How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring

It’s the home stretch! Today is Day 24 of my 27 Days of Spring Fashion style collab with Cyndi SpiveyI’m always surprised by how fast these style challenges seem to go.

Never fear, there will be PLENTY more spring outfits on the blog in the coming weeks, but I have to admit, it will be nice to blog for a while without the pressure to have a new outfit every day.

Today’s outfit might be one of my all-time favorites.

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring featuring LOFT Vintage Soft Tee in Pink Zinnia, J.Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans in Demented White Distressed, and Vince Camuto Evel Leather Sandals | Fashion Over 40 | Wearable Spring Fashion for Moms

Outfit Details:
LOFT Vintage Soft Tee in Pink Zinnia $24 + 40% OFF!!! (ends TONIGHT!)
J.Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans $179 or try Treasure&Bond Crop Skinny Jeans $88 (size down)
similar army green vest $88 or this one at Charlotte Russe $25
Vince Camuto Evel Leather Sandals
$79 (ON SALE!)
similar bar cuff bracelet $32 // similar hoops $24 // similar clutch $295
my S&D Signature Engravable Disk Necklace 
Nails: CND Studio White

I was feeling guilty for not wearing my army green utility vest yet this spring, so I tried to come up with an outfit that features it. It wasn’t difficult. There are SO many ways to wear a vest like this, so the outfit came together quite easily. The only reason I don’t wear this vest more is because I tend to shy away from layers. They annoy me.

Case in point: see how the sleeve of my t-shirt is all hinky? I could not get it to lay right. I think I need a vest with larger armholes or something.

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring

That minor annoyance aside, I love this outfit. The color combination is sublime — army green, coral, and white with brown shoes and gold accessories. How can you go wrong??

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring featuring LOFT Vintage Soft Tee in Pink Zinnia, J.Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans in Demented White Distressed, and Vince Camuto Evel Leather Sandals | Fashion Over 40

Plus, I always like the pictures we take downtown better than the ones in my front yard. The light was perfect on Saturday morning.

I’m super excited about these shoes.

Vince Camuto 'Evel' Leather Sandal + J Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans (Demented White Distressed)

I ordered them because I was looking for something with a mid-high heel. I’ve got plenty of flats and super high heels but not much in between. Nordstrom was running a Triple Points promotion last week, so I took the opportunity to order a few pairs of shoes to try.

I wasn’t sure about these at first. I tried them on with some of my longer jeans, and they didn’t quite work, but when I tried them on with these white crop jeans, I knew I had a winning combination. I like how they lend an edgy vibe to a pretty basic outfit.

Vince Camuto 'Evel' Leather Sandal

If you’re not into the ripped jeans, you could totally wear plain white jeans with this outfit. I like distressed jeans for casual wear, but I know not everyone is a fan. I recommend the Joe’s Icon Ankle Jeans for thick, white jeans with no rips, also $179.

For jeans under $100, these Treasure&Bond Ankle Skinny Jeans are nice and thick, or for a distressed pair with released hem similar to mine, their Crop Skinny Jeans look great. They run large, so you’ll want to size down.

Or try LOFT. I hear good things about their white jeans, and the entire store is 40% off right now. The sale ends at midnight, so if you’ve got stuff sitting in your shopping cart, be sure to check out today!

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring featuring LOFT Vintage Soft Tee in Pink Zinnia, J.Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans in Demented White Distressed, and Vince Camuto Evel Leather Sandals | Wearable Spring Fashion for Moms

I accessorized with gold. I like how this casual hammered cuff bracelet works into this outfit. My nail polish is CND Studio White, by the way.

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring

Here’s a back view.

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring

Any brown sandal would work with this outfit, but I do love these Vince Camuto Evels, and they’re on sale for $79 — not a bad price for leather. They are verrry comfortable. They’re soft on the inside and have a nice footbed. Funny, I thought when I ordered them that they had around a 2-inch heel, but it says 3.5 inches on the website. Honestly, I wouldn’t know it. They’re that comfortable.

Vince Camuto 'Evel' Leather Sandal + J Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans (Demented White Distressed)

The coral tee is from LOFT. It’s the Zinnia Pink, and I’m wearing a medium.

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring

My vest is long gone, so I’ll link to a few other options in the Shop The Post widget below. I also have some tips for styling a utility vest for spring.

