Spring Transition Outfit Tips: Shoe Swap

Greetings from The Grand Canyon State! I’m in Scottsdale for a few days for work, but meanwhile, I’m teaming up with Amy Ann from Straight A Style to share some spring transition outfits with you!

This is a 5-part series, and each day will focus on one simple way you can take your winter outfits into spring.

This transition period is always tricky because we’re feeling ready for spring, but the weather doesn’t always want to cooperate. Hopefully these ideas will help you as you put outfits together over the next few weeks.

Today is all about the shoe swap!

Spring Transition Outfit: Madewell Kimball Pullover Sweater, Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, and UGG Flores Driving Loafers

The first thing I like to change up when the weather starts to get milder is my shoes. In the bitter cold winter months, I’m all about my coziest boots, but once we get past Valentine’s Day, I start swapping out my boots for loafers, ballet flats, and pumps. I’ve also been enjoying the white sneaker trend lately.

For this outfit, I threw on my orange suede driving loafer moccasins with a pair of jeans and a lightweight sweater for a casual transition look I’d wear to the mall or to meet a friend for coffee or even to work from home.

I think driving loafers are one of the best transition shoes for spring because they provide some foot coverage while still being lightweight and easy to slip on and go.

Spring Transition Outfit: Madewell Kimball Pullover Sweater, Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, and UGG Flores Driving Loafers

So I have good news and bad news about these shoes.

The bad news is, these exact shoes were discontinued. Womp… womp… 

But the good news is, I just discovered the UGG Flores Driving Loafer — it looks very similar, and it comes in orange as well as a bunch of other colors.

I couldn’t be more happy with my UGG mocs, and if the new style is anywhere near as good (and the website reviews sure sound like it!), they’re definitely a must-have for spring!

UGG Flores Driving Loafers

All that said, the point of this post isn’t that you need these shoes.

The point is, as the temperates begin to get milder, swapping out boots for loafers or mules gives your outfits a more spring-like look without sacrificing comfort or style.

Spring Transition Outfit: Madewell Kimball Pullover Sweater, Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, and UGG Flores Driving Loafers

Wearing bright colors is another fun way to bring some spring into your winter outfits, which is why I chose the bright orange to feature in this post.

Spring Transition Outfit: Madewell Kimball Pullover Sweater, Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, and UGG Flores Driving Loafers

Another way I start transitioning my outfits for spring is to start wearing lighter fabrics.

We’ll touch more on those ideas in the next few posts, but this sweater is one of of my favorite pre-spring purchases so far because I can enjoy it now with jeans and loafers and wear it right into summer with shorts and flip flops. You can see how I styled it with shorts in this try-on haul.

It has some subtle but really fun knit details and as well as a great texture. Plus it’s a nice, lightweight (but not see-through) fabric that you can wear comfortably now, as well as later on when the weather warms up.

It also happens to be an additional 30% off  the already reduced price! The code is BRAVO. (It comes down to $38.15 in cart!!!!)

And here’s a money-saving tip for you — sign up for Madewell Insiders (it’s free) and you will get free shipping AND free returns on all Madewell orders.)

I just added a couple of delicate necklaces to fill the neckline, a pair of double hoop earrings, and grabbed my light grey shoulder bag to complete the look!

Spring Transition Outfit: Madewell Kimball Pullover Sweater, Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, and UGG Flores Driving Loafers

Outfit Details:

Madewell Kimball Sweater (also at Nordstrom) // Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans // similar UGG mocs // R Minkoff Darren Shoulder Bag // Gorjana Super Star Necklace // Gorjana Chloe Charm Adjustable Necklace // similar earrings

More Spring Transition Shoes:

Be sure to pop over to Straight A Style and for Amy’s spring transition outfit and her take on the shoe swap!

