Pretty in Pink & White

Pale Pink and White for Winter

I’m really getting into this pastels for winter trend. I saw this pastel pink cocoon knit cardigan and immediately envisioned it with white jeans and silver accessories. Of course, it would be cute with black jeans, blue jeans, or even other pastels, but I really love how crisp and clean and unexpected it is to pair pale pink with white in the wintertime.

Unfortunately this sweater sold out, but I linked a few similar ones below.

Pale Pink and White for Winter

Pale Pink and White for Winter

I decided to keep the outfit monochromatic underneath so I also wore a white cami. I had my cami tailored to make it fit better up top, but they made it too short. Bah humbug. I wore it anyway on Thanksgiving Day, and it’s okay, just a little shorter than I’d like. At least I’m no longer giving everyone a peep show when I bend over!

Pale Pink and White for Winter

My first inclination was to wear taupe booties, but then I spotted these M.Gemi lace-up flats in my closet, and I decided they were the perfect compliment to this outfit. These are gorgeous shoes — super soft and comfortable and, according to their website, hand-crafted in Italy.

It’s a lot to spend on a trend that may not last, but I received a gift card from M.Gemi at a fashion blogging conference I attended last spring, and I’d been wanting these for a while so I decided it was meant to be. Ha! There are plenty of cute options for less so I’ll link to a few below.

Pale Pink and White for Winter

The sunnies are from Ray-Ban. They’re the design-your-own aviators with matte gold frames, beige temple tips, and pink gradient lenses. I’ve always worn plastic frames, so I’m loving these for a change.

Pale Pink and White for Winter

In keeping with the monochromatic look, I accessorized with a silver and white layered necklace and silver hoops.

I’m thinking of wearing this outfit to a Christmas tea this weekend at my church. In a sea of red and green, this muted color palette will be festive but unexpected, and I love that!

Pale Pink and White for Winter

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cocoon knit cardigan (similar) // topshop camisole // white jeans (similar for less) // m.gemi lace-up flats (similar for less here, here and here) // layered necklace // similar hoops // sunnies c/o

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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33 Responses

  1. I love the white, and I have to tell you I thought like you did abot wearing white. I recently attended my 40th class reunion, and knowing that everyone was going to be in black the slimming color, I choose to wear white pants with a blue top, had to be different. Also I wanted to say thank you to you and Cyndis post I ook a lot of yalls looks and paired it with what I had purchased. And the biggest thing was I studed yalls poses and when it came time for pictures , I never had pictures turn out so good. Thanks

  2. Love! You look beautiful and festive. The muted palette looks very pretty on you. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. You look awesome in this outfit! With our grey skies looming in the north for the next few months, it is great to see some pastels and whites instead of the normal greys, blacks and browns! Great inspiration to help cure those winter blues!!

  4. What a pretty outfit! I love soft white and blush pink…it’s a sophisticated combination, I like soft , or pastel colors, but feel like I need to be careful that I don’t choose “cotton candy” pastels (age thing, I guess. Younger women look ok in them, sometimes). I live in a warm climate where winter doesn’t mean cold, gray, snowy days, so I feel like I can wear lighter colors in the winter. Plus, I see many other women around town who seem to have the same opinion, I imagine this helps me to feel more comfortable with my similar choices.
    I have a question, please- that camisole- I am looking for something exactly like that – open neckline, sheer layer over silky, uneven or asymmetrical hemline, white…except sleeveless instead of straps, and longer or tunic length. You would think that this would not be difficult but I have been looking for literally months. Anyone have any suggestions (under $50- $75,please).
    Thanks Jo-Lynne, I love your blog!

  5. This is a very pretty outfit Jo-Lynne! And you’re right, in a sea of green and red at the ladies tea, it will be awesome. You know, it’s hard telling my brain it’s okay to wear pastels during winter. I know you can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s rather challenging!

    How are you liking the look in your rooms with the new carpet?

    Have a blessed day!

  6. I really like this monochromatic look, the pink is so pretty! I think I’ll spend some time in my closet and see what I can come up with for my birthday dinner tonight!

  7. Love this outfit! You look great! I love your sweater more than the similar one you suggested. Would you mind sharing a reference so I can watch to see if it gets restocked? Thanks!

  8. Wow, this is breath taking! Love how pastel the pink is beside the white. Pooey on the too short tailoring. But it’s still a beautiful cami-i like how loose it is.

  9. Everything about this outfit looks great on you! Well balanced, very flattering! I love it! I read where you had the cami altered and disagree that it is to short. I love it!

  10. I love your look today. Very soft and chic. I think I will copy it for a Christmas luncheon next week. I need to find the sweater, and I will order the cami from Nordies..I think this is one of your best looks.

  11. I literally was just thinking about this color combo early this morning! Thanks for bringing it to life for me with such style 🙂

  12. Love this outfit. The colors are perfect together and it all looks great on you. I’m a sucker for pastel pink and feel inspired to wear it this winter.

  13. Lovely! The jeans look so nice! Everytime I try white jeans, they are soooo tight. How do I get that just right look?

    1. These are actually a tad too big now that I lost a few pounds, and I was thinking that I like them this way. It’s tricky though, because usually when pants are too big, they get saggy, and these don’t. They really do have a great fit, but I’m not sure what the secret is, other than trying on a gazillion pairs and different sizes. These are Paige and I have had good luck with them in other colors. They really don’t stretch out.

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne, I’ve been enjoying seeing the outfits you post! Love this look for winter – it’s a surprise as we most often think of white and pastel as a spring/summer look. I’m going to definitely put this into my outfit rotation. Especially out here in California where our winters are fairly mild. Thanks for the inspiration!

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