Coffee Talk 01.14.18

Greetings and good morning! So the conversation on yesterday’s post was fun! People are definitely opinionated about ripped denim, aren’t they? Ha!

I really think it’s interesting to read the different perspectives. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s just clothes. Nothing to get worked up about, but definitely a fun conversation to have.

I’d love to talk more about how to incorporate trends while staying true to our personal style on my Facebook Live this week. Of course, that begs the question, what is your personal style? That’s a topic for a whole other post, I suppose. I’m not even sure I’m qualified to address it. I mean, it took me 45 years to figure out my own!

If you google it, though, there are lots of good articles. I know this because I researched it once. Cyndi and I were going to write an ebook about it, but we never finished it. I guess we’re both better at producing blog posts than long form written works.

So anyway, I got the ornaments off my tree yesterday, so at least that’s progress. Hopefully we can get the rest of it taken down today. Paul spent the day getting a new storage unit for the basement from Ikea and putting it together and setting it up, so he wasn’t able to help me with the tree takedown initiative. I’m sure I could do it myself if I put my mind to it, but I chose to do more denim reviews on my Insta Story instead. Haha!

I got a couple pairs of Rag & Bone high rise skinnies in the mail, so I wanted to see how they work for me. I love the jeans, like seriously, they could be competition for my beloved AGs, but they both had features that weren’t quite working for me. They also aren’t on sale so I’m not super keen on keeping them anyway. I really just wanted to try the style because I saw another blogger talking about them.

I can tell you this, that 10″ rise is the bomb diggity. I’ve loved my low rise jeans for years, but I can definitely see the appeal of a good high rise that holds all the jiggly parts in place. The key is finding a pair that doesn’t also balloon out when you sit down and make you look bloated. I think that’s where the quality denim comes into play. I definitely noticed a difference in that area between the R&B and the Levi’s. I’ve also ordered high rise Paige and Madewell jeans to try, so I’ll report back on those once I get them!

Someone actually said that she missed my weather report yesterday so I’ll tell you that the frigid temps have returned to Philly. It’s 12 degrees right now at 8AM. I guess that means I’ll be bundling up again for church since the school gymnasium where we meet doesn’t seem to have any heating vents. It’s sunny, though, so at least there’s that.

I went running yesterday when it was 28 and windy (I bundled up this time!) and it was pretty brutal so I’m skipping today, but I’m going to try to find a yoga workout on YouTube I can do before church this morning.

I think I may have done too much too soon with 2 runs and a strength training workout in 3 days, after doing pretty much nothing for a couple of weeks, and that tendon behind my right ankle is bothering me again. Thus, the yoga workout. I really need to work on my flexibility if I’m going to be able to continue the activities I enjoy most. This getting old thing is really for the birds!

Anyway, on that note, I’ll sign off and get started with my day. I hope you all have a restful and blessed Sunday!

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63 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 01.14.18

    1. I’ve only done one, lol. My daughter found a yoga app on our Roku and loaded it for me and it has tons of videos I can do. I picked one that focused on stretching for beginners.

  1. The 10” high rise- now that’s what I’m talking about!  I’ve never been a fan of mid rise and I am SO glad they are offering more high rise selections!  ????

    Have a blessed day! 

  2. Oh I’d love to hear about the storage unit for the basement from Ikea!! We just had a basement waterproof & need storage ideas. I was thinking of heading to Ikea today actually.

    You get a big ole YES for the 10″ rise jean from me. Ugh this gut, holiday eating was my friend, And these CT temp with the windchill have not been my friend. LOL

    Happy Sunday

  3. Where did you get that coffee cup??  I have to get one!  Every time I watch a Gilmore Girls rerun, I make a pot of coffee.  BTW, I like the weather report, too! (And in case you want one from the middle of the country, it started snowing early this morning in northern Arkansas, and it’s beautiful out there. Low tonight in the single digits.  I say if it’s going to be that cold, it should at least be pretty.) ❄️❄️❄️

    1. Shane, I got my daughter a Luke’s Diner mug last year for Christmas. I ordered it from CafePress.com. She loved the Gilmore Girls as a teen and has rewatched on Netflix……probably numerous times!   I also got her a Kate Spade purse and I believe she was more thrilled with the mug! ????

