Introducing the Art Marketplace by Minted

Introducing Art Marketplace by Minted

Home decorating is something I tend to do in spurts. I appreciate a well-appointed home, but decorating is not exactly a talent of mine. I will get in the mood for change, overhaul a room or two, and then leave it be for several months or years. As a result, I still have Christmas decorations displayed in my kitchen. True story.

For the most part, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to my surroundings (thus the Christmas decorations in June), but every once in a while I look around and realize it’s time to freshen things up. This is particularly true for wall art.

We moved into this house almost 10 years ago, and some of the pieces from our former home are still gracing my walls. There’s nothing wrong with that if they still go with the decor and aren’t dated, or if they were investment pieces, which most of mine weren’t. But it’s a good idea to look around with a critical eye every once in a while and consider an update. Take for example, this print over the piano in my living room.

Minted Before

It is one of a pair that I bought at a popular big box store when I was living in our last house, so it’s around 15 years old. That house was a 100-year-old Dutch Colonial, and I decorated it in a Victorian style so these floral prints fit in perfectly. But our current house is only 10 years old, and here I used a more modern/transitional decorating style. This print is one of the holdouts, and it was WAY past time for it to go.

I’ve recently been introduced to the new Art Marketplace by Minted. You may know of Minted for their cards and stationery products, but Minted offers more than exquisite holiday photo cards. Minted is actually a design marketplace. They source their art from independent artists through design competitions, and the Minted storefront allows these artists to launch their own artwork while Minted takes care of fulfillment, giving the artists time to focus on what they love and do best. As a result, when you buy a piece of artwork from Minted, you are getting a one of a kind piece of art. I love that each piece of art from the Art Marketplace is a limited edition piece with a certificate of authenticity.


I was invited to choose a piece of artwork for my home so I could experience the process for myself, so I went onto their Art Marketplace and started perusing. I love how every piece of art shows the name of the artist and where they are from.

They have SO MANY prints to choose from that at first I was overwhelmed, but I started to narrow down my choices by color palette. I knew I wanted colors that will work well with my living room. At first I was trying to find something by a local artist, but the piece I fell in love with is by an artist in Michigan. It is called Sunset Fade No 2. Here is the artist’s description:

An abstract watercolor sketch of the sky in transition to dusk. Gestural marks and pooling color give the suggestion of a sunset during its peak intensity, before the gentle fade into the night. Vivid coral and crisp white clouds gently float above the dusty lavender earth. Piece two in a series of two.

I chose this piece because I believe there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a perfect sunset, and the colors work perfectly with my living room decor. I was also drawn to the abstract style because everything else in my house is figurative, and I’m ready for a change.

Introducing Art Marketplace by Minted: Sunset Fade No. 2

At Minted, each piece of art is offered in a variety of sizes with 10 unique framing options, so once I decided on the print I wanted, it was time to choose a frame. I love how you can see the piece of art framed with each of the 10 choices, just by clicking on them. I’m a visual person, so it helps me make a more confident decision when I can see exactly the way it will look as a complete product.

My wall hanging arrived in about a week, and I wasted no time in swapping it out with the floral print that was way past its prime. Each piece of art from the Art Marketplace is a limited edition piece with a certificate of authenticity.

Best of all, they have managed to price their art at a reasonable point while maintaining a high standard of design and quality. Their goal is to make beautiful artwork accessible to most — especially those who might be just starting out. Wouldn’t this be an awesome wedding gift for the couple who already has everything??

While I was hanging my new artwork, I took the opportunity to clean off the piano. Surfaces in my house have a way of gathering more than just dust! This is so much nicer, yes!???

Introducing Art Marketplace by Minted: Sunset Fade No. 2

If you’re looking to update the artwork in your home, or you have a spot just waiting for a special piece of art, definitely check out the Art Marketplace at Minted.com. With so many pieces to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post. As always, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. What a great idea! Love that these are real quality piece of art The new piece suits the space perfectly!

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