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My Current Wish List

Greetings on this icy Tuesday morning! Our schools have another 2-hour delay today so I’m getting a slow start this morning. How are you faring so far?

Today I decided to go window shopping and take you along. I haven’t done a post like this in a while, but I thought you might like to see what I’m shopping for right now. If we ever defrost around here, I’ll head to the mall for a Shop With Me post, but for now, this will have to do!

P.S. I’m open to suggestions for the rest of the week! I do want to bring Fight The Frump back, but I haven’t come up with a good FTF topic to address. I can do more 5 Favorites… anyone got requests for that? And let’s see, what other topics are always popular? Let me know what you want to see!

Meanwhile, here’s what’s on my wish list at the moment.

My Current Wish List

white loafers Sam Edelman Loraine

#1. white loafers // I think I’m going to bypass the white booties trend this year, although I’ve been drooling over these for weeks. They’re more than I want to spend on what may be a passing trend, so I’ll keep looking and maybe try a pair next year.

I do want white loafers for spring, however, so I’m trying to decide which ones to try. I love how Helena pairs them with shades of grey and blush pink in this chic outfit. Hers are well out of my price range, but I’m looking at this Sam Edelman pair, and Free People has an under $100 version that is cute too.

I’m actually debating ordering my beloved Mika Mules in the white leather because I already know I love them and can walk in them. My no duplicates rule doesn’t extend to shoes, although I still would rather have a different style than what I already have in my closet if at all possible, so I ordered the Sam Edelmans to see how they look and feel on.

#2. leopard mules // Because I don’t have enough leopard shoes already. Ha! But seriously, how fun are these leopard mules? If I thought for a second I could keep them on my feet, I’d order them. They would be so cute with skinny jeans and black or blush tops this spring. I’m going to keep my eye out for something that looks more walkable.

Franco Sarto Fancy Bootie

#3. sock booties // I have my eye on these booties or something similar because they pair well with the cropped straight jeans that are trending (see below.) I just can’t decide between the grey and the black.

Madewell Surplus Jacket

#4. Madewell Surplus Jacket // I need another utility jacket like I need a hole in the head, but this one is really calling my name for some reason. Maybe it’s just because it makes me think spring might be around the corner somewhere… I know, dream on!

Talbots Red Trench

#5. colorful trench // Speaking of spring, I have a classic grey trench that I like a lot, and I have a bright pink one that is fun but sometimes it’s a little much, so I’m thinking this red trench at Talbots would be a classy addition to my spring coat wardrobe.

I’ve really been trying to upgrade my outerwear lately. I’ve always seen coats as more of a necessary evil than a great fashion accessory, but now I’m realizing that I was seriously missing out! Having a couple of pretty spring jackets to rotate may be the way to survive March and April — two of the most fickle months of the year in these parts.

I’m also really drawn to these red driving moccasins, but they don’t get the best review. Of course, it’s only one so who knows… does anyone have these?

#6. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion // I’ve been wanting to try this since Kelly listed it among her Favorite Things, so today I ordered it. I’ll let you know how I like it!

#7. Tweed Button Tab Skirt // I actually already ordered this but I haven’t tried it on yet. I have high hopes that I can figure out a way to style it because I think it’s super cute. Skirts are hard, though, and I’m too short-waisted to tuck in my top, so we’ll see what I can come up with.

Levis 501 Skinny Jeans

#8. Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans // Levi’s is making some sort of heroic comeback because every fashion blogger seems to be wearing them. I keep scratching my head because while Levi’s are always something of a classic, they haven’t exactly been cutting edge for a very long time, but somehow they’ve done it. Someone in their marketing department should get a serious end of year bonus, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I want to try some of the straight cropped denim styles with ankle boots and loafers, and this pair of jeans in particular caught my eye. Unfortunately they don’t have my size. Boo to the hoo. I’m going to keep looking. Oooh, here’s another option. In fact, I just ordered those. I’ll keep you posted!

LOFT V-Neck Tunic

#9. LOFT Refined V-Neck Tunic Sweater // Somehow this didn’t get into my graphic. Oooops! I’m interested to see how this tunic looks on. I love a good v-neck, and this one seems like it would be flattering. I’m not always a fan of tunics, but if they’re slenderizing, they can be cute with jeans or leggings. The side slits are always helpful, and this one has that feature.

