3 Ways to Wear White Jeans For Winter

We usually think of white jeans for spring and summer, but they make a great winter wardrobe staple as well so today I’m sharing 3 ways to wear white jeans for winter.

First, let’s discuss white jeans. They can be hard to find, so I did a white jeans review last year that you may find helpful. I hope to update that post this spring.

The white jeans I’m wearing in these pictures are the Paige Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans. These are hands-down my favorite white skinnies. I do recommend sizing up, though. For reference, I’m wearing the 30, and I usually wear 29 in Paige and 28 in AG and Joe’s.

Here are some lower priced white jeans. I also hear good things about LOFT white jeans.

If you don’t like skinny jeans, you can easily sub straight or bootcut styles in white for these outfits, and then adjust your footwear accordingly. The color combinations all still apply.

3 Ways to Wear White Jeans for Winter

#1. White Jeans + Brights

For this first look, I paired my white skinny jeans with a bright pink sweater, and I wore dark grey suede booties and carried a lighter grey tote.

My sweater came in a Trunk Club last winter, and they don’t have this same style in a pink version this year, but here’s a similar J. Crew sweater.

I added a big gold monogram necklace to fill the neckline, and I wore a bright pink lipstick. I’m pretty pale this time of year, so I wanted a lip color that balances out the bright pink top. This is MAC Pink Nouveau with my usual MAC Lipglass in Cultured on top.

If pink isn’t your color, you can choose any bright or bold color you like. Emerald green would totally work for this look, as would coral or royal blue… you get the idea. And if you prefer a bootcut or straight leg jean, by all means, go with that.

I like these dark grey booties with the white and pink outfit, but a lighter grey or taupe would be nice as well. I wouldn’t wear socks with these jeans and ankle boots unless I had a white pair, and even then it wouldn’t be my first choice.

If it’s too cold for ankle boots in your area, grey knee-high or OTK boots would certainly work with this look, and conversely, if you live in a warmer climate, ballet flats or loafers would look great. See more of this look in THIS POST.

similar hot pink v-neck // white jeans (similar for less here) // similar booties (lower heel version) // monogram necklace (3XL; 16″ chain) /tote options

#2. White Jeans + Pastels

For this look, I wore my white skinny jeans with a white cami and pastel pink circle cardigan, and I wore beige suede lace-up flats. I love the muted color palette; it’s different for me.

The cami and jeans and lace-up flats could be worn any time of year with a different layer on top, but this cozy pink cardigan makes the look winter-appropriate.

It was pretty cold and windy that day, as I recall, but I like the lace-up flats a lot with this look. The things we do for fashion! Of course, you could totally rock this look with boots or booties. See more of this look in THIS POST.

Pale Pink and White for Winter

When I wear pastels, I tend to go for pink, but I’d love to try a pastel blue or lavender or mint for something a little different.

similar cardigans // similar camis // white jeans (similar for less here) // alternative flats here and here

#3. White Jeans + Neutrals

Perhaps my favorite way to wear white jeans this time of year is to pair them with neutrals like grey or camel or taupe.

In this case, I wore a camel pullover sweater and chestnut over the knee boots. For a pop of color, I added a plaid scarf.

This sweater is definitely one of my closet staples. Unfortunately my scarf is long gone, but this one is similar.

J.Crew and Everlane both have a good camel cashmere crewneck to consider if this is something your closet is missing. Camel isn’t the best color next to my face, so I usually wear a scarf and/or a top layer that is more flattering.

I like the chestnut OTK boots with this, but as with all of the other outfit combos, you can definitely swap them out for ankle boots or loafers if you prefer.

The key to making white jeans work in the wintertime is to wear other pieces that are chunky and wintry so the white jeans look intentional. I think a contrasting quilted vest would add a nice dimension to this outfit. Navy or black would be a nice choice with a different scarf. Maybe I’ll try that in the next week or two! See more of this look in THIS POST.

camel crewneck cashmere sweater (options here and here) // white jeans (similar for less here ) // similar OTK boots // oversized pearl earrings // similar scarf

Here is another way to wear white jeans for winter. And you might also like this post… and this one too!

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  1. Like all of these options! I like the idea to use neutrals and then make different looks with accessories, something I need to remember to do more often. I have a question or maybe an idea for a post; I have been wearing more bootcut jeans lately but am having trouble finding the right footwear to wear with them. Any ideas on how to pair bootcut jeans with footwear would be greatly appreciated. 