    2. Hey Shane, it was a Christmas gift from my daughter, and she bought it last summer. (She had been telling me for months that she had my Christmas gift and that I was going to love it. LOL!) I found one that’s similar on Amazon. I actually linked the picture so it’s clickable, but I forgot to mention it. 🙂 Here it is: https://rstyle.me/n/cwn8sxgthw

  4. I cant believe how the weather has change for us again so quickly we had 60’s  Thursday and Friday in Delaware and then yesterday in was 30S im hoping it doesn’t go any lower. I like hearing  about the weather too lol I like your Luke’s diner mug. I miss watching Gilmore girls even if they brought back the Netflix a year in the life i would be happy .  As for the jean i find it all very interesting. Im a pull on jeans kind of girl I like that they fit and stop the jiggle and i feel like im wearing pjs 

  5. Higher rise jeans that don’t look like “mom jeans” I say yes, yes , yes!  It would be interesting to see some outfit ideas for this style that don’t look frumpy on some of us older gals. 

      1. Me too! Jolynne, we need a post for us curvy girls and how to make the high rise work for us! Please and thank you! 

        1. Tailoring… LOL!!! And just trying a lot of styles to find the ones that have the smaller waist. I’ll report back on my findings. If they’re too small in the waist on me, I usually recommend them to those with more pear shapes. 🙂

  6. I too am excited about the high rise jeans making a return.  I hope they stay available from now on.  I too enjoy knowing what the weather is like up there.  That is something girlfriends talk about.  With only a few days in on the Frustration to Functional challenge, I think I already know my style.  I have to learn to embrace it, not try to force other styles on myself, and stop trying to fill up my closet with pieces that will get very little wear.  Take care of that ankle.  Slow and easy!  Have a blessed day!

  7. I am so enjoying reading your blog lately I find myself commenting here and on your Instagram a lot. I hope that doesn’t make me too stalker-ish… Just loving your style and the topics you’re discussing. (plus, catching up on social media is a good way to procrastinate all those January cleaning projects I should do.) I guess I have a similar style although I don’t do really skinny jeans – just not flattering on my thicker thighs. I’m still looking though. I’m glad for the straight leg styles more prevalent. I’m going to try those. You should have shopping outings with local friends. I’d love that if you were closer so I’m sure women who are local would love to do that. Your tips on what to look for on what to look for when trying on clothes is helpful. Take care and stay warm!

    1. You are NOT stalkerish. 🙂 Like I said to MonaClaire, I love the comments!!! And on social media, it helps my posts get seen by more people b/c the algorithms see more comments as interactions and assume I’m posting good content. 🙂 So comment away! 🙂

  8. I’m very excited about the high rise jeans! I have NEVER been a fan of low rise or even mid rise. With high rise jeans coming back into style, maybe we can say goodbye to muffin tops and rear end cleavage for a while. Thank heavens!

  9. Omg! I need to look into those 10 in rise jeans.  Honestly, Jo-Lynn, I dislike buying jeans.  One needs to try on so many to find the right ones!  Usually if I find one that fits well, I purchase a second pair.   As for the mom jeans ballooning at the waist… I think that occurs more in trouser type pants.  
    Any ways… the weather here in northern Baltimore is freezing also!  I am a greeter at my church ( I open doors for church goers and welcome them ) my shift was the 5pm mass yesterday!  I almost froze in that crazy wind!!!    Thanks goodness the wind has died down 
    Have a happy week!

    1. Buying jeans is hard for some! I love trying on jeans, but I think my body shape is just easy to fit. Now bathing suits are from the depths of hades, and I DREAD shopping for them again this year. I’ve been wearing the same 2 forever, but I really need an update.