I’m waiting for this to go on sale, and then I’ll order it. Or better yet, I’ll head over to the mall one day and do a LOFT try-on sesh and look for this. I’m liking the grey or navy in particular, but the yellow is kind of fun for a change.

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134 thoughts on “My Current Wish List

  1. Yes, Levis! My favorite are the Womens Slimming Skinny jeans…bought on Amazon. Love them! A bit of stretch, lightweight, fit like a glove, perfect pocket placement. I have black and a medium blue wash…my go to jeans.

      1. Levis seem to run on the small side…I’m between sizes and sized up. The stretch in the fabric is a bit forgiving.

  2. Jo Lynne—As usual very good info Thank you! . A Big “no” on white shoes ( was nurse in former career — HA). But I have almost the same red trench coat and love it! Sometimes I wear it to church and feel it really makes an outfit! ( of course I do have an actual outfit on under it). 
    Would love to see posts on ‘the true basics’. Finding those absolute classics that one would keep for years. 
    Last comment – sadly I have never had luck with Talbot’s shoes — cute but fit is off and usually very stiff and uncomfortable so I quit trying. Have you ever shopped “Marmis”. A shoe store with online options especially for those of us with narrow feet.  They do have a few stores around near Atlanta. 

    1. Interesting about Talbots shoes. I have shopped at Marmi. They have a nice selection of quality brands. I don’t wear a narrow b/c my toes are wide (but heel is narrow, so annoying) but for those who do, Marmi is a great place to shop!

      I love the idea of “the true basics” and I just started writing that!

  3. Great post red and white not for me.
    But love my urban decay wear it everyday to
    Work…eyeshadow stays.
    Would love to see small travel pieces again
    Mix and match
    Spring break can’t come soon enough in

  4. Now I know why people say, “never say never!”   I can’t believe white loafers and Levi’s are top of my list for Spring!  And while I love love love the sock booties, I can’t seem to find them with a 1.5 to 2 inch heel 🙁  Maybe next Fall…

  5. Your blog rocks!  Keep up the amazing work!  Well now that it has finally become winter in California, I want to know what jackets/coats to wear with all my statement sleeved blouses/sweaters!  They look oh-so-boring and are uncomfortable stuffed into narrow jackets.  

    What’s a stylish girl to do?! 

    1. Yeah, honestly, I ditched most of mine when winter got here. Some you can fold over and stuff into a coat (lol) but I found them to be a pain. I do have a few bell sleeve sweaters I kept and still wear occasionally – I wear them with my camel reefer coat b/c the arms are wider than my other coats.

  6. Thank you for for featuring Talbots, which few bloggers do (maybe because of shipping costs?) I shop there frequently because I’m petite and they have a full petite line. I agree with a comment that many of their shoes are u driving Mocs which are wider

  7. Sorry for typing trouble. I find many Talbots shoes too narrow and uncomfortable, but like the Everson driving Mocs which are wider. No red in those, tho.

  8. I love the Levi’s brand of jeans. They last long, don’t stretch out and you can’t beat their prices for a good quality jean. Thanks for your post. I am looking forward to getting some of these things for my wardrobe now!

  9. Oh the 501’s! Just add some white hi-top Rebok velcro shoes, put on some Depeche Mode or Oingo Boingo, slide Back to the Future in the VCR and 1980’s-we are back!

    I’m having trouble accepting the high-waisted jeans again, but they are easier to keep on when you bend over! 🙂 And I’m always embarrassed for those who sit down and their shirt doesn’t cover their, ahem, backside. Maybe high waisted jeans are a good thing! 🙂 Love all the things you’re shopping for! 🙂

    1. HAHA!!!! I loved Depeche Mode. I still might have one of their songs or two on my running playlist.

      People are people so why should it be . . .

      Yeah, I am conflicted on the high rise. It is practical for sure but not sure it’s flattering . . . I will keep you posted!

  10. What I would like a tutorial on is length of jeans. Such as where should the bottom of cropped jeans and ankle jeans hit on a person’s leg? I have long legs and I wonder if these styles look too short on me. Also, how much skin should appear between booties/shoes and the bottom of leg of pants/jeans? Should ankle jeans be worn with booties or are they better suited to loafers and flats?

  11. I have been using UD eyelid primer for years after so many products that failed. You will not be sorry and you can often find it at a discount at nordstrom’s rack or when they run sales on the UD sebsite:)

  12. My daughter who is in college bought me the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer for Christmas. She uses it and loves it. I was afraid because of my age it might not work for me. However, I love it!! You honestly could wear it alone if you wanted, but I wear it as a primer and it truly has been a game changer for me. 
    I’m in a spending freeze this month….. but I love all your picks. I’m interested in trying Levi jeans again. I wore them all through high school and college. 

