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It’s been a long, cold winter, and we all have a touch of spring fever around here. Even Savannah, our sweet rescue pup, seems to be itching for nice weather and everything that means for her — namely long walks around the neighborhood, lazy afternoons napping by the pool, and playing catch in the front yard.

When the weather is nice, she prefers to spend the better part of her day outside, and I just discovered a new resource that makes shopping for outdoor (and indoor!) pet supplies easy and stress-free.

The folks behind Chewy are a group of passionate pet lovers who are dedicated to helping pets everywhere live their best lives by making shopping for pet supplies easy and stress-free.

I’m sure I’m not the only pet mama who has had to run out late at night to pick up dog food when we realized we had run out. At Chewy.com, you can actually put your pet food and other pet supplies on Autoship so you never have to remember to stop by the pet store again.

They have a huge selection with everything from dog food to prescription medicines, toys to treats, shampoo to dental care, and everything in between. I just placed an order for some new dog toys and other products to try out, and everything arrived within just a few days.

Our Savannah has white fur, and she tends to get those ugly brown tear stains on the fur under her eyes. I ordered these Angel’s Eyes Tear Stain Wipes, and they work beautifully to keep her fur clean and pretty.

We also picked up a pack of Nature’s Miracle Bath Wipes to wipe her down when she gets dirty, as well as a Port-A-Bowl Pet Bowl for her water when we’re outside. It will be so much easier than bringing her water bowl in and out of the house.

This portable bowl would also be great for anyone who likes to bring their dog along on their adventures.

Speaking of her water bowl, Chewy has this nifty bowl set called the Neater Feeder — this totally solves the pet food mess problem and protects your floors. File this under “I wish I’d thought of that!”

This clever feeder is designed with protective walls to contain splashes and spills, and it holds spilled food in the upper portion while spilled water drains into a lower portion so you can empty it later.

It is totally saving my wood floors, and best of all, it looks nice too. Ingenious!

While I was placing the order, I picked up some new toys as well. My daughters love giving the dog new toys, and they couldn’t wait to play with her when the box from Chewy came in the mail.

How cute is this stretchy purple octopus tug toy? I wish I had gotten them playing on video. Savannah loves this thing, and she will jump and jump for it.

We also got her a new KONG Classic and put some turkey in there for her to find. We used to put peanut butter inside, but that gets so messy. A little bit of meat works just as well, and it’s less mess.

Also by KONG, these Squeakair Birthday Balls are always a hit.

And this Frisco Push to Mute Squeaking Dumbbell Dog Toy is pretty nifty because it has a built-in button and strap to mute the squeaker if you get tired of the noise.

Savannah loves a game of tug-of-war, but her mouth is too small for the dumbbell end so we have to hold it the other way. It’s still just as fun. I’m sure a larger dog would love to play catch with it as well.

In addition to all that, we ordered the Petmate X-Large Tieout Trolley because we don’t have an electric fence at our new house. Savannah loves being outside, but she also loves exploring… a little too much! It’s so nice to be able to let her roam while keeping her in the confines of our yard.

Overall, I’m really pleased with Chewy’s selection and convenience. It’s nice to have an online resource for pet supplies so I don’t have to make a separate stop at pet store when I’m running errands.

Now we just have to wait for the weather to warm up so we can take all these fun new toys outside!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Hi Jo-Lynne! I use Chewy and have for about a year now! My dog, Abby, knows exactly what it is when delivered to our door.  I got a video last month of her trying to break into her Chewy box.  Chewy has everything you could possibly want for your dog and the customer service is awesome!

  2. I ordered the Daily Ritual Sweatshirt Cardigan and it’s supposed to be delivered today. I’m so excited! I even stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered the blush color that you have. Typically, I would have chosen the a darker color but I’m hoping the pretty, soft pink color will encourage spring to come on! Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect cropped/capri jeans. I don’t care for the wide leg so I hope I can find a cute pair that with a classic style that can be worn a couple of years. Suggestions are welcome!

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to find the right leg on those. I’m also not sure I want to embrace the wide leg so I’m trying various skinny crop styles that aren’t super skinny, if that makes sense. I love my Citizens (from last year) but they’re very spendy, esp when not on sale. I will keep trying other price points and report back.

  3. We love Chewy!!  The dog food we use is only sold in 4lb bags in the pet stores.  Chewy sells 