January Try-On Sesh

Greetings and salutations! I hope y’all are having a good weekend. Late yesterday afternoon, I did a quickie try-on sesh on my Insta Story (you can still catch it if you missed it… it’s live for 24 hours) and I wanted to share pictures and links with you here.

I’ve been wanting to try some of the trending cropped straight jeans, particularly the Levis I’m seeing all over Instagram, and of course it’s always more fun with friends! I have a few more pairs from other brands coming, but today I’ll share what I have so far. I’m also working on a denim under $100 post, so I’ve been trying different denim skinny styles to recommend as well.

Before we dive in, I thought I should address a question that came up on my Facebook Page yesterday, in light of my post on spring trends. We can talk about this more on my Facebook Live this week, but here’s the question:

“I find it difficult to do trends – I turn 50 this year. Yikes. How do I incorporate trends without looking like an old lady who’s trying to look too young?”

This is a valid question, and I think something worth discussing. When I share a seasonal trends post, it’s often before the trends hit the mainstream market, so they often seem kind of extreme. Trust me, as the retailers roll out their spring lines, we will see more subtle variations on those trends, and they won’t all seem so far out there.

But the question is still relevant. How do we incorporate the trends as we get older without looking like try-hards? Because let’s face it, no one wants that… least of all me!

I’ll start by saying, I don’t believe in being a slave to trends. But as with all matters of fashion, I think the trends we choose to embrace should be less about age and more about personal style.

What is the saying? “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

I share the current and upcoming trends because I think it’s fun to see what’s coming next, and it’s helpful to know what the trends are so we can keep our style current. But that doesn’t mean that we should all embrace every trend that comes down the pike. In fact, I strongly discourage that.

I do think, however, that no matter what your age, you can incorporate some of the current trends into your existing wardrobe in a way that is classy and age appropriate. You just have to pick and choose what works for you based on your personal style, your lifestyle, your body type, your coloring, all of those things that go into making any other wardrobe decision.

If you choose an age at which you decide to ignore all current and future trends, you’ll end up looking dated and frumpy in no time. You know those women you see out and about, and their hair is stuck in a certain decade, or their pants style, or whatever? Our style should always be evolving because we change, our lifestyles and occupations may change, our bodies may change; and trends can be a part of that, but the most important thing is that those trends work for you, you don’t work for them. Ohhh, I like that! That should be on a meme somewhere. Ha!

Okay, that’s enough about that, but I think we should make our next Facebook Live (on Wednesday at 1PM EST!) about unpacking this conversation a little bit more, plus I can speak to more specific questions better in that format. I am by no means an expert, but I’ve definitely grown over the years in knowing what works for my body, my lifestyle, my personal style, and I’ve always loved being a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to new trends. I just think it’s fun!

But there’s definitely a fine line between incorporating a few select trends in a way that works for your personal style, and being a slave to the trends for the sake of being trendy. And I’m not saying it’s always easy to find that line, but I think it should be the goal.

That said, it’s just fashion, guys. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen if you wear a trend and it doesn’t quite work for you? So you tried… no worries! Have fun with it. Life is short to worry too much about what you wear.

Okay, that was a lengthy prelude. Let’s get started here!

January Try-On Sesh

I’m a sucker for a good sweater dress this time of year, but a great fitting sweater dress can be hard to find. Some are too clingy, some hang on you or grow as you wear them, some are too short, but this cashmere turtleneck sweater dress is pretty much the perfect in every way! (For size reference, I have the medium, and I’d recommend sizing up if you’re at all in doubt.) It’s a nice quality, and while it’s a little on the shorter side, I will almost always wear it with tights. That said, I first snapped a selfie with ankle boots and bare legs.

I would definitely like this better with the sock booties, but the pair I had got donated so I need to find something else. (They weren’t comfortable.) I threw on this leather pair, but I don’t think they’re quite working with the dress. I like these ankle boots better with jeans.

Ankle boots with dresses is definitely a trend at the moment, but I always prefer to wear dresses with tall boots. I just feel like it’s more flattering, and they’re warmer too. In fact, I wore this dress with tights and tall boots to dinner last night. (I added accessories, of course!) These boots sold out (I bought them on an end of season sale) so I will link to similar styles.

dress // tights // tall boot options here and here // ankle boot options here and here

Okay, moving on to the jeans!

