Coffee Talk 01.14.18

Greetings and good morning! So the conversation on yesterday’s post was fun! People are definitely opinionated about ripped denim, aren’t they? Ha!

I really think it’s interesting to read the different perspectives. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s just clothes. Nothing to get worked up about, but definitely a fun conversation to have.

I’d love to talk more about how to incorporate trends while staying true to our personal style on my Facebook Live this week. Of course, that begs the question, what is your personal style? That’s a topic for a whole other post, I suppose. I’m not even sure I’m qualified to address it. I mean, it took me 45 years to figure out my own!

If you google it, though, there are lots of good articles. I know this because I researched it once. Cyndi and I were going to write an ebook about it, but we never finished it. I guess we’re both better at producing blog posts than long form written works.

So anyway, I got the ornaments off my tree yesterday, so at least that’s progress. Hopefully we can get the rest of it taken down today. Paul spent the day getting a new storage unit for the basement from Ikea and putting it together and setting it up, so he wasn’t able to help me with the tree takedown initiative. I’m sure I could do it myself if I put my mind to it, but I chose to do more denim reviews on my Insta Story instead. Haha!

I got a couple pairs of Rag & Bone high rise skinnies in the mail, so I wanted to see how they work for me. I love the jeans, like seriously, they could be competition for my beloved AGs, but they both had features that weren’t quite working for me. They also aren’t on sale so I’m not super keen on keeping them anyway. I really just wanted to try the style because I saw another blogger talking about them.

I can tell you this, that 10″ rise is the bomb diggity. I’ve loved my low rise jeans for years, but I can definitely see the appeal of a good high rise that holds all the jiggly parts in place. The key is finding a pair that doesn’t also balloon out when you sit down and make you look bloated. I think that’s where the quality denim comes into play. I definitely noticed a difference in that area between the R&B and the Levi’s. I’ve also ordered high rise Paige and Madewell jeans to try, so I’ll report back on those once I get them!

Someone actually said that she missed my weather report yesterday so I’ll tell you that the frigid temps have returned to Philly. It’s 12 degrees right now at 8AM. I guess that means I’ll be bundling up again for church since the school gymnasium where we meet doesn’t seem to have any heating vents. It’s sunny, though, so at least there’s that.

I went running yesterday when it was 28 and windy (I bundled up this time!) and it was pretty brutal so I’m skipping today, but I’m going to try to find a yoga workout on YouTube I can do before church this morning.

I think I may have done too much too soon with 2 runs and a strength training workout in 3 days, after doing pretty much nothing for a couple of weeks, and that tendon behind my right ankle is bothering me again. Thus, the yoga workout. I really need to work on my flexibility if I’m going to be able to continue the activities I enjoy most. This getting old thing is really for the birds!

Anyway, on that note, I’ll sign off and get started with my day. I hope you all have a restful and blessed Sunday!