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Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I drove over to a nearby borough to go to the running shoe store, and then we stopped into a cozy coffee shop for lattes and people watching before we returned home. That’s where I took the picture above.

Actually, my husband took that picture. I was doing the traditional top-down shot, trying to capture the design the barista created in the foam, but it was too dark with the dark mug and the dark counter, so he took over and got this shot from his angle, taking advantage of the light from the window.

Isn’t it interesting how changing your perspective on a subject can alter the entire shot? There must be some deep life analogy there somewhere, but I’m too groggy to make the connections at the moment. It’s early, I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and I’m only two sips into my first cup of coffee.

The first week of summer has been… challenging. In fact, when I started to write that, I had to stop and think… IT REALLY HAS ONLY BEEN ONE WEEK, hasn’t it??? I swear, I feel like summer should be half over. NOT that I’m wishing for that to be so. I just can’t believe how long this week feels. Trying to work full-time while supervising 3 half-grown children and trying to make time for the pool in the afternoons is starting to wear me down.

My kids are at a very awkward age, I’ve decided. At 9, 12, and 15, they’re too old for babysitting, but they’re too young to be left alone for any length of time — at least, when they’re all three here together. Making appointments is difficult because I never now if I’ll need to be here or not, and I don’t want to take advantage of the other parents by farming my kids out too much.

This week should be better because my 9-year-old will be going to day camp, and she’s the one who needs the most supervision. She’s also the little spitfire who gets the other two riled up. Fortunately, they get on pretty well together.

Although this is also the week that my 12-year-old has sinus surgery, so I’m not sure what that’s going to hold for me. I hear that it can be a fairly difficult recovery, and I hope she doesn’t have a rough time of it. I guess she’ll be watching a lot of H2O reruns and eating a lot of ice cream.

To add to my stressors, I have jury duty next week. I’m praying that they don’t need me to come in because I don’t know what on earth we’ll do with the kids… to say nothing of my work.

In other news, I went to a new foot doctor this week to get a second opinion on my finicky feet, and it was an interesting visit. He couldn’t believe this has gone on for so long, and he seems determined to get me fixed so I’m going to stick with him and see where it leads. He ordered an MRI for my left foot, the one that’s still bothering me, and I’m supposed to call tomorrow to make an appointment. I hope it doesn’t take long to get in. I can’t wait to see what’s going on in there and hear what he thinks I should do about it.

It’s not been all bad. We were invited to experience the new Grand Lux Cafe in King of Prussia. They were doing a trial run on Friday before their big opening on June 24, and they hosted us for lunch. It was a fun way to kick of the weekend, and I HIGHLY recommend the Bourbon Smash, if you ever get the chance to eat there.

bourbon smash

Finally, I hope all the dads out there have a wonderful Father’s Day. We celebrated with my husband last night since today is busy with church this morning and a friend’s baptism party this afternoon. I grilled London Broil, and we had our favorite cupcakes for dessert. I gave each of my kids a blank card, and it was fun to see what they wrote. We gave him a gift certificate for a massage and a Fender Stratocaster t-shirt. He actually sold his, but he still has several other guitars, and he loves to jam in the basement when he has free time, which is next to never anymore, but maybe today we’ll give him a couple of hours to himself.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Well enjoy your self today, too! Your husband does his thing so well because you are right there beside him!

    Hey, my left foot has been hurting for about 10 years since I did a half marathon. I was wondering what your problem seems to be? I’d love to get over this. For instance., yesterday I wore flip flops, I baked cookies (= standing on a hard floor) and I jogged about 2/3 of a mile. All that added up to a very sore left foot. Still sore this morning!



    1. Thanks, Sara. I’m recovering from a stress fracture and torn tendon in my left foot, and plantar fasciitis or a nerve issue of some sort in the right. Good times!

    1. Thanks, yeah, I really do have options, I guess. I mean, not really, but we can probably work it out, between the kindness of neighbors and my husband doing some work from home. It will kill me, work-wise, though. Does a solo entrepreneur also have a valid reason to take off? LOL! I am trying to work ahead for that week, but it’s hard with what I do. Hopefully it will only be a day or two, if I have to go.

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne! Hang in there!! My three children are in the twenties now – and they still need me! – but it does get easier (most days!). The youngest always was, and still is, the pot-stirrer, the spitfire, and the neediest! (She is 22 now and has moved back home). I remember those teen days so well: As long as I only had two, ANY combination of two, life was smooth, but the minute all three were in the house, it was a war zone. Enjoy your time with them as much as you can. You can always work, but you’ll look back and wonder where these years went! Andrea

  3. I am so sorry you are still having trouble with your feet, I hope this Dr can get to the bottom of it and find out what the problem really is. I understand what you are going through. When your feet are not working and feeling right it really makes
    the rest of me not feel well. I wish you the best.

  4. That sounds like a really relaxing time with your Honey. I love coffee but mine doesn’t much. Hopefully this new doctor can help your feet and I hope you don’t have jury duty! Quite the complication that would be.

  5. Jo-Lynne,
    Hi! Somehow or another, your week will work itself out! With your daughter’s sinus surgery—don’t let her lean over post-op, that’s what caused my nose to bleed multiple times. Son had his sinuses done when he was 10 or 11 and he did better post-op than I did! He went back to school the following Monday or Tuesday— he had the surgery on Black Friday morning one year. H’e s 16 years old now and has an occasional sinus infection when he doesn’t irrigate. Me, well, I’d feel great for two days , then have sinus pain for a couple, then bounce back again, Kids are more resilient than we are.
    Hopefully, the jury selection for the week, will call you off for at least a year! Foot pain, argh! Is it plantar fasciitis? Had that and I’m not even a runner! I had two cuts in my feet 4 years ago, and the podiatrist burned little holes inside the cuts that he made. It helped.

    1. Hi Barbara. Yes, it will all work out. Life has a way of doing that. 🙂

      My foot saga is long and complicated. I thought I had PF – in my right foot. This new doc isn’t sure it was/is PF; he thinks it might be related to a nerve in the heel, but then I did have an Ultrasound a while back so that should have diagnosed it properly. At this point, the bigger issue is my left foot. I developed a stress fracture last summer, and a few months later, a torn tendon. I am still recovering from those, and that foot still isn’t right. That is the one he ordered the MRI for. I am anxious to her what he says when he gets those results.

  6. Just wanted to say I feel for you and commiserate! I have 3 girls, 15, 12 and 10 and have the same issues. Two together are okay, three, NOT OKAY and my youngest is the troublemaker as well and seems to aggravate my oldest the most! Just having to try today to arrange alternative care on a day in July for the two younger for sure, and maybe the third will go along. So frustrating that they can’t work it out. Dad works at home most days and I’m at an office with no option for being home. Luckily the 2 younger go to a christian day camp 3 days a week for 8 weeks! Hang in there!

    1. Day camp is definitely a life saver. She loves it, and I love knowing that she is busy doing fun stuff. The older two prefer to be home, but like I said, they don’t seem to require as much attention. They can actually help! LOL.

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