Unfortunately I didn’t wear any of these for more than 2 minutes because I was trying to get through the try-on sesh, so I can’t really speak to how they wear over time. The Levi’s definitely feel stiffer and thicker than the jeans I’m used to wearing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it would take some getting used to.

This first pair is the Levi’s 505C High Rise Crop Jeans. They have a 10″ rise, 28″ inseam, 14″ leg opening, and they’re $98. I ordered a size 29 from Bloomingdale’s. (I normally wear 28 or 29, and I’ve been told these run small, so I went with 29.) They DEFINITELY run small. I’d be curious to wear them around and see if they loosen up, but I feel like I need a bigger size in the waist. That said, I wouldn’t want them to be any wider or longer, and sizing up can change how they fit in the leg, so I’m not sure I’ll be ordering a size up.

So the verdict… I don’t love them but I don’t hate them either. I mean, I really thought I might. I like them better than girlfriend/boyfriend jeans, for example. Of course, I’m only wearing a t-shirt, so my opinion might change if I try on some other sweaters and tops.

I didn’t get a good look at the rear view, and I wish I had because that’s as important as the front view. I will try them on again today and wear them for a little longer to see what I think. I have to say, they work really well with the mules.

jeans // tee // mules

These are the Levi’s 501 Taper from Revolve. They have a 27″ inseam, 9″ rise, and 12″ leg opening, and they’re also $98 and a size 29. These have a sewn hem as opposed to the raw hem, which I think I like better, but I don’t love that big hole on the thigh. I think I prefer the wash and distressing of the pair above.

I tried them first like this, and they didn’t look quite right to me, so then I tried rolling them.

Here you can see them rolled. I just did a single small cuff, but it makes all the difference, in my opinion. I like the slightly shorter length, and it just gives a chicer vibe somehow.

I’m not totally sold on these, but I would like to put them on again and wear them around for a bit, maybe try them with a couple different tops. I definitely see myself adding a pair of jeans in this general style/silhouette to my closet this year. They’re fun and fashion forward, and on trend without being too far out there (in my opinion.)

jeans // tee // mules

I do want to try some other brands, and I have a few from premium brands on order, but the price on these is pretty good so it may be worth keeping them while I wait to see if the trend really takes hold.

Mind you, I’ve been following other fashion bloggers rocking this look for a while, and my eye has begun to grow accustomed to it. I think it takes a while to get used to a new style of pants, and you may hate them right now, but give it some time. See what you think in a few months.

For me, I’ve always enjoyed being a little ahead of the trends, and I live in denim, so I think it makes sense to try to incorporate this style into my wardrobe this spring, but it may not be right for you… or you may want to wait until your eye adjusts to make up your mind.

Speaking of trends that may take a while for your eye to adjust to… here are the white loafers I ordered. *grin*

Ever since someone said they reminded them of their dad’s Sunday shoes in the 70s, that is ALL I SEE when I look at these. Haha! But there’s something about them that I kind of like.

They’re the Sam Edelman Loraine leather loafers, and I ordered them from Bloomingdale’s in a size 8.5. I wear an 8.5 in the Felicia Flats, but these are a little big on me so they have to go back. I think a smaller size would look a little better too. I’m seeing these all over the place in various colors, and I’m always drawn to them on others so I’m not ruling them out yet, but I do want to try a few other styles before I decide which ones to keep.

jeans // shoes

I’m tempted to order the Rebecca Minkoff pair I have in black… I already know that they’re comfortable and easy to walk in, and they have that minimalistic style that I really like. something about that buckle is throwing me off, I think.

I tried the Me Too Audra, and I like them, but they seem a little too sweet or safe or something… I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t think they have quite the vibe I’m going for. They’re definitely flattering, though, and very comfortable.

While I love the loafers with this style of jean, a sleek bootie is another good option. Bloomingdale’s is running a big sale right now and there are tons of good boots and booties included (and mules too!) I’m sharing some on my FB Page later today. Here are some ankle boots that I think would work well with cropped jeans. I’m planning to order one or two, myself. Just trying to decide which.

Okay, back to jeans! Someone recommended these Levi’s Slimming Skinny Jeans, and they’re a great price so I ordered a pair to try. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed at first attempt. I’d like to wear them around a bit and see if they stretch out in a flattering way, but they’re initially very figure flattering.

