It certainly was an eventful night on Dancing With The Stars.  I always go into a season with one person I’m rooting for.  This year it was Misty May Treanor.  I watched her Olympic volleyball matches sitting on the edge of my seat.  Which is another way of saying wrapped up in a blanket on my comfy sofa with a glass of wine, but let’s not split hairs. 

I was a bit worried for her as I watched the show progress.  Athletic women have not always done well on DWTS.  Remember Monica Seles from last season?  Yeah so I was a bit concerned about how Misty May would perform off the sand volleyball court.  But she held her own.  She might stick around for a while.

Other noteworthy performances were Brooke Burke, Lance Bass, and surprisingly, Warren Sapp.  Although I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised.  While athletic women don’t seem to fare so well in this competition, athletic men often steal the show — specifically NFL players.  Last year I was a huge fan of Jason Taylor, and then there was the year that Emmitt Smith took home the coveted mirror ball trophy. Based on that and tonight’s performance, I predict Warren Sapp will go far.

My sympathy vote goes to Cloris Leachman, who went from delightfully charming to downright vulgar in the space of about ten minutes.  I’m sorry, but there is nothing becoming about a woman with a profane mouth.  I hope I can remember that the next time I feel an expletive coming on.  Nevertheless, you have to admire a woman who is willing to go on national television and learn ballroom dancing at the age of 82.  Or perhaps you should have more pity than admiration.  Feel free to leave your 2 cents in the comments.

Line of the night goes to Len: "Mind your cleavage!"  And I should THINK so.

As always, there is a group who doesn’t stand a chance.  Poor Susan Lucci is in that group.  I thought she looked awkward and frail.  The short skirt did her no favors.  Jeff Ross will probably be the first to go.  I don’t see him having a large voting fan base, and he really didn’t impress anyone — which really means me or the judges.  Of course I can’t speak for you.  What do YOU think?

I know I’m looking forward to tonight!