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photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. I really like this outfit Jo-Lynne!  I have several long sleeve lightweight tops to pair with my jeans that will give me a similar look.  I am already thinking about when I change out my clothes, what pieces I am going to get rid of.  There are so many pieces I haven’t worn for various reasons, with one of them being the weather.  But, I’m tired of the racks in my closet being so crowded, and I don’t think I will really miss the clothes.  I hope the conference in AZ will be very worthwhile for you.  😉

  2. I love the bright pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. I feel the same, after Valentine’s it just feels like it’s time for spring and no more bulky, heavy clothes. I just bought a pair of Steve Madden snakeskin flats to use for transitioning. They’re super cute! Hope you’re having a fun time in AZ!

  3. Maybe I’m not fashionable at all, or perhaps it’s bexause of where I live, but I can’t fathom transitioning in my footwear yet.  19 degrees with snow on the ground for the last month…if I can’t wear a wool hiking sock with it it’s not going on my foot! The joys of Michigan snow country.  But love all the shoes.  Here we transition in April, lol. 

    1. It is where you live, lol!!! This post is not necessarily meant to apply to everyone today. People read from all over the country, so this is just for whenever you are transitioning. In Philly, we’ve had a few milder days, and I break out my loafers, but I still wear boots when it’s cold. 🙂

    2. Wendy, You are so right! Here in Michigan we are digging out from another snow storm!! Keep your Uggs and Hunter boots close by!

  4. Good point about changing shoes.
    I’m a big fan of loafers. I think they’re classic and timeless. They can be casual and spiffy at the same time.
    I have black and brown ones. I’d like some navy blue loafers. I think they’d be nice with jeans.

  5. One of the things I look forward to the most, is being able to ditch my socks and boots about this time of year!  Your whole outfit is fun and happy.  Ready for Spring!  Looking forward to the rest of the week and more transition ideas.  Enjoy your time in Arizona!

  6. Hello Jo-Lynne! Welcome to the warmer temperatures of Arizona!! I do think we will have some rain this week, but it is a warm rain! If you are in Scottsdale, make a stop by Fashion Square, it will not disappoint. Love your style and fashion advice!

  7. Unfortunately in south Georgia, many of my winter outfits look like this pre-spring outfit for you. I have to work hard to find cold enough days to wear my cashmere sweaters and warm boots. Still, I really do love this type of outfit. It’s simple and easy but looks pulled together and like you took a bit of effort. I bought the same UGG loafers in black during the NSale and I have loved them so much! They are so comfortable and look great with jeans and pants. I’m a little bummed about the newer version. I think replacing the split sole with a full sole makes them look a lot more “loafer” than “driving loafer”. I feel it’s an odd hybrid that I’m not sure I like.

    1. Denise I know what you mean. I live in Savannah and have
      Winter things I have not worn. We’ve had a warm FEBRUARY.

  8. Hearing you talk about your clean lined hotel room reminded me that I have been wanting to compliment you on your blog design for a while now, but keep forgetting! Your blog is so pleasant to read, visually. The fonts, spacing, layout, etc. really help make it enjoyable. I’ve been looking at some other blogs lately that drive me crazy with their mismatched fonts, tiny fonts, weird capitalization, etc. Way to go on yours! Enjoy your time in Arizona – hopefully you will get some sun!

  9. Oh the transition period… we will be in that for awhile. While it’s still definitely winter here and still minus temps I appreciate the milder days that we will get here and there, I jump right into sneaker shoes and converse with yes bare feet. I even wear bare feet with my UGGs ( boots) all winter too lol… 
    enjoy Scottsdale:)

  10. Great idea post. I really do dread this transition season the most.  I get too cold trying to transition too soon, but tired of the Winter fashions.  Even going from booties to loafers doesn’t work for me too soon, as my feet get too cold.  My daughter flew to Scottsdale from up by Seattle on Friday.  She said its not as warm as they had hoped for.  They are trying to escape the Seattle area huge snow storm that came in last week. Biggest in 50 yrs.  She just reported to me today it was low 50’s and cool there, but sunny at least.  Hope you don’t get too cold styling Spring outfits for us.  🙂  Have fun.  

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