How We Stay Active {and Cool} in the Summer Heat

Summer is finally in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier. This is absolutely my favorite time of year, and where we live in the suburbs of Philly, summertime always seems way too short so I’m trying to soak up every hot, sweaty minute of it!

It’s also the time of year when I tend to be most consistent with my running because the weather isn’t as fickle, and I don’t have to spend so much time layering up and preparing to survive the elements.

Of course, summertime running also requires its own specific gear, but fortunately it’s much simpler than wintertime gear.

While my girls don’t share my passion for running, they’re both active in their own ways. It’s important to us all to feel healthy and strong, so I asked them to join me for a post with Under Armour to talk about the performance gear that will keep you cool and comfortable this summer, no matter what your activity of choice.

R is my youngest, and she loves to play basketball and swim. Hardly a day goes by that she doesn’t spend some time outside shooting hoops, and her dad or brother often join her when they’re around.

She actually has a lot of Under Armour in her closet, as she usually wears activewear several days a week. When I told her she could pick out a new outfit, she went right to these reversible mesh shorts.

She has a couple pairs already, but they were getting small for her, so this was perfect timing… especially considering that marching band camp (which is outdoors in the mid-day heat) starts up next month.

She also chose this short sleeve graphic tee in the bright orange and these Breathe trainers.

These sneakers are super lightweight and breathable with their soft, stretchy bootie-like construction and molded sockliner.

C is our middle child, and she stays active walking the dog around our neighborhood several times a day.

I’m telling you, this dog KNOWS when it’s time for a walk — or at least she recognizes the invitation. She gets almost as excited about a walk as she does a treat.

C is wearing the HeatGear capris and a Run Track tank top.

We actually ended up swapping tops when our order came in because she liked the Run Track tank top, and I prefer the fit of the crossback top.

Both tops are perfect for all kinds of summertime activities, but this Run Track tank top is actually made of mineral-infused fabric that absorbs the energy your body emits and reflects it back into your tissues and muscles to help improve your strength and endurance. I mean, who wouldn’t want that when they’re exercising!?!

It’s supposed to fit close to the body without being tight, and it runs true to size. C is wearing the small, but she could go with an XS. It also pairs perfectly with the HeatGear high support sport bra.

We all fought over her shoes, but I like how the teal pops against the rest of her neutral outfit, so she got to wear them.

These are the UA HOVR Sonic 2 running sneakers, and these shoes are designed for runners who need flexibility, cushioning, and versatility. They also have UA’s Record Sensor™ technology that tracks and stores your running metrics. Pretty clever!

As for me, I decided to update my summer running wardrobe, which is long overdue.

This crossback top is really fun — it has a nice relaxed fit with a flattering cut through the waist. I’m wearing the small but would probably prefer the medium for extra room in the chest area. Otherwise, the small fits fine.

I’m loving these running shorts as an alternative to the spandex shorts I usually run in. They’re moisture-wicking with breathable mesh side panels and a built-in brief for enhanced coverage, plus they have front hand pockets with a hidden back storage pocket. I’m wearing the medium, for reference.

They come in a bunch of different colors, but I kept it simple with the solid black. I’ll probably go back and buy a few other colors, now that I’ve tried them and know I like them. My current summer running shorts are like 8-10 years old, so they’re definitely due for an update.

My shoes are the UA HOVR Infinite — winner of 2019 Runner’s World “Recommended” Award. They’re also digitally connected with UA’s Record Sensor technology, and they’re designed for neutral runners who need flexibility and cushioning.

I typically wear a stability running shoe, but I like the cushioning in these. They’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable, so I’m going to try running in them a few times and see how they work for me.

Both C and I are wearing the ArmourGrip no show tab socks with arch support and ventilation for breathability. They’re super lightweight, and the best part is, they stay put. There’s nothing worse than your no-show socks sliding down into your shoe in the middle of a run.

If you’re looking to update your summer performance gear, or need some for your kids, Under Armour has everything you need to support a healthy and active lifestyle and keep you fit, and to help you look good while doing it.

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16 Responses

  1. Great options to stay cool in the summer time heat while being active! So nice to see your daughters too! You are setting a great example for them by being physically active.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Under Armor post how fun it must have been getting your girls and doggy in the photo shot.

