Shades of White

Good morning and happy Monday! Today I’m styling a monochromatic outfit in shades of white.

This sweater is yet another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase, and happily, it’s still fully stocked!

It was the first item I went for when I got to the store on the #NSale preview day. I had seen it in the catalog and fell in love. I love the relaxed styling and huge ribbed cuffs. It’s also suuuuper soft.

I’ve styled it a few times already, but this time I wanted to pair it with white jeans and taupe boots for a monochromatic look in shades of white.

Okay, so taupe isn’t really white, but work with me here.

There’s something I find so luxe and sophisticated about a monochromatic neutral look, but especially when it’s all light neutrals.

While booties are certainly having a moment, tall boots are another great option — especially when it gets colder.

It looks like we’re going to start seeing the over-the-knee boots moving out of vogue over the next couple of seasons, and knee-high and mid-calf boots making a comeback.

I read somewhere that to keep knee-high boots over skinny jeans looking modern, it’s important to wear high rise jeans and front-tuck your top (yes, even sweaters.)

These aren’t high rise jeans, so that’s strike one right there, but I’m still wearing them for now. And while I do like the sweater front-tucked, I wore it out for most of these pictures. I think it looks good either way, but a taupe belt would finish off the front-tucked look nicely.

The other tip to keeping knee-high boots modern is to wear pointed toe boots (as opposed to the rounded and almond shaped toes, which have been trending for the past few years.)

I’ve noticed more pointy toe boots and booties this season, and I’m liking them for a change.

These boots are from the #NSale, and they’re on sale again. Unfortunately this color is limited. I really like the cool beige hue — it has a lot of pink in it so it looks good with the cool tones I tend to wear.

I have a pair of cognac suede knee-high boots from a couple years ago, and while I like them, they look very fall to me, whereas I think I’ll reach for these a lot more during the winter months.

These are the softest suede and sooo comfortable. The 3″ block heel is very walkable. In fact, I wore them out on Saturday night and walked quite a bit, and they felt like they were already broken in.

They also come in a buttery black leather, which is a great option if that’s something you need to round out your fall wardrobe. The nice thing about leather is, you can wear them in inclement weather.

Also, these boots run TTS; I have the 8M.

Altogether, I think this outfit looks modern and chic, but not try-hard. Sometimes it’s hard to find that middle ground.

A lot of ladies say they don’t feel comfortable wearing white jeans in the fall and winter, and they don’t see them where they live. I don’t see them a lot here either, but I don’t care. I think it’s fun to be different and a little bit ahead of the trends.

As long as you pair your white jeans with boots and chunky knits that look intentionally fall, you won’t look like a fashion emergency. Just carry yourself with confidence and own it!

Outfit Details:

cowl neck sweater // similar white jeans // taupe boots // tote // similar earrings // sunnies

The Look for Less:

For the pinners…

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I am going to have to push myself to wear white jeans in the fall. I love this on you (and I have a similar pair of boots that I love.) Any less expensive alternatives to the sweater? I am so in love with this outfit on you that I have to try to duplicate it haha!

      1. Thank you! As I said, I love this outfit. I agree with Judi. I cannot get the front tuck to work for me. Could be that I am self-conscious about that part of my body.

  2. cute outfit….i love the boots ! I don’t really get the front tuck though, especially sweaters…..I do it and I look so ridiculous………any tips ?

    1. I think the biggest tip is not to overthink it. It’s supposed to look slouchy and a little messy. But I also think it’s sorta dumb to front tuck a sweater. I actually like it better with the shorter ones because there isn’t so much material and it doesn’t create so much volume, but it’s also less necessary with the shorter ones, so it’s a catch 22. 😂

  3. Love the outfit! I wore a very similar one last week! I love white jeans w/ taupe boots, but I do try to keep my sweater in the beige/tan family. However, I’m not a fan of high-rise jeans, and I think it’s mostly because I’m short (5’0″). Even though I’m an even-waisted straight (#AYW), I feel like high rise jeans come too far up my rib cage. I’ll do 10″ rise (unwillingly – HA!) if I really like the jeans otherwise, but in that case I don’t do a front tuck. I’m much more comfortable with an 8 1/2-9″ rise. I also really considered that sweater, but since I tend to push my sleeves up during the day, I thought the huge cuff would end up annoying me.