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring featuring LOFT Vintage Soft Tee in Pink Zinnia, J.Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans in Demented White Distressed, and Vince Camuto Evel Leather Sandals

How to Wear a Utility Vest for Spring

#1. Pair an olive green or khaki vest with a bright or pastel such as coral, hot pink, pale pink, or wear it over white. It’s cute over stripes too.

utility vest with pink ginghamsource

#2. Wear the vest over a short-sleeved tee or even a tank top.

utility vest for spring - over short sleeve white teesource

#3. Consider wearing the vest and tee or tank with shorts.

utility vest with shortssource

#4. Wear the utility vest over a short-sleeved t-shirt dress or swing dress.

utility vest over swing dresssource

You can see how I styled my utility vest for fall HERE, HERE, and HERE. These ideas could easily carry over into spring. My favorite is the outfit with the striped tee.

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Be sure to stop over to see what Cyndi is styling today!

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36 Responses

  1. I love how your outfits are cute but casual enough for a lifestyle that most of us have. Those shoes may not be for me but love them on you.

  2. I love this on YOU! Rockin the style 100%! Those shoes are awesome and I love the jeans. The pictures downtown fit the style. Beautiful!

  3. Ooh, this is very timely! I just purchased a similar pair of huarache style heels last week and am dying to wear them. This is super cute. Just need a utility vest (which I’ve been looking for anyway) to try this look. Love your style!

  4. I love this outfit! Those colors look great on you. Thanks for sharing the color of the nail polish.

    1. Girl, I hate it. HATE IT. I have finally decided I do not care. Now I just smile at people as they walk by and say hello. HAHA. It’s all mind over matter. But yeah, I feel ya.

    1. I know… I have bought too many. It is the first year in a while that I’ve been able to buy cute shoes. The past few years I spent in “comfort shoes” for my foot issues. I am having too much fun!

  5. I bought a very similar vest in that army green because I loved it on you last fall and then struggled to put outfits together. Thanks for sharing! I got mine at Gap and it’s 40% off today. Love the shoes. I’m itching to put them in my cart.

  6. I LOVE this outfit (and those shoes) so much! I just got a utility vest and these styling tips are inspiring.

  7. Great timing! I just picked up a utility vest like this during the week….thought it might be versatile but wouldn’t have thought of all the ways you’ve featured it! THANK YOU!

  8. That vest is wonderful and I wouldn’t have noticed the sleeves being wonky without you pointing them out. However (being the fix it girl that I am), if it really bugs you, it should be pretty easy for a seamstress to open up the underarm seam a tad (I’d do it for you if you want to send it to me)!
    Love, love, love those shoes! I was so proud of myself for not buying anything at Nordstrom’s sale (of course, I did purchase a couple things at a local boutique going out of business!!)
    And thanks to you, I actually make a pair of pink jeans have that same kind of hem (at first I thought I was too old—but then I said—no way!!)
    Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration Jo-Lynne!!

    1. That’s a really good idea b/c I like everything else about it. I know someone who can probably take care of it. Thanks for the idea! And I’m so glad you decided to wear the released hem. It’s a great way to get a distressed look without the rips and tears. 🙂

  9. Great outfit!! I think I’ll wear my white jean and cargo vest today too! It’s a perfect combo!! It’s the first day of spring break so looking forward to hanging out with 5 year old at home all week with us. 🙂 Have a blessed day!!! xx-S

  10. Jo-Lynne, You put together an awesome outfit! The shoes do add the right edgy vibe. I agree that larger armholes on the vest would work nicely with the t-shirts. I ordered a size up for my utility vest for that very reason. I’m sorry the rain we had over the weekend has hit you now. Enjoy the lazy morning/day! Seeing the various ways to style a utility vest is just what the doctor ordered. I had been wondering how to style my swing dress. Now I have one additional idea.

  11. I love my white jeans from the loft so much i have 2 pairs one straight leg n one boot cut. You just gave me another outfit idea! U look great ! Hope you had a good easter!

  12. This is a very timely post for me because I have a similar vest and have been trying to figure out how to wear it. I really appreciate the many outfit ideas you provided today! I can’t wait to try some of them because I like the vest very much. Thank you!

  13. Great look, Jo-Lynne! I purchased a khaki utility vest last year and love it! My white jeans are from Loft and they are really nice (perfect amount of stretch & not see-through). -Melissa

  14. I was gathering all these awesome thoughts about your outfit, and then I scroll down and see my face! So flattered! Thanks for the shout out! I really do love how these colors look together! I need to wash my white skinnies so I can copy this stat! The sandals do look extra comfy and stylish at the same time!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  15. I know this is an older post, but I got this great utility jacket today (for $20!!) at Sam’s Club of all places and came across your blog in searching for style inspiration on how to wear it. I do believe it is the very same vest featured in your blogs if the brand is Sebby…if not it is an identical version. Thought I would share for anyone seeking your vest that might also have a Sam’s membership since it’s sold out where you purchased it.
    Thanks for the great style tips!!

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