  10. I need new blue jeans. I distressed my great fitting, dark wash jeans by sliding down a slippery hill on my butt. ???? A 10” rise is perfect. I’m slim but I still have a slight muffin top with lower rise jeans. Then, I have to wear a top to disguise it. 
     I’m sorry you’re hurting again. You may need to shorten your runs to save your feet. My hubby had to give up running and squash because his knees were starting to kill him. The downside was he gained weight. But, then he started to power walk, lost the weight and his knees feel strong again. 
    Have a happy Sunday!

    1. I have the muffin top too, so I have to be careful with jeans, or wear shapewear. That is why even though I know I look best in fitted tops, I often wear baggier ones.

      Power walking is such good exercise. If I have to give up running, I’ll do that. I have to be outside to exercise.

  11. I’m not a fan of a 10″ rise in pants as they make me feel so uncomfortable. The same is for skirts that go over the stomach. 9 or 9 1/2 is the perfect rise for me. You are very wise to take a break from running because of your ankle. I have learned that when it comes to exercise and especially running, I need to listen to my body.

  12. The 10 in rise sounds interesting. I just don’t like too far up on waist. I agree jeans are so hard. found out over Christmas that none of my grandsons wear jeans because they say they don’t ever fit right. They wear athletic pants or khakis. I found that interesting. They are all very slim too. And none of their friends do either. Does your son wear them, Jolynne? Look forward to your post everyday. The one I follow faithfully..

    1. My younger two daughters ( 29, 26) and one of my daughters-in-law (34)  almost never wear jeans or any type of pants ( except yoga). They wear leggings or dresses…plus some  shorts in the summer but, still, mostly dresses.  My other daughter (almost 35) does wear jeans. Other DIL doesn’t care about fashion/clothes AT ALL so her choices are purely unitarian ????
      I wonder if this is actually a trend among younger generations of women?

      1. Actually I only know about the boys. I notice girls do. So curious if any people with boys have comment. Just a curious question as previous generations lived in jeans. And I definitely wear them. All the time in winter.

    2. My son refuses to wear jeans… he has one pair he wears when I insist – like for our family pictures, I wanted us all in jeans. But otherwise he is all khakis or athletic pants. He’s been that way for YEARS. My daughters both live in jeans like their mama. 🙂

  13. I love the high rise jeans too!  I just bought a pair of bootcut jeans from Nordstrom – Good American brand!  They are high rise, my exact inseam (so no hemming needed, and on sale!  Winning!   Love your blog!

  14. I am going against the high rise jeans! I am short and short waisted. High rise jeans seem so high I could tuck them under my bra! ????
    I will stick with the mid rise!! Hopefully they don’t stop making then!

    1. They won’t – this is truly the era of anything goes! I think retailers are realizing that we all have different bodies and different needs and they’re trying to cater to that.

  15. Good morning! The weather in So CA this weekend has been absolutely beautiful. It was 85 degrees with a slight breeze yesterday – we went for a long walk at the beach instead of cleaning my garage which was the original plan. ???? ???? Even by California standards though, this has been an unusually mild winter. So while I’m unable to wear all those cute, cozy sweaters and OTK boots I’m seeing you and others style on Insta right now, I’m enjoying the warm temperatures. And we recently remodeled our backyard adding an outdoor covered room space with a fireplace and tv etc…so we are definitely enjoying it right now. 
    I, too, went online this week and ordered 4 different pairs of high rise jeans to try out. I’m trying AG, citizens of humanity, and Paige from Nordstrom and a brand called M.i.H from Anthropologie. The CoH jeans are actually a mid rise I think and a straight leg. I’m excited to try them all! I’ve noticed the college-aged girls wearing the really high rise jeans for awhile now (waists are at or above the belly button) & while getting my hair done yesterday, I asked my hair girl and several others near her station about their take on current denim trends. The 20 and 30  something girls are 100% fans of the high rise and love the straight & ankle cropped the best. They like to show their waist and thus are wearing shorter tops or those more boxy sweaters we’re seeing now. My hairdresser is 39 and she is just starting to buy the higher rise but said she is “totally loving the look!” ???? And everyone was wearing mules or loafers yesterday! 
    I’m going shopping tomorrow with a girlfriend and planning to visit the AG store, Anthropologie, and Nordstrom to see more styles in person. 

