Kid Fashion Trend: Brights

Kid Fashion Trend: BRIGHTS!

Now that my girls are getting older, they are quite opinionated about the clothes they wear. It’s a mixed blessing. Sometime we enjoy shopping together, and it provides some great mother-daughter bonding moments. Other times it’s a battle, and let me tell you, no parenting class prepares you for this sort of combat! Fortunately we tend to agree on kid fashion most of the time.

I love it when we can find a store we mutually adore, and our latest discovery is P.S. from Aéropostale. As a VIP blog ambassador for P.S. from Aéropostale this year, I will get a sneak peak at new merchandise, access to specials, and a shopping allowance so I can share the newest, hottest looks with you!

My younger daughter and I enjoyed perusing the new arrivals online and picking out some clothes for her to try. The prices are fantastic. She was able to stock up, and being the one who gets all the hand-me-downs, she had a blast picking out brand new clothes just for her.

Kid Fashion

Brights are such a hot trend in kids’ clothing right now, and P.S. from Aéropostale nails it with cute, age appropriate styles. We both love these Solid Pop Knit Pants. They come in all sorts of great colors, and they are super comfortable. I just wish they had an adjustable waistband. When my daughter first put them on, she complained that they felt loose, but when she tucked in her tank top, she said they felt better. She wore them all day yesterday and came home happy. YAY! She’s pretty average-sized for her age, so they work well for her. We got them in pink pizazz and jade green.

We also got this I Am So Chic graphic tee. She plans to wear this over a colored long-sleeve tee this winter, and then she can wear it all summer as well. Bonus!

I Am So Chic

We both fell in love with this metallic mesh skirt. It will be perfect for church.

Kids' Metallic Mesh Skirt

And the sequined LOVE sweatshirt that she wore yesterday is super cute and comfy. I like the oversized styling.

I love this glitter lipstick sweatshirt, but they didn’t have it in her size.

Kids' Long Sleeve Glitter Lipstick Sweatshirt

We also picked up a pair of their Athletic Fleece Pants, which are super cozy and warm. I also picked up a few tops for her older sister.

Kids' PS Athletic Fleece Pants

I’m really loving these fresh and fun designs at P.S. from Aéropostale. I can’t wait to see what they have for spring!

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Disclosure: Because of my role as s a VIP blog ambassador with P.S. from Aéropostale, I was provided with a gift card to shop P.S. Aeropostale for new winter looks for my girls.


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11 thoughts on “Kid Fashion Trend: Brights

  1. That lipstick sweatshirt and the Chic tee are adorable – so is your girl! My daughter turns 13 this weekend and loves shopping and fashion. My favorite blog posts are those that include her! Thanks for this sweet post! Susan

  2. One of the middle school secretaries recommended PS and Aeropostale as a great source for layering camis. So many of my daughter’s shirts have shrunk in length just enough to fail the dress code. But they still fit everywhere else…so frustrating. I have not received my order yet but I’m hoping these camis are thin and long enough to make all my daughter’s shirts wearable.

  3. Your daughter is so adorable and cute! My boys are pretty opinionated too when it comes to choosing what to wear even though they are barely 3..geesh! Thank you for hosting the link up and have a fabulous weekend!


  4. I haven’t even shopped myself for my kids here but my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have and they are great clothes. My daughter adores justice so any store that will give me super trendy girls clothes that are decent quality is a store worth shopping in. Both my kids got several items from P.S. for Christmas.

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