My only complaint is the leg opening. It’s a little wide and cuts off my leg in a funny way. I can’t find the leg opening measurement anywhere, but the inseam length is 28″. I ordered the short because I wanted the ankle length. Also, these are not 100% cotton like the Levi’s above. These are 65% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 16% Viscose, 2% Lycra.

jeans // sweater // mules

Okay, these next jeans are the Vigoss brand, which is carried by Nordstrom. I ordered these because they look very similar to my AG raw hem legging ankle jeans (that incidentally are ON SALE!!! They don’t have my size 28, but I’m stalking them because I want to grab a pair before they’re gone. If they’re at Saks Off Fifth, they’re probably discontinued. #sob)

Any-WHO. These Vigoss jeans are great so far. Again, I didn’t wear them long enough to see if they bag out, but they’re my favorite of the AG dupes I’ve tried so far. I love the fit, and the wash and distressing looks really good for the price point.

jeans // sweater // mules

Finally, these are the Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar jeans in Cinnamon Cake, and I also ordered this Textured-Knit Open-Front Cardi in Paper Roses. I’ve tried these jeans before, and for $34, you really can’t go wrong. They fit nicely and feel okay on — not as soft and quality as the Vigoss, but then they’re half the price.

They do bag out with wear, I’ve found in the past, so I don’t recommend them as highly as the others, but for a color like this that is memorable and I won’t wear a ton, I thought they were a good buy.

The sweater is a nice quality tight knit, and it’s a great wear now and later piece, if you have spring fever but still need sweaters to stay warm. The color is a little more peach than I was anticipating so I don’t feel like it’s that flattering on me, but some of you may like it. It also comes in navy and off-white.

sweater // jeans // tee // flats

I hope you found that helpful, or fun, or entertaining or something. Ha!

Before I let you go, I also wanted to draw your attention to my SHOP page. I’ve updated it for the new year, and I also added a little widget on my sidebar (easier to see if you’re on a computer as opposed to mobile) that you can scroll through to see some of my current favorite styles. It looks like this:

I hope that’s helpful!

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133 thoughts on “January Try-On Sesh

  1. Tried some of the jeans with the wider bottom that were fringed hem — YUCK!  It was a such a bad look.  I agree the skinnier are better.  Sent them right back.  Back to my tried and true.  Thanks for all your try on sessions — make me realize that not everything works and that’s fine!

  2. You always look cute and put together. I like how you’re not afraid to post pictures even though you don’t like the outfit or the fit. Keeping it real. Speaking of keeping it real…..the white loafers remind me of Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon vacation movies so I just can’t! Not trying to insult you.

    1. Haha, I know, I had someone else post a clip from that movie when I posted the shoes in FB or Insta… so funny. I really can’t unsee that so I think I’m sending them back, although I DO like them… I’m conflicted. Maybe if the buckle were silver, I’d like them better.

  3. Wow, Jo-Lynne, you rocked that sweater dress with tights and tall boots! I enjoyed this try-on sesh and what surprises me the most is that it appears that distressed jeans are not going anywhere. I kind of thought that they had run their course but apparently not. The straight leg cropped jeans you show look good on you. I like them MUCH better than boyfriend jeans which I think look sloppy. The jeans you show also look good with the mules (or with flats) but I can’t imagine wearing them with booties. I look forward to you showing us that trend. Great post!

  4. I like Vigoss jeans. For the price they are decent quality and feel good on. They also have a lot of stretch which I like. I do need to size down, I’ve found they do stretch out a bit with wear. I bought a pair of them a few years ago and they have held up – I still have the first pair I bought. I’ve never been able to wear Old Navy jeans – they are itchy/scratchy. I always end up leaving them in my closet until I finally get rid of them. 
    My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered a pair of distressed jeans. He actually posted on FB about how I paid so much money for ripped up jeans… friends quickly backed me up. He is still confused about it. ???? 
    I love my distressed jeans although I can’t wear them to work – I live in them on the weekends. 

  5. The comments are certainly lively on this post! Glad to see you are sending the Levis back. They do look a bit too baggy on you. Curious to see how the others look once you get them. I like the look of the Paige jeans, however cropped in that brand will be full length on me lol! I am hoping to add a lighter wash straight leg jean to my closet for spring. 

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