I Can Only Imagine

Sarah inspired me to post a worship song today.  I love this song by Mercy Me.  He is imagining what it will be like the day Jesus returns and we are together at long last.  It’s mind-boggling at the very least, is it not?  But how fun to imagine.

I Can Only Imagine – Mercy Me

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8 thoughts on “I Can Only Imagine

  1. Beautiful – it leads me to “imagine” and wonder what it was like for those I love who have gone on ahead of me. What was it like for them when they saw Jesus for the first time?

  2. I was thinking that if we all spent just a little bit more time imagining this eventual reunion, what a difference that would make for our eternal perspective. I love this song, too.

  3. Our whole family likes this song. Elyse would listen and sing it over and over if I let her. Her singing is a bit poor, so it does take away from the song a bit.

  4. i love this song, it became really popular when my son passed away and reminds me of him and how great it will be when i see him again

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