New (to me) Denim Brand: Black Orchid

I realized the other day that some of my outfits may be crossing the line over from spring to summer. I give! I love summer. I just cannot WAIT for it to warm up so tank tops and shorts are the order of the day.

But I want to try to wrap up this spring style series with outfits that are decidedly SPRING. I think this outfit fits the bill. We didn’t plan to make this into a photo shoot. I just threw on this outfit to wear to a meeting the other night and realized I hadn’t photographed either of these pieces yet! It was super windy, so pardon the crazy hair.

Easy breezy spring outfit featuring seafoam green dolman top and Black Orchid released hem ankle skinnies, both via @stitchfix. Add a coral bag and leopard flats and gold accessories for a complete outfit! Spring Outfit Ideas | Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

dolman top and black orchid jeans via Stitch Fix // similar jeans $190 (similar style $64)
similar leopard flats $119 (or try THESE $14) // Alila Chandeliers $44
3-disc necklace $70 // similar cuff $32
similar bag $218 (I also like THIS in coral $35)

Ironically, both the top and the jeans are from Stitch Fix, but I’ve had the top for a year or so. The jeans came in my last Fix.

I get a lot of questions about Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix. There are definitely advantages to both, and I like both for different reasons. Full disclosure, I do not have a working relationship with either, but I do link with my affiliate link for Stitch Fix and my referral link for Trunk Club shopping credits. As always, I share my candid opinions.

I like Trunk Club for the sheer volume of clothes they send in each box. I also like how they give you access to your stylist so she can get to know you and your style needs. And I like that I can find the clothing online at Nordstrom to share with you.

Stitch Fix generally has a lower price point (well… except for these jeans! LOL!) and features brands you can’t find elsewhere. You can provide feedback to their stylists, but you don’t actually get to chat with them and build a relationship. They were the first box styling service I ever tried, and it’s been hit or miss for me over the years, but I do have a few gems that I’ve received from them.

This dolman sleeve top is one of them. It came last spring, and I’ve worn it a ton. It is super soft and comfy, and I think the color is gorgeous. I find myself wearing it all year round, but mostly spring and fall. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything like it to link you to.

Easy breezy spring outfit featuring seafoam green dolman top and Black Orchid released hem ankle skinnies, both via @stitchfix.

The jeans are a new brand to me — Black Orchid. They are $188, so yeah. Pricey. But you know me and my love of premium denim, so I was curious to put these on. Y’all. These feel amazing. They are as comfortable as my pink and mint Paige Verdugo. I love the slightly higher rise, and they are super stretchy and comfortable, but they don’t bag out as you wear them. Color me impressed. I don’t know why I haven’t heard of them before!

Easy breezy spring outfit featuring seafoam green dolman top and Black Orchid released hem ankle skinnies, both via @stitchfix. Add a coral bag and leopard flats and gold accessories for a complete outfit! Fashion Over 40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

I did some sleuthing and I found that both Amazon and Bloomingdales carry the brand, although these exact jeans are not available. Y’all know I need another pair of denim like I need a hole in my head, but the fit is fantastic. I like the released hem, and they are the perfect length for spring and summer, so they stay.

I threw on my leopard flats and grabbed this coral bag to complete the look. Oh, that hammered gold cuff bracelet also came in my last Stitch Fix. I love the casual cool vibe. I think it was $28.

Accessorize for Spring with Coral Hobo Style Handbag

I already had on the chandelier earrings and the 3-disc necklace from an earlier photo shoot, so I kept them on. I definitely like how they work with this outfit, but I may have been slightly overdressed for my meeting. LOL!

Easy breezy spring outfit featuring seafoam green dolman top and Black Orchid released hem ankle skinnies, both via @stitchfix. Add a coral bag and leopard flats and gold accessories for a complete outfit! Spring Outfit Ideas by  Jo-Lynne Shane

Be sure to stop over to see the spring outfit Cyndi is styling today!

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18 Responses

  1. I love dolman tops! They were very fashionable a few years ago and still look awesome but now it’s hard to find them in the right stores. I refuse to by my clothes at walmart lol. Yours is LOVELY. I actually found a free tutorial for how to make them so I have a few (think pink and white horizontal stripes). Cute outfit!

