I Miss Summer Already

If you’ve hung around here for very long, you know that I love, love, LOVE summer.  And even more than I adore summer, I detest winter almost as much as pleated pants and the liver and onions my parents made me eat when I was a kid. 

It’s the static electricity shocks; the dry, cracked, itchy skin; the bundling up of the children in coats and hats and mittens; the waking up in the dark; the eating dinner in the dark; the overcast skies for days on end; the getting out of the shower in the cold bathroom; the getting into a cold car; the getting out of bed in the cold bedroom; the list goes on.  But no one likes a complainer.  Or so my mom always told me.

Ironically I find myself saying the same thing to my 5-year-old daughter.  Evidently she inherited my Eeyore complex. 

Yesterday was lovely.  The temps hit the low 80s and the kids played outside all afternoon.  Today looks like a repeat performance.  I know I should enjoy it while it lasts but it’s hard not to focus on what’s to come.  (See paragraph #2.)

Of course, before we get to the drudgery of winter, there is a lot to look forward to.  I’m going to have to hire a secretary to keep track of my calendar if it gets any busier.

But I already miss the lazy days of summer — the heat of the sun, the afternoons spent by the pool, flip-flops and tank tops, warm summer nights hanging out by the street while the kids run and play, the aroma of fresh meat sizzling on the grill…

What will you miss most about summer?

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27 thoughts on “I Miss Summer Already

  1. Fall use to be my favorite time of year, until I started homeschooling! Now, summer is my favorite, followed by spring and fall has taken a back seat to third place! But, I do enjoy the change in seasons and the cooler weather, so I embrace it. However, I miss summer. I miss not having the pressure of school working hanging over my head, I miss sleeping late, the pool, naps everyday, and summer veggies (which we ate a ton of this year!). Thankfully, it doesn’t get that cold in GA, but I hate dealing with socks, jackets and static. So I’m with you on that one. Hope you have a nice day!

  2. First let me ask a question. Why DID our parents make us eat liver and onions?

    I miss the beach. We spent this summer in Montana and as beautiful as it is I really miss sitting on the beach with a book and a cold adult beverage and feeling the calm cool ocean breezes.

  3. I like summer but I really love fall with the cool weather, playing in the leaves and Halloween candy.
    Then there is winter with the warm fires, the cuddling under a blanket with the kids, making a snow man and the grilling in a snow storm.
    Spring is the only season that depresses me.

  4. I will miss the long daylight hours. It just seems like I get so much more done. I know, 24 hours is 24 hours…but I love the daylight.

    I also shiver at just the thought of going out in the cold. I quick trip to the end of our driveway to get the mail leaves me cold for such a long time. However cold it leaves me, though, I still love getting the mail.

  5. The long days. I hate getting out of bed when it’s still dark outside. After work, I try to take a walk with my baby but that’s going to be difficult when it gets dark at 5! I’m not a fan of the cold either…

  6. I have to say I will miss all the time I get to spend with my kids. With them back in school – and yes it was time they went back – we don’t get to spend as much girl time together.

    Spring and fall is my fav time of year. God’s timing is all around me during those seasons. Even yesterday I made the comment to Abby that even though it is still in the 70s & 80s outside the trees are still turning colors. Somehow they just know…

    Isn’t God cool that way?!


  7. The laziness of summer is my favorite. No rush to get in at night, since it last forever it seems. All the fresh fruit and veggies, and the time spent at the cabin. During the winter we go to the cabin, but snowmobiling and playing outside are completely different in the winter time.

  8. I’m with ya on this, totally. I miss it already too. I know I should be enjoying this fabulous weather too, but I just miss summer, with the swimming and the lazy days and the shorts. *sigh*

    I hate winter for the same reasons you do as well… :-p

  9. The sun in the evenings, I detest how dark it is in the evenings.
    My boys home all day, its too quiet.
    The relaxed schedule, too much going on in the fall.
    Flip flops, need I say more?

  10. It’s so funny, I feel like we’re finally coming out of hibernation over here in the desert now that the temps. are only hitting the high 90’s! I CAN’T WAIT for “winter” because it means temps in the 60’s and we can actually spend the days outside again. No raking leaves or shoveling snow here but sometimes having real seasons sounds like such a welcome change.

  11. Like you, I miss the unhurried pace the most. Our lives are definitely too busy. And I really hate getting up to make lunches and stuff for school. I’m lazy, is what it comes down to.

  12. Oh I am SOOOO with you on this post! My dread of winter almost ruins my enjoyment of fall (which by itself is quite nice, it’s just that snow is always right around the corner.)

    Here are the things I will miss about summer:

    the loooong days
    the warm summer nights
    the outdoor pool at my gym
    spontaneous barbeques
    outdoor concerts at Red Rocks
    bike rides
    hiking every weekend
    ultimate frisbee in the park
    the absence of snow

    I could go on forever!

  13. Nothing. I won’t miss anything about summer. 🙂 Sorry, but I’m a die hard cold weather girl and long for snowy days and bundling up. Living at the beach might have a little to do with that, though…

  14. Definitely the sunlight. Playing outside without question every day. The abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  15. I miss the freedom of no routine. I miss the green trees, the yummy fresh fruit and the wonderful days that seem to go on forever. I miss the sweetness of morning beginning at 10:00 a.m. rather than 6:00 a.m. and the evening winding down at 10:00 p.m. rather than 8:00 p.m. Living in Texas I will not miss the heat or the hurricanes but everything else goes away far to soon.

  16. I will miss the laid back schedule. Although I am not looking forward to the cold being that this will be more difficult with a baby, I DO lOVE the cool weather. I find that we spend more time outside in fall than in summer. Weird, huh?

  17. I miss having no homework, not having to get up early, being able to go somewhere or watch a movie any night of the week, and trips.

    It doesn’t get that terribly cold here (too cold for me, but I’m a big baby) and summer is HOT, so Fall is actually better with more normal temps.

  18. I miss the open schedule of summer. You can stay up late, go out of town, sit around in your pajamas or flip flops without much guilt or schedule rearranging. In Texas we have the fall schedule with the summer heat. Good Times…

  19. The fresh sweet, juicy peaches. I’m heartbroken they are almost all gone. I also miss sleeping late, watching Phinneus and Ferb (sp?) I love that show! The theme song starts out like this..”There’s a hundred and one days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it. And the annual problem of our generation, is finding the right way to spend it!.” Perfect! I will also miss our late night snow-cone runs, eating popsicles on the porch swing and dinner on the grill.

  20. I hear ya! I’m a summer-lovin’-winter-hater myself. But I do like fall – maybe because I’m trying to hang on to the last bit of nice weather before the dreaded weather…. could be the brightly coloured trees to tho. Aaahhh, summer. I miss it already!

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