    1. 9″ is my favorite. I forget what these are – probably 8 or 8.25. They’re the Paige Verdugo, and they finally discontinued them. I also have a higher rise Madewell pair, but they’re not quite as tight in the leg and I was afraid they would look bunchy with the boots. I should have tried them tho.

  4. I love this look and do something similar. I add a leopard print calf hair belt or my brown Gucci double G belt too to make it look a bit more modern. 

  5. You look FABULOUS in this outfit!  I think that your untucked sweater with the knee high boots works because it is shorter in length.  I can see where a longer pullover sweater would chop us up.  For those of us that just cannot wear a heal of any kind, would wearing flats that are in the same monochromatic color as our top and pants, look equally as good?  Thank you! Have a great day!

  6. So pretty Jo-Lynne! I love, love, love a monochromatic outfit and this neutral white is very chic! I’m with the others on the front tuck, it just feels awkward on me and I end up futzing with it all day so I usually just wear my tops out. It looks good on so many bloggers but honestly, some trends just don’t make that much sense-anyone? 🤣
    I’m really  looking forward to the casual holiday posts! Enjoy your Monday!

    1. Yeah, I go back and forth. Sometimes I think it’s just stupid. Other times it seems necessary to get the proportions right. And I guess my eye has adjusted from seeing it so much, and it looks more modern to me now. But with this sweater, it’s really not necessary.

  7. I love this look. You look amazing! Most of us have white jeans and adding a cream or taupe sweater and boots is so easy to pull together, I just need some new tall boots that are petite friendly (so hard to find) but hoping to find them this year. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day. 

  8. Love this outfit on you, Jo-Lynne. I particularly like that the colors don’t match but go well together. I’ve yet to wear white jeans in the fall/winter. I like the look but I’m not sure how to make it work for me. I love the addition of the tall boots to the look. I wonder if I could do gray booties and a gray top to copy this look . . . hmm. I’ll have to give it a try. Also, I’m chuckling over the fact that the over-the-knee boots are going out of style. I bought a pair at the end of the winter. And they’re the only ones I own now as I culled my collection! I’m on the hunt for tall black boots in leather that will fit “athletic” calves. My Sam Edleman wide-calf boots were too big in the calf and I always felt like I was wearing a pirate costume in them. I donated them. I love the pointy toe look so maybe I’ll find a suitable pair this year and they’ll be in style for a few years!

    1. And I’m still wearing my OTK boots this year… just noticing that I’m not seeing them as much. I got rid of a couple of my slouchier pairs, but definitely holding onto the more fitted ones.

  9. This is a really pretty fall look that I could definitely duplicate in mild California. We are finally getting some cooler temps this week. I think you had asked last week for feedback about gift guides. Your gift guides last year were really helpful! I’d love to see something similar this year. A husband/dad gift guide and 2 teenager gift guides for boys and girls and maybe one for moms or parents/in-laws would be great. 😊

  10. What a great look!  Especially with your coloring!  This was the first time I’ve worn my white jeans right through September!  Not that I’m against white jeans after Labor Day, but it’s been such a beautiful mild fall here in NE PA.  I also have to say, I’m tired of my white jeans though.  Come September, so I’m ready for a few fall colored jeans. Right now, I’m excited to see what casual holiday looks you’ll be styling. I’d like to purchase a few tops geared more towards winter/holiday colors, so I’m waiting to see what you’ve got for us!  Happy Monday!  