    1. Hi Sheila! I sometimes wear bootcut jeans. I’ve found they look best with a pointy toe, whether it is a shoe or bootie. A round or square toe looks clunky with them. I put this question to several bloggers because I don’t wear high heels. This was their advice.  Try it! I think you’ll be pleased with the look. 

      1. Thank you, Joanna! I just might need to get some pointy toe booties, I don’t wear high heels, either. I appreciate your input. 

      1. I’ve switched more to skinny jeans and ankle pants but still love ideas for boot cut. I like wearing them more in the summer with cute heels and strappy sandals. For the winter, I certainly agree with a boot, bootie or pump with a pointy toe.

        Also, wanted to tell you that I love the cocoon cardi look in your link. I usually don’t like anything going too far below my hip with a boot cut because I feel it looks boxy, but dang you totally pulled that look off and i love it. Thanks for sharing the link again. 🙂

  2. Love all three looks, but the last one is my favorite. I also don’t think camel looks great on me, but the scarf is a great idea. You didn’t mention the teal handbag (unless I missed it). Is that still available? Love it!

      1. Okay, thank you. I think one of the things I love in that outfit is the pop of teal against the camel and white. So I’m definitely looking into that. 🙂

  3. Jo Lynne i know this doesn’t have anything to do with this post but i need to share with something i have learned from your post. the importance of wearing cute pj’s, When you wakeup to the sound of a big truck and a chain saw in your front yard and you run outside in your pj’s to protect a tree that is as old as you are that’s how my morning started, thanks to you sharing about the cute pj’s, i wasn’t bothered about going outside with a yard full of men to protect my trees, hay the trees are still standing just trimmed off the power lines which i agreed to, better then them being cut all the way down.

  4. This post was great timing for me. My sister just handed down a pair of fabulous white jeans and I am excited to try to wear them this winter.. And also nervous…. my 1980’s mentality about white keeps getting in the way of feeling free to try white in winter. So, this was all super helpful info.
    I love,love,love your blog!

  5. Thank you for your post of wearing white in the winter, being raised in the south white , after labor day is a no no , your white winter style is so cute looking for a thicker white jean for the winter months so i can wear your looks.

  6. I want to wear white jeans this time of year and think they look good but i never see anyone else doing it! That makes me leary! I guess i just need to go for it

    1. I do see people around here doing it, but it’s not common. In my opinion, that’s all the more reason to go for it! I love wearing things that are a little ahead of the game. I don’t want to look like everyone else anyway. 🙂

  7. Great post. But I am old school. I wear in Savannah til Oct & then I retire them til March. I love white jeans but too many other options in winter. I need a break because I live in them in summer. I do need a new pair though so very informative. I find loft jeans are more for young. Low waist. Love your FB chats.

  8. I know it’s acceptable now to wear white jeans year round, but I have a hard time remembering to put them on in winter. Old habits die hard????. Love all three of these looks.

  9. Yaaaas, for today’s post. When I filled out your survey, I knew I had a style suggestion but couldn’t remember what it was and this was it. I have some cute white jeans and I know they are okay to wear in the winter…I just didn’t know how to style them, so thank you. It’s going to be a high of 60 in South Texas and the sun is finally out so I may try to wear them today. But a cold front is coming though so this won’t last. Hope it’s warming up there and I’m loving those Vince Camuto tall boots. Enjoy your day. 

  10. Awesome post Jo-Lynne! I know what I am wearing for casual Friday at work tomorrow – Emerald green sweater, grey OTK boots and my white jeans! Yay! 🙂

  11. It’s so funny that other people are saying the same thing about old habits dying hard when it comes to wearing white pants or shoes after Labor Day!  You must have lots of southern girls following along!  I’m only 30 and usually totally game for breaking the old school fashion rules,  but this one is surprisingly hard for me!  Guess it’s because here in the Deep South our mamas ingrained that one into us!  Still I absolutely love the idea and hope I can challenge myself to try it!
     I like the plaid scarf and pastel outfits the best!  I love winter pastels,  they’re always such a breath of fresh air after wearing so many dark colors in the winter!  I think that pastel pink sweater would also pair great with light gray!  
    Love this type of post,  and how easy for you that you had the pictures already!  Keep em coming! 

    1. Yes, Megan I agree but I have been able to stretch into Oct. I’m not a rule person but just my preference but certainly think you should do it if you want to.