  13. Love this post! It’s encouraging me to see your wish list – which to me means things you’re considering but not necessarily going to buy everything. (Helps me to “wish” without making a bunch of purchases). And I love the commentary. Can’t wait to see your next try-on session at Loft, too. Did you notice that navy sweater is an online exclusive?

  14. I use the UD primer too and like it. Actually, I preferred their old packaging (tube) better. You have to be careful if you use it under your lower lash line, bc it can look a little cakey if you get it too low. 

    I may think about those loafers for spring! I found what I think is the same loafer at Nordstrom-comes in a bunch of prints and colors…love them all, but the white is quite special! 

    1. Yes, they’re also at Nordstrom. People say I link to too much Nordstrom. 😉 So sometimes I just link to the same thing elsewhere. People still say I do too much Nordstrom tho. It’s just so easy to search for things on their site and they have a great variety of price points.

  15. Allright, JoLynne, I’m going to wait for you to style all these things, particularly interested in the Levi’s……haha for old time’s sake.  What a great post!

  16. Ha!  I’m in total agreement with you about the outerwear!  For starters, I don’t like wearing it. Lol. It’s just bulky and uncomfortable.  But, I will say, with technology, improvements have been made and a winter coat no longer weighs ten pounds!  Last year, I purchased a classic tan trench and a gray,  wool blend, double breasted, dress coat. For spring, I would love to add a fun color jacket such as red or pink or maybe even royal blue. The driving Mocs are super cute and such a fun color!  Not a fan of white shoes…….I don’t think I have any white shoes of any style….even tennis shoes.  But that’s just my preference.  I’ve seen bloggers style them and they look great on them! I agree that maybe a creamy pair – not bright white – would help eliminate the starkness. I may have to try the Levi’s.  That was my go-to jean in high school..  .way back in the day….lol.   I’ve tried the UD primer and I like it okay but Benefit Stay Don’t Stray is my fav. If you don’t car with for the UD or if you want a comparison item, you may give that one a try. It’s thicker so it provides a little more coverage.  Looking forward to seeing your spring styles! 

  17. Any fun jewelry on your list? I just got the short silver and gold circle necklace you recommended and I love it!!

  18. I love this post. I try to make lists like this for myself a couple of times a year.  I can’t wait to see what you do with the skirt.

  19. I finally have time to comment on this post.  I really like the Levi’s, the loafers, and the camo mules.  
    I just got a silver tote that I ordered from DSW.  Do you consider silver to be a year round and a neutral color?  I’m debating on keeping it.  Also, I really enjoyed the FB Live today!  I’m so glad I was able to join in.  Thank you!

  20. For FTF, how about “building a  jewelry wardrobe.”  I know workwear posts are not your favorite, but jewelry for workwear might be good— sometimes, in the office where I work, It seems women don the pearl earrings and the same “statement necklace” that can be aging.  They may think it costs too much to have several go to pieces like Lucky, Kate Spade, or Kendra Scott.

    I feel awkward saying this, but I don’t love love love the workwear posts. They don’t have your usual pizazz-  I’m a boring 51-year-old attorney, but I still like to rock my ankle pants, cute jackets from AT and WHBM— snazzy, shoes (usual kitten heels these days) and elegant bags, along with my Urban Decay eyeshadow and Bobbi Brown lip. ????

    1. Hey Dale – I feel the same way about my workwear posts. I always feel they’re kind of boring and missing the mark somehow. That’s why I’d rather leave them to someone who is better at it than I am… that said, I’m really excited about a look I shot this week – I think it can be great for an office setting, or at least can be tweaked to work for different settings. 🙂 I will continue to try, but I know I do casualwear best. 🙂

      The jewelry wardrobe is a good idea. I tend to be a bit of a plain jane in this regard, but when I do nail it with accessories, it definitely makes a difference. Something to work on. 🙂

  21. You will love the Urban Decay eye primer! It is wonderful! There is something about Levi’s and I am glad they are coming back. I love the fit of them. I so want to go shopping but I will avoid it for now!!! At least try!! 

  22. I feel late to the party, but I love this post.  It’s such a great way for me to see what’s trending.  Keep up your great work!

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