Colorblock Sweater Outfit with Two Footwear Options

I’ve been shopping at Ann Taylor since college, and over the years they’ve been hit or miss for me. Lately, though, I’ve been having a lot of luck there. I placed an order shortly after the new year when they were running a sale, and happily they’re running another one right now!

I was particularly drawn to a certain tweed skirt I mentioned in my Wish List post a few days ago, as well as this colorblock boatneck sweater. I love both, and I’m sharing this sweater first because it’s on final sale and I’m afraid it will sell out fast. In fact, sizes are already depleting.

Colorblock Sweater Outfit with Black Jeans | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

(If you’re interested in the tweed skirt, I believe today is the last day of the 40% off full priced styles promo, so grab it now! It’s really good. Order your regular size or size down if in between; I have the 6. I can’t wait to share the pictures from our shoot — there’s a sneak peek on my Instagram.)

So this sweater is a really nice quality extra fine merino wool, and it’s super soft despite the fact that it’s wool. I also really like the fit and the length.

I realize not all of us look good in the same length top, but this is perfect for me. It’s 24″ long, for those of you who know your sweet spot length, and for size reference, I’m wearing the small.

Colorblock Sweater | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

My big question was, what do I wear it with? The colorblocking and the large expanse of black at the bottom gave me pause, but I liked it enough to play around with it. I even asked for input in my Insta Story.

I think it would be cute with a black pencil skirt and boots for a church or work wear look, and I suppose I could dress it down with blue jeans. A couple of people even suggested white jeans, but I ended up styling it with black jeans and ankle boots.

FYI, I’m linking to these LOFT skinnies a similar for less option to the jeans, and LOFT is running 50% off PLUS free shipping today!!! I’m ordering these jeans to try for my denim under $100 post, and I’m also going to pick out a few sweaters to get me through this transition season. I just updated my Loft Favorites page, if you want to see my top picks. Everything on that page is currently 50% off.

Colorblock Sweater Outfit with Black Jeans | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

These ankle boots are old, but I’ll link some other good options at the end of the post. I’ve got a couple pairs on order, actually, because I want to update my black suede ankle boots with a more current style.

Winter Outfit: Ann Taylor Colorblock Sweater with Black Jeans | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

I accessorized with a long pendant necklace that I felt was a nice mix of casual and dressy, and then I added my new silver sculpted X cuff from Stella & Dot. The ring I’m wearing was a Christmas gift from my husband, and I think it works nicely with this outfit. It’s a little more delicate than the other silver and gold ring I wear so much.

Winter Outfit: Ann Taylor Colorblock Sweater with Black Jeans | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

This is the type of outfit I’d wear out to lunch with friends or to shop at the mall on a weekday. I would even wear this to church, as our church is fairly casual. I’ll probably throw my leather jacket on with it when it’s mild enough, or a coat on colder days.

Winter Outfit: Ann Taylor Colorblock Sweater with Black Jeans | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

I also took a few pictures with my black suede loafer mules for another option because I know some of you don’t wear heels, and I really like it this way as well.

I wear these mules a lot because they’re so easy to slide on and go, and they have a modern vibe which I’m enjoying right now. Of course, sometimes it’s too cold for going without socks, but mules are a great option for those of you in areas with milder winters.

Winter Outfit: Ann Taylor Colorblock Sweater with Black Jeans and R Minkoff Mika Mules | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

I actually think I like the outfit best this way, but then, y’all know how much I love these shoes. I do think a slightly shorter jean would work better with them, though. These have a 29″ inseam, and I have another pair with a 28″ inseam that I usually pair with the loafers.

For that matter, the 28″ jeans would have worked better with the ankle boots too, as I ended up cuffing them. But anyway! Either one works just fine.

Winter Outfit: Ann Taylor Colorblock Sweater with Black Jeans and R Minkoff Mika Mules | #fashion #winteroutfit #fashionover40 | Jo-Lynne Shane

Ann Taylor colorblock sweater // Frame skinnies (similar for less) // similar ankle boots here and here // R Minkoff Mika Mules // R Minkoff Mini Perry Satchel // lips: MAC Pink Nouveau with MAC Lipglass in Cultured

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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43 thoughts on “Colorblock Sweater Outfit with Two Footwear Options

  1. Colorblocking is always a fun look, Jo-Lynne, and this sweater is no exception!!
    I like it with the black jeans, but it would be interesting to see it contrasted against another color of jeans so you can really focus on the sweater!!