  11. You look stunning in this outfit! I really want to try the look this year! I too need casual holiday outfits except for the annual holiday dinner for my husbands work that is usually at a very nice restaurant. 

  12. Love, love, love this. All of these (or eerily similar) are in my closet. I’m all set. Thanks for a great look. 

  13. First, this outfit looks beautiful on you. Your dark hair works especially well with the cool light neutrals. I love it!

    My issue is all the gorgeous, but wool 🐑sweaters I see so many bloggers styling. I just can’t wear wool, so I excitedly link to the sweaters, check the fabric content, and abandon ship feeling defeated.

    Are there any brands you like that make trending sweaters without wool?

  14. What a nice soft look… I must say I’ve been tempted to wear my white jeans but I guess after wearing them all summer I like a break. I would certainly wear this though maybe just change the footwear to my booties for me. I’m like others I can’t get behind this front tuck and feel it only works if I’m not planning to move all day…lol 

    1. Yeah, I’ve had mine in the back of my closet for a while and thought they might be a nice break from black and grey jeans.

      The front tuck is . . . weird. LOL! But sometimes it’s necessary to get the proportions of an outfit right.

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne!

    Love your blog! I know this isn’t fashion related, but…Any plans to have a blog about ideas for decorating your table for Thanksgiving? I’m hosting family this year and to say I’m at a loss as to where to start is an understatement!

    If you aren’t going to post one, do you have any suggestions of where to look besides Pinterest?

    1. Hey Jenn. I’m so not good at decorating, lol!!! I bought one of those one-and-done centerpieces with 3 candles in it and put it on a runner and called it a day. 🙂 I got it at Kirkland’s. They have some pretty things. I’m totally blanking on the name of the home decor blog I was loving last year when we were first moving in here. I since unsubscribed because I just don’t do much with it on an ongoing basis, but she always did pretty tablescapes. If I think of it, I’ll email you!

  16. This is a very pretty outfit.  I have those boots in black suede from a couple winters ago and they are very comfy!

    Personally, I’m more inclined to try white jeans “earlier rather than later” Show me some white jeans with a chunky navy sweater in March and I’m already there for it 😊 but by Fall? Nope, bring on all the traditional Fall colors🍁🎃🍎 🤷🏻‍♀️. 
    Front tucking chunky sweaters makes no sense to me. I have come to appreciate the waist definition that a front-tucked tee or thin top provides but front-tucked heavy sweaters still read as a bathroom mishap to me 😂 

    1. Deb, I couldn’t have said it better. Love the front tucked tee or top but not the sweater. Far too much thick material!
       I love to keep on top of the trends but they have to work for my age and lifestyle. 

  17. I am too much of a slop to wear white anything. Or taupe. But those boots are totally up my alley. I am glad that you shared a budget-friendly option. They may just end up in my closet this year.

  18. I love this outfit on you!  White jeans in my rainy climate aren’t very practical in the Fall and Winter, but I do love the look of them with a sweater and boots.  Love the monochromatic look!  I would definitely love to see some casual holiday outfits.  I don’t have a need for a formal outfit as I don’t have any big holiday parties to attend and our church is very casual.  But I do enjoy having some dressier tops to go with jeans for the season.

  19. That outfit looks so good on you! I love the sweater especially. I can’t wear crop/shorter sweaters, but you wear them well. 😊 I agree about wanting to see mostly casual looks for the holidays, although one or 2 dressy looks are great too. Love your blog!

  20. Love today’s outfit! I wore my white jeans a week ago with ankle booties and a chunky sweater during a cold patch we had here in Oklahoma. Wear it and own the look is my motto!

  21. You’ve converted me to year round white jeans. Wore them last week with brown leather boots and a camel colored sweater. I bought the tan Treasure and Bond purse so will try this look next with a chunky creme sweater and tan suede boots I have. Love your style! Though not every look will work for me because we’re all different, I’ve loved getting new ideas from you that have helped me dress better and gain confidence. Thank you!

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