  12. Such cute outfits. You look so pretty in the bright pink! Going to select some white jeans. This was a good push. Thank you! Julie L 

  13. Perfect timing. I picked up a forest green tunic sweater yesterday and when I brought it home last night all I could think of was how I really wanted to wear it with white skinny jeans…and then I remembered….it was January. I thought about it for a minute and decided heck yeah… I live in California and it is going to be sunny so on they went. Glad to see I am not the only one who is going to wear white jeans in January 🙂

  14. I love these outfits!! I agree with old habits die hard on the no white adage. I love seeing everyday what you are wearing. You give me ideas to aspire to. With recovering from brain surgery, I look forward everyday to your email. After my recovery, I do have some weight to lose, but with all of the sales you lead us to, I can’t help myself in ordering from The Loft. It looks like my garage sale will have great clothes to sell!!

  15. I’m still on the look for a nice thicker white jean that fits me well and doesn’t make me look bigger than my size 6/8. Your post has spurred me on. 
    I love the soft blush sweater. It looks so cuddly and feminine. Too bad I’m on a no spend month. It’s really hard to stick to my own self imposed rule. I survived last year so am determined to do so this year ????
    I love how the teal purse really makes the teal in the scarf stand out. Great pairing! 
    I bet you’re happy to get inside with a hot coffee after these cold photo sessions. A hazard of fashion blogging. Ha!

  16. Thank you…I love all of these.  It is too hot down here in the summer to even wear long pants so I love to be able to do the white jeans now.  While I do not have the exact pieces you show I have the colors and similar styles.  Always inspiring.

  17. Still lusting after that pastel pink sweater!! I’ve wanted it ever since it was featured by you and others on the N sale. Should’ve purchased one. Just trying to reduce my spending this season, but I kick myself ever time I see it!!!!!

  18. I really enjoyed this post and all the fun ways you suggest about mixing it up! I have been trying to shop my closet more and then add pieces as I see you post them. This post is so, so helpful! It just inspires me to be more creative! I bought the camel sweater (love) in the fall and have a similar scarf so now to step out of my box with the white jeans- love the look! Thanks for all of your hard work – and the beautiful photos! Have a blessed day!

  19. Really like the options you styled.  My fav’s are 1 & 2.  I feel they give a fresh look for that time after the holidays but before spring!  Option 2 would be something I’d wear for fall, but stylish none the less.  That pastel sweater really looks striking on you!  Just need some snow in the background!  LOL,   Only kidding!  

  20. I absolutely LOVE wearing white jeans with boots/booties and sweaters!! Love all these combo’s too! I currently have LOFT white jeans in high-waist, modern cut but something about them annoys me, can’t quite put my finger on it though. (If you saw the pic I posted on the FB page last week, you might see it! LOL) I’ll have to try the Paige or AG next! Thanks for the tips!
    I also just ordered a camel tunic sweater that LOFT has on sale right now. It’s hard to tell if it’ll work yet or not. But their sale is a good one right now! 😉
    I planning to watch the live video tonight since I missed it…. have a great evening!

  21. Loved this post! I especially like that bright pink sweater….may have to pick that up! The pastel look is gorgeous on you….I’ll have to try that look soon. Thanks for your fabulous blog….love reading it every day!

  22. Thanks for sending the link to  your Facebook live. I don’t have Facebook to do it but the link comes up on my phone to watch.  Going to watch it now.  🙂  Love all your white jean looks, but I prefer to put them away and wait until Spring, so they feel fresh and new to wear.  I tend to get them dirty during those times and I just think living where it rains a lot, white just isn’t the best choice for me in the Winter.  I have an off brand I happened to find at Ross years ago and they are great. They hold up and are thick enough they don’t show through.  Can’t remember the name right off my head now.  I have trie LOFT ones and like them but waiting until this Spring to maybe purchase another pair.  I like LOFTS curvy in the white jeans better than the modern fit.  Like the lady said ahead of me, there is something about the modern, but can’t put my finger on it.  I just don’t like the fit.  But, Cyndi Spivey has worn them, I believe and they look great.  🙂  But…..what doesn’t look good on her. 🙂 Just depends on your body type I think.    

  23. Intend to forget about my white jeans in the winter! Great options here though!  I’ll try the pastel look this week for sure.  Just bought a cute blush circle cardigan very similar to yours!

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