Your Homework Assignment

If you’ve got kids in school, then I’m sure the last thing you want is yet another homework assignment.  Either you’re homeschooling and you have schoolwork coming out your ears, or your kids are in school and their homework has become your own. 

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s THEIR homework.  But no matter how independent the kid, it still seems like parental involvement is necessary on some level.  And of course, I WANT to be involved.  I want to know what they’re learning.  And then there is the mountain of paperwork that comes home every week that needs sorting and signatures and checks written and on and on it goes.

But this is the sort of homework you won’t mind doing.  This homework is FUN.  I promise.  Here’s your assignment.  Are you ready?

Right now, go schedule your DVR to record Dancing with the Stars.  It premieres tonight on ABC.  (I’m so excited to see Toni Braxton and Misty May Treanor.)  Watch the show at your convenience, and then log on tomorrow and see what I have to say about it.  ‘Cause you know you can always count on the Housewife for deep and thought provoking posts.  Also, be ready to put in your 2 cents.  I want to see YOTS AND YOTS* of comments!

*Funny story – when my cousin was about 2 years old, she and her mom were in the elevator at church, and there was an older lady in the elevator with them.  The older lady had a very large bouffant hair-do.  My cousin looked up at her mom and said quite loudly, "Her have YOTS AND YOTS of hair!"  Needless to say, my aunt was mortified.  But it makes for a great story!  She should have had a blog back then.  She has triplets, and let’s just say, those kids would have given her YOTS AND YOTS of blog fodder!