groupon. You can click on the categories of deals that appear on the left sidebar and navigate to a category you’re interested in, such as Beauty & Spas, and then drill down to the specific service you want, such as Hair & Styling or Massages or Cosmetic Procedures, and see what’s available.

How to Use Groupon

Be sure to plug in your location at the top of the page so you’re searching for local businesses, and then you can drill down on the sidebar and select specific areas in your region.

How to Use Groupon to save on health and beauty

Or you can use the search bar at the top of the page and plug in a keyword to search for a specific service or product.

search groupon

Deals are usually only available for a few days, and there is a clock under the buy button that tells you how long you have left to get the deal. Once you find the deal that you want, click on it and select the deal you want by clicking on the circle next to the desired option. ALWAYS read the fine print on the deal before you purchase it to make sure there is no caveat that might be a deal breaker.

If you still want it, click the green “BUY!” button on the right of the page. After you click buy, a page will appear that lets you check over the deal one more time. If you have a promotion or gift code, you will insert it here. Complete the order, and your voucher will be purchased.

You can either print the voucher right away, or it will be saved by the site in your deals section for you to access when you’re ready. They also email you the voucher, so you can print it from there as well. There is usually an expiration date, so be sure to make a note of it. I often write it on my calendar.

Use the voucher just like a gift card. Of course, you will want to call and make an appointment if you purchased a service or a restaurant meal. Then just bring the voucher with you and present it to the business when it’s time to pay. I usually like to let them know when I arrive that I’ll be using a Groupon, and I always tip on the full price of the service or meal, not the price I pay with my Groupon.

How to Save on Facials with Groupon

They also have a mobile app that makes it even easier to save with Groupon.

This is a great time to take advantage of these extra savings. Get your feet sandal ready with a spring pedicure. Heading to a warm weather location for Spring Break? Get bathing suit ready with a spray tan. Or slough off that winter dry skin and make your face radiant again with a therapeutic facial.

Maybe you’re ready to kick the winter doldrums to the curb and take a yoga class or try a barre workout. You’ll find great deals on all sorts of beauty, health, and wellness services and products on Groupon.

I’m definitely going to take this opportunity to get a facial, and I’ve been considering getting a spray tan before my conference in Dallas next month. I don’t have a go-to place for spray tanning, so think I’ll see what Groupons I can find for that in my area.

I’ve also been wanting to find a yoga class. My physical therapist tells me my muscles are tight, and he thinks that’s why I keep getting injured, so I think I’ll find a Groupon for that too.

What beauty treatments or fitness classes are on your radar this spring?? Sign up for Groupon today, and start saving!

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  1. I love Groupon! I’m actually a really late to the game Groupon-user and only started using them in the last year or so but I have probably bought great deals from them at least a dozen times in the last year!!

  2. I’ve been going on and off to yoga at CoreFit in Limerick. They have a Groupon right now and the deal is really good (a 10 class card is typically $150 and it’s on Groupon for $55). I started there with a Groupon! 🙂 It’s a small place and I really like it there. Everyone is so nice, too!

  3. I tend to forget about Groupon but the best thing happened recently….I found a Jessica Simpson purse at Belk that I really wanted but didn’t think it was worth $88. I came home and Googled it and it popped up on Groupon for 1/2 price. It’s mine now. 🙂

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