2018 Spring Fashion Trends Forecast

Greetings, friends. Cheers to the weekend! Who’s ready to talk 2018 spring fashion trends???

I’m in full-on winter mode here and spring isn’t even a twinkle in my eye, however, I’ve published a spring fashion forecast during January for the past couple years and it’s always the most popular post for months.

I take that to mean that while most of us are still dressing for winter, we probably have our winter wardrobes fairly well established and are ready to think ahead to spring.

2018 Spring Fashion Forecast: What's on trend for spring with pictures and product links! #springfashion #fashioninspiration #fashionover40

There will be plenty more winter outfits, don’t you worry, but for today let’s look ahead to what’s on the fashion horizon for spring.

I usually focus on wearable trends and forego the crazy ones, but I’m including some that I’m not so much a fan of for the fun of it. I will let you know how I feel. #feelingopinionated #onmy2ndglassofwine

The one thing I’ve learned from writing this post so early in the season is that it’s hard to find a lot of good shopping links to wearable options because the stores aren’t really stocking spring styles yet. I’ll do my best, but we’ll have to wait and see how some of these trends play out in the mainstream stores.

2018 Spring Fashion Forecast

Let’s get this party started. (The pictures below are all clickable, in case you want to shop.)

#1. lavender + other “sorbet shades” // Color trends are nice because you can get in on them early. I probably read 20 articles on 2018 spring fashion trends, and lavender was in well over half of them so I know it will be a biggie.

Ironically, I just added a lavender sweater to my winter wardrobe. I wore it yesterday with distressed skinny jeans and grey loafers, and I’ll be pairing it with my white jeans for a future post.

I’m all about this trend. I love lavender, but it’s not a color I’ve worn much so it feels fresh and fun. Even my daughter and husband commented on my lavender sweater yesterday.

The lavender lace dress above would be gorgeous for a spring wedding or other dressy event, and how adorable are these lavender pumps???

#2. scrunchies // YES, scrunchies. Like the 80s scrunchies we all wore. I’ve already seen this — this and big hair bows — on some of the younger fashion bloggers. This is definitely a trend I do NOT plan to participate in. #cannotgoback #willnotgoback

#3. fannie packs // Ohhhh, boy, possibly one of the least flattering pocketbook trends ever is coming back. Somehow they’ve managed to update it to look cool in an ugly way… ifyouknowwhatImean. At least this trend is practical, even if it isn’t the most attractive. They even updated the name — they’re calling them belt bags now.

Here’s a splurge version, a spend version, and a save version.

#4. mustard yellow // Another big color trend is bold yellow, sort of a mustard shade. They’re actually calling it “mellow yellow” on most of the fashion sites, so it’s really bold.

This is a harder color to wear, but you can always incorporate it in an accessory if you don’t want to go all over yellow.

J.Crew Triple oval earrings Triple oval earrings Triple oval earrings

#5. statement earrings // Speaking of accessories, statement earrings are hot again this spring. This is a trend I like but haven’t done much with. Maybe I’ll venture out of my comfort zone and trade in my oversized pearl studs for some big, bold, colorful drop earrings.

J.Crew is a great place to get fashion jewelry, particularly statement earrings, at decent prices. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re not crazy pricey either. Baublebar is good for more budget-friendly pieces, but be selective because some of theirs look cheap, IMO.

#6. round handbags // In general, more structured handbags are trending. If you’re updating your handbag this spring, look for ladylike styles, boxy shapes, and bags that stand up on their own. I’m loving the new Rebecca Minkoff Darren Messenger bags, and the boxy Tory Burch Serif-T Zip Satchel.

If you want to add a trendier piece to your wardrobe, circle handbags are all the rage right now, and straw bags are already popular again this year. You can combine the two trends with a round straw bag!

#7. geometric cut-outs // The cold shoulder trend is evolving, and this spring and summer you’ll see a lot of geometric cut outs. I’m noticing this in tops and dresses as well as swimsuits and shoes. I like the more modest versions of this trend, such as the Free People top pictured above.

#8. mules // Thanks to the Gucci Princetown Mule, this trend has gone gangbusters over the past few seasons, and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. They’re not the most practical shoe, but I really like the chic vibe mules bring to a basic outfit, and they’re so easy to slide on and go.

I’ve been seeing the Kristin Cavallari slide loafers pictured above on a lot of blogs so I’m thinking they may be fairly comfortable to walk in. They come in several really nice colors that you can start wearing now, but they’ll also take you well into spring.

#9. high rise denim + straight, cropped styles // These are really two trends, but I am lumping it all together. I’m seeing the high rise denim in skinnies as well (in fact, I just ordered a couple pairs to try.) The straight and cropped styles are also gaining momentum, and I suspect our eyes will begin to adjust as they become more mainstream.

The biggest challenge as I see it is figuring out the right tops and shoes to wear with these styles. Another emerging denim trend is the 100% cotton jeans (I’m looking at you, Levi’s!) I’ve already ordered a few pairs, and I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate these into my existing wardrobe. Here’s a splurge version and a save version.

#10. pool slides // Funny, I just noticed these on the Nordstrom website, and I was like WHAAAAAT ARE THOSE? Well, evidently they are spring’s hottest shoe trend. #youhearditherefirst

Every designer from Fendi to Saint Laurent seems to have an iteration of this shoe this season. If you’re going on a warm weather getaway anytime soon, add a pair of these to your suitcase and you’ll be on the cutting edge! I can see wearing the more athletic styles like Ivy Park, but I don’t see myself adding the Tory Burch version to my closet… but never say never, right???

Also, another big spring trend that I didn’t include in this list because I wanted to cap it at 15 is logos. If you search “pool slides” at Nordstrom, you will see what I mean. The designers are not being shy about splashing their logos all over their products this spring.

#11. prints // Almost every post I read about spring 2018 fashion trends included one of the following prints: graphic prints, bold florals, stripes, plaid, and mixing all of the above. I think it’s safe to say that the era of solids is coming to an end.

I still think there’s a place for solids in one’s wardrobe — they’re the classic pieces you build outfits around, that you can mix and match and wear in a lot of different ways. But if you want to add a few trendy pieces to your spring wardrobe this year, go for a bold print.

#12. circular sunnies // Sunglasses are getting an update this spring with more circular shapes, thinner frames, and mirrored lenses.

I’ll be curious to see how this plays out because the oversized plastic frames have dominated for a few years now. Here’s a splurge version, and a great save version.


#13. sequins & shimmer fabrics // These aren’t just for evening wear! This spring, the trend is to mix sparkle into everyday silhouettes. Look for shimmer on everything from tops to trousers and shoes to handbags. I’m kind of meh on this one… I guess I’ll have to wait and see what catches my eye as the retailers roll out their spring lines.

I hope that was fun!!! I had wanted to do a splurge/spend/save option for each trend, but I ran out of time. I did add some of those options here and there, as I noticed them. They’re easier to find for some trends than others.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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