Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with Brighter Colors

I’m back with another easy way to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, and today Amy Ann and I are both incorporating brighter colors into our pre-spring looks.

During the winter months, I tend to gravitate to grey and black and burgundy, but right now I’m drawn to all the pastels and brights.

This striped ringer tee with the contrasting trim immediately caught my eye on the J.Crew website, and it has come in really handy already.

I find myself throwing it on anytime the temperatures break 50 degrees. Thankfully, we’ve had a few mild days as of late!

It’s a really nice, lightweight cotton fabric, and the length is perfect. I can front-tuck it or wear it untucked, and it looks good both ways. For reference, I’m wearing my usual size small.

Now, ladies. I get it. Some of you are in colder climates where it is still frigid outside. I know you won’t be wearing lightweight t-shirts out and about just yet (although this top does look great under a cardigan too… just sayin’.)

But you can incorporate brighter or lighter colors into your wardrobe by wearing a bright colored shoe, a cozy sweater in a pastel or bright happy color, or even just picking up a new handbag in a fun color that brightens up your winter neutrals but can also be carried through spring and summer.

For this look, I paired this tee with my favorite skinny jeans and white leather Veja sneakers.

These sneakers aren’t new to you regulars, but for those who have asked, they are actually breaking in very easily! I’m pleased and very happy with my decision to keep these out of all the sneakers I tried.

I don’t usually wear socks with them, but I wore them to travel to Arizona on Sunday, and I didn’t dare go without socks, so I wore my favorite running socks — these Balega Hidden Contour socks — in the white, and they worked out great. They do show a bit, but they’re white and I was wearing jeans, so I think it was fine. It beats blisters, that’s for sure!

I did try my Nike no-show socks that I like to wear with my Converse, but they didn’t stay put inside my Vejas, so I brought out the big guns, haha!

I carried my Everlane Day Market tote with this outfit because I thought the Light Taupe color coordinated so nicely.

This bag is a really good value for a leather tote. It’s sturdy and lightweight, although it is quite stiff. It would make a great work bag for anyone who needs something to carry a laptop or other heavier items.

There is one pocket inside for your smartphone, but otherwise it’s the raw leather, which I like.

This look is so easy to throw on and go, and it’s such a great way to transition my go-to winter uniform (sweater + jeans + boots) to spring (cute tee + jeans + sneakers).

And on chillier days, I can still add a cardigan or white denim jacket for extra warmth and another element of interest.

The sneakers already lighten up the look a lot, but swapping out my usual sweater for a lightweight tee in bright colors really brings the look into springtime!

Outfit Details:

J.Crew Contrast Slub Cotton Ringer T-shirt in Stripes // AG The Legging Ankle Jeans // Veja Esplar Sneakers // Everlane The Day Market Tote

Be sure to pop over to Straight A Style to see Amy Ann’s spring transition look and how she’s incorporating brighter colors into her pre-spring outfits.

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photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. I’m so ready for spring! I love stripes and the bright color is gorgeous. Looks like you’re having fun in AZ. YAY!

  2. Thanks for helping us transition to spring. My transition is slower but I am still ready to give up the heaviest of winter clothes. As I wash/clean the heavy wool is being packed away. I am still in sweaters but lighter weight and brighter colours. Today I brought ballet flats in my bag to work took off my socks and am pretending it’s almost spring. 

  3. I am so glad you woke up to sunshine today!  If I needed to add a long sleeve top to my closet, I would definitely order this one.  I think it’s perfect in so many ways!  Mother Nature is playing tricks on us – we’ve had spring like wet weather, but today we are in the 40’s, where we will be all day.  But we have upper 70’s/low 80’s on the 10 day forecast.  And then there are so many areas getting hit with more snow.  Since I dispise the summer heat, I am going to enjoy today being cooler.  Have a fabulous day!

  4. This outfit looks great on you. It’s a very cheery look. I’m coming around to the white sneaker footwear the more I see it. I was not a fan at first but apparently according to a friend who has just returned from Italy everyone is wearing them there..

    1. Sandra, I’m really surprised by that. I’ve been to Italy a few times but not in the last ten years. I never saw women in sneakers. I’m going to channel my inner Italian and rock some white sneakers this year. 😉

  5. I love the brighter colors and the white sneakers!  I tried to ditch my boots yesterday and wear sneakers, but it was just too cold.  Hoping it will warm up in the next few weeks. In the meantime, bright colors will have to be my transition to Spring. Probably in the form of sweaters.  Lol  I’ve been enjoying your Instagram stories of your trip.  Looks like fun!

  6. Great look!  I love the cheery look of spring clothes. Somehow the wearer always looks as if she’s headed somewhere fun!
    Thanks for all the Instagram posts of your trip. So fun!

  7. Its too cold to think of Spring clothes yet, but this is a great transition look that is for sure. 🙂  I just ordered a silver grey sweater on the LOFT Clearance for $9 on their weekend sale.  🙂  I can’t wait to wear it, then put it away for next Fall/Winter.  I like to buy clothes out of season and look forward to the next year, pulling it out new.  I wish you would have had warmer weather for your trip, but its probably warmer than at your home for outside photo shoots. Enjoy.  PS  I just can’t get use to the look of the heavy, leather sneaker look. I think it makes peoples feet look bigger…Am I the  only one?  

  8. Hi,
    Our local school colors include orange so always excited when I find a cute new top to wear to all the ball games and events! I had already ordered the orange ringer tee so now I just need to update my look with new spring tennis, maybe white (even though I find it hard to wear white shoes when wearing a larger size!) Thanks for showing real outfits for real moms!  

  9. Loving that top. It’s in my cart, just trying to rationalize pulling the trigger. I did finally find a pair of white leather sneakers and I’ve had 2 warmish days to wear them. They are Frye of all brands– soft and comfy out of the box and just the look I wanted. As for adding spring colors when it’s still cold, I have a couple of light-colored sweaters I wear. Light blue is my favorite. The Everlane blue ballet neck cashmere sweater is GORGEOUS. As is the gray one– when I wear the gray with lighter jeans and light colored shoes, suddenly I look springy. The Everlane cashmere is spendy but the quality is excellent and I love Everlane’s ethics.

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