    So…..thank you Jo-Lynne, for inspiring me to embrace these new denim fashion trends…..after doing some major research and try-on sessions myself! 
    You’re the best! Have a great Sunday! 

    1. 85 sounds glorious, but I do think I’d miss an excuse to wear boots and sweaters.

      Funny that you ordered a bunch of high rise jeans too. I have also noticed the younger girls are all wearing them.

  16. Dawn, I’m cracking up!  I’m so short waisted!  My family has always said my head sits on top of my hips!! ????
    And Gina, if you’re a stalker, I am too.  ????  We girls need to have frequent girl time especially about fashion.  My husband can only discuss distressed jeans for so long before his eyes glaze over!!

    Jolynne, I really enjoyed your review on the jeans.  And it was a lively conversation.  I started to respond but really didn’t have anything new to add.  I am looking forward to your future reviews on other brands.  I have purchased many Loft jeans in the past two years and as nice as they are, they tend to stretch out significantly by the end of the day.  Don’t think I’ve ever been able to get two days wear without washing.  Unless they are so tight when I put them on I can’t bend my knees!

    1. “my head sits on top of my hips” – bwahaha!

      You guys are NOT stalkers. I love the comments!!! And on social media, it helps my posts get seen by more people b/c the algorithms see more comments as interactions and assume I’m posting good content. 🙂 So comment away! 🙂

      1. Well you are posting excellent content!  FYI. I set up a second private Instagram account.  Being the social media novice I am, I didn’t do that initially.  Uncomfortable!!  Oh well, live and learn.

  17. It’s interesting how people can have such different opinions. I hate high rise jeans.
    It could be because of our different figures. I’m built straight up and down, and short waisted. High rise jeans are usually too tight in the waist. Plus, I hate having anything tight around my waist. I’ll still be looking for mid-rise jeans. Hopefully, we’ll have options.

    1. Totally comes down to having different figures. I had the same feelings about high rise jeans, but the Rag & Bone were really comfortable. Again, it takes trial and error to find the brands that work for each of us. Just when we figure out one style, it’s time to figure out another! LOL!

  18. I tried on a pair of high rise straight leg (thick denim) jeans at the Gap today. So far not a fan although I’m definitely willing to try other brands. I tend to like the 9″ rise the best, but maybe that’s because I’m short. And I also think I’ve gotten too used to thinner stretch denim because the thick denim felt very stiff and uncomfortable. I didn’t wear skinny jeans before I lost weight this past year and now I love them so skinny jeans are still relatively new to me! ????And I love them!

  19. Yes love the weather report always compare to Chicago and think it’s not
    So bad.
    Look forward to more jean info from you..
    My style classic trend basics for humm
    56=year old!
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Snow coming here again!

  20. I have been enjoying your jean reviews and look forward to more lol! I will have to go back and read yesterday’s post. I opened it and then got busy. It’s always interesting to read the comments! 

  21. So glad you got your run it but boy that was still cold day! But I am also glad you turned around the other day, not worth catching a cold or flu. I didn’t get a chance to comment on yesterday’s post and just wanted to say that you looked amazing in the sweater dress. But unfortunately I have to say that I would never pay $100 for Levi’s! Don’t get me wrong I grew up wearing them but I would rather pay for a designer jean with much better quality then Levi’s. We have so many choices in jeans now so that’s a trend I’ll be passing on. 
    I also have to confession that I broke my 30 day attempt not to shop for anything new ????but some of the winter sales are so good. I bought a poncho and faux fur vest from Macy’s. So please tell me those are still going to be in style for awhile?

  22. I was totally against the high rise jeans when I first saw them and then my husband (unknowingly) bought me a pair for Christmas. They are from J Crew; they are called toothpick, deconstructed and I love them. So comfy around the tummy and I love being able to bend down without having to hike up my pants afterwards! On the yoga note, I do “Yoga by Adrienne” (on YouTube) and she is great. I love your honesty and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

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