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne- Such a nice post with your daughters included! I have a question about sports bras. I need one for low impact (walking, yoga) and I’m having trouble finding one I can get into. So many seem to require you to pull them on with no hooks in the back. Even this UA one you show looks like you have to get it over your head first. (?) For reference, I have a similar bust size to you! And on a similar note, do you know if any bras are included in the N sale? I took your advice and got fitted properly a year ago, and now I need new bras. Thanks so much! I have no sisters to ask these questions- ha ha!

  4. I love UA. With two teenage boys in the house, there is a LOT of active wear worn on a daily basis. My youngest especially loves the Cold Gear for football in the fall and spring.

  5. I am thrilled that you spent the uninterrupted time with Becca yesterday!  That was more important than anything else!   Both of your girls look cute and nice in their athletic clothes.  The color of your top is so pretty.  The ingenuity of your shoes is cool.  So many times when I am out and about, I see females of all ages and sizes, wearing outfits like you and Caroline have on.  Some are wearing even less (more revealing).  I’d love to see you do a post wearing your running gear and the adjustments you’d make to run an errand.  I’d love to join in the FB live, but our WiFi out here in the sticks doesn’t cooperate for things of that nature.  Have an awesome day!

  6. I tend not to update my workout clothes very often,  but it motivates me when I do! Becca and Caroline are beautiful 💕💕

  7. Isn’t it just crazy how having cute workout clothes make you more inspired to get out there and get it done. We are complicated. HA! I wish my daughter was around to do more posts with me. Enjoy every minute AND you totally did the right thing just getting in the pool with her!!! XO

  8. Great post on all that UA offers, as it’s a favorite brand in our family!  Almost all of my hubby’s T & golf shirts are UA, as he really loves that “dri-fit” technology. So nice to see your girls featured as well & sharing some of their activities.  You certainly are a good role model for keeping active.  Glad that you got to spend some quality pool time floating the afternoon away.  A woman always has some sort of chore to be done around the house, so it’s good to disconnect at times!  

  9. Great post! Your hubby did a super job with the photos and I love the outfits your daughters have styled!!

  10. Loved seeing your girls in the post with you!   I have few pieces of Under Armour that I really like.  Cute and comfy workout gear is definitely motivating!  Happy to hear you enjoyed your pool yesterday! 

  11. Love that gray color of the capri pants! I enjoyed this post, especially since I have a 13 year old daughter who also loves Under Armour! What a beautiful bunch of ladies! (I was happy to hear you had some one-on-one time with your 13 year old in the pool–those times are precious! Sometimes we forget that our kids need that time as much as we do!

  12. Great post. Thank you for taking the time to put it together for us. I have never really had a healthy exercise routine until recently. It is hard to push oneself to go walking or running especially in the Southern Louisiana heat. The average heat index has been around 105 deg F. It is so easy to make an excuse for why you can’t exercise today. Regardless, I still drag my butt out of the door every single time and in the end I am so proud of myself for not giving in. The way I feel after exercising really motivates me to continue pushing myself.  

    My main ‘problematic’ area would be support for my bust. I have tried a few different sports bras and none of them really hold the girls in place while exercising. I bounce around A LOT. So my back starts to hurt. Naturally my mind starts battling whether I should just call it quits for the day. This is another moment where I could just easily give in but don’t. I do feel better emotionally afterward, however my back is always in pain as well. If you have any sports bra suggestions please do share. 

    P.S. Have an awesome day!  🌸

  13. Good Morning! Wow your all looking fit and fabulous! I need to update my workout clothes. Your post could not of come at a better time. Do you purchase your UA at Kohls? I personally have never bought that brand. I usually buy Fila. Love the looks. Hope you enjoyed some pool time after your Nordstrom shopping excursion!
    Xo Cindy

  14. Wow!!! Great informative post with your family.  Everyone looks great.  I’m glad you are finally  have summer weather.  When you got it, we got clouds and rain here in the NW. 🙁  I think its suppose to clear up soon.  I hope so, the summer is going too fast and I feel I haven’t even enjoyed it much.  Please put the LIVE on your blog for those of us that don’t have facebook.  Thanks.  

  15. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I love the pieces you’ve shown. I think I’m going to order the cropped running pants – great price!  I don’t know how you guys handle the heat with the high humidity. And to go out and run in it? YOU are tough! 🙌🏻  I seriously laughed out loud when I read that you tried to shoot a fall sweater/boots outfit in the heat yesterday! 😄

  16. My kind of post. Love athletic and casual. That’s why I follow you. Your family is so cute. Girls are such good models. I’m trying to resist anymore sales. I have done too much damage. When you have more clothes than places to wear them, it’s time to stop. 🙁

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