    1. There are lots of dolman tops at White House Black Market and Nordstrom right now. I just didn’t find one in this color, with the banded waist, to link to in this post. I ordered a couple striped ones at Nordstrom on the Triple Points this week. Can’t wait for them to come in!

  2. Love the dolman top. I’d have bought it in a second, had it been available, as that color is one of my all time favorites for spring and summer. And I love the dolman style– I bought the same black dolman top from White House Black Market you shared recently. I’m really enjoying navigating the world of jeans with you. I work at home, but have to look nice whenever I go out, and I’m a jeans girl. I cringe at the idea of spending $175 on jeans, ( I’m already at the $75-$125 price point) but then I look at the pairs of jeans in my closet that aren’t quite right (bagging after I wear them is my #1 complaint) and I wonder if it’s time to invest in pricier jeans. Thanks so much for sharing, Jo-lynne. I look forward to your posts every day. Happy Easter!

    1. It really makes such a difference. I’d rather have 2 pairs of premium denim than 10 pairs of cheap ones in different styles. LOVE that dolman top at WHBM. Tempted to get a striped one. 🙂 Happy Easter!

      1. Right on!
        I have bought jeans from lots of stores. Nothing is worse than jeans that lose their shape, shrink, grow, etc.

        We have a Lucky Brand store here and I’ve found that brand really is nice. They are having sales now just FYI. We’re about to get hot here in DFW but I’m going to stock up for future wear.

  3. The dolman is a great color on you. What do you find to be the best colors for your skin tone and hair?

    Thank you for sharing about Trunk Club and Stitch Fix! They both sound wonderful. If hubby gave the green light I would probably sign up for both right now…Hehehe. Not gonna lie, leaning more towards Trunk Club tho- love me some Nordys! Gonna work on how seeing how I can squeeze that into the budget! HA! (If that happens, I’ll use your link of sure!!) About how much are the items generally on Trunk Club? I’m sure you can request different price points, right? I like the idea of being able to try things I can link on my blog. 😉 Back when I was single, I started to get hand written notes from my local Nordstroms. That’s when you know you’re in trouble. LOL! Do you ever get those? Ha!


    1. I do not get handwritten notes from Nordstrom. I sure shop there enough, though! HA! Trunk Club prices are exactly the prices at Nordstrom. You can request to keep your trunks within a certain price point, but I find they do still send one or two splurge items each time – and those are the ones that get me. AGGGH! LOL

      1. I don’t get those notes any more! LOL! BTW: consider adding links to your nail polish colors, or lipgloss etc! I don’t know if it’s worth your time, but I would have bought that white one from the other day. A great little thing for budget gals like me, who might not be able to get the jeans or shoes, but a new polish-sure would perk up my day! LOL.

  4. Jo-Lynne, I think the color of the top looks great on you. It is a color that I can wear also. I still have not convinced myself to spend $100+ on my jeans, and I’m scared too. I’m sure if I tried a pair of premium denim jeans on I’d change my mindset real quick. Maybe one day!

    Have a blessed Easter!

  5. I know what you mean about possibly be overdressed for a meeting, but I’ve decided (as a rebel) that I’m going to single handedly try to get others around me to start dressing up more! I realize i’m from the older generation where you actually dressed up to go out, but I have a feeling dressing too casual affects our productivity too (actually I read that in the Wall Street Journal a couple months ago). So personally I think you looked great for your meeting (of course, I don’t even know what kind of meeting…so I could just be spouting off…) jodie

  6. I like the color and style of your top. It looks great on you and with your jeans. Oh, I love those jeans!
    Now that I don’t work any longer, I find myself in jeans most of the time. I need to invest in some great, quality jeans.
    I’ve looked at the ones at Nordstrom’s, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet, ha!

    Happy Easter!

  7. This is a fabulous color on you! I never got into the dolman tops, but I’ve always liked the the look of them. Not sure why they weren’t comfortable for me. Once again, love the pop of color with your bag!

  8. Glamour Farms has dolman tops for only $10 right now but they are long sleeve and have a rounded neck. But worth checking out. Not sure what sizes they have left.

    Cute outfit!

    Have a great day!

  9. Your dolman looks very much like a Comfy Girl top from Glamour Farms – definitely worth checking out if you like that style and they are sooooooooo soft!

  10. Jeans – have you tried Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ)? AMAZE BALLS! Sound similar to these, but their price point is around $100.

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