  2. Thank you for going out to brave the cold and take some pics for us. So good to see some new outfits and since it’s not too cold in Texas today, I’m going to be wearing my new Me Too black mules. They have a slightly higher heel and a padded footbed so I hope their comforterable.  But we have a winter storm coming in tomorrow so I’ll be back in my boots. Enjoy your day with the kiddos! 

  3. The colorblock sweater looks great on you!  I know you will enjoy having the kids at home today.  Since there are so many shades of black, do you try to ensure your top and pants are a perfect match?  I too think the sweater will look fabulous with white jeans.  Stay warm!

  4. Do you have favorite bloggers you enjoy following? If so, please share! Thanks for your warm wishes and encouraging dialog! 

  5. That hot pink is definitely your power color!
    It looks beautiful on you.  I so enjoy reading your posts everyday with a cup of coffee. You are a great start to my day.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration to dress in more than sweat pants everyday for this stay at home mom of three.????
    I would love to see some information on glasses and sunglasses. It is time for me to renew my prescription and have no idea what the trends are for glasses. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    Weather report- we have had 6 inches of snow in southern Illinois and it is still falling. But I love to play in the snow with the kids.????

    1. I have glasses on my list of Fight the Frump topics. They tell me that round frames are “in” but I’m not seeing them hit the mainstream yet. I still like the bigger squarish plastic frames.

      1. Yes…..please do a glasses post. I need to update mine too, but all updated frames don’t necessarily fit my narrow, longer face frame.  Its hard to find a good fit.  I sometimes have to look in children’s.  Could you maybe add the right frame shapes for certain shaped faces?  For example: Round, heart, square, long etc. face.  You look great in your post today.  I have trouble wearing black on black, as the blacks never match for me.  

  6. I love the mules with this sweater. And I also think this would look good with gray jeans for more contrast.

    1. I tried that, actually. I wasn’t crazy about it but I did like the look of the sweater with a contrasting color on bottom. I put a picture on my Insta Story but it’s probably gone now.

  7. No doubt about it, Hot pink is your color! I wonder how hot pink or even olive jeans would look with this sweater as it has some of each color in it. Just an idea! Snow here in Central Ohio, so you may have some tomorrow!

  8. You look fabulous in this outfit! Hot pink is definitely a gorgeous color on you.  We received about 3 inches of snow around the Indy area overnight and today. It’s cold, but so pretty! 

  9. Hot pink looks fantastic on you!! I think it would be great with white jeans & your mules. I hope to find a new pair of white jeans (that fit correctly) this year…maybe straight leg crops. I really enjoyed your jean post, don’t know what I would do without you & Cyndee. Denim is so difficult to find, I would love to find a pair of barely distressed jeans also. But after reading the comments not sure a 61 year old should go there. Lol

  10. I really liked this sweater but when I went online the pink looked more salmon colored pink…on your post it looks like hot pink…would you say it is hot pink…I can’t wear salmon! 🙁  Thank you! 

  11. Question for you: 
    I’m debating a purchase between black loafers and black mules. I don’t want to buy both. Which do you think would be the better purchase (the ones I’d probably be able to wear more, style with more outfits?) 

    I like that sweater on you; you look good in bright colors. I’d try it with denim! ????

    1. Yeah, that’s actually how they show it on the website. Maybe darker denim? I will play with it. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it more.

      I am obsessed with the mules, so I’ll vote for them, but really, you can’t go wrong with either.

  12. Could you send the link to the camel colored cardigan you wore in your instagram photo with the black and white(cream) colored shirt and suede boots?  Thanks.  I love that combo. Never would have thought of it for some reason. Great look.   I don’t have instagram for reference.  

  13. I know colors look different in person but when I saw this sweater, I first thought that it would look good with your olive-colored jeans. Not sure if the green in the sweater is the right color though. The bright pink looks great on you!

  14. I’m so excited – they were out of this sweater in my size when you first did this post.  I kept trying and they had it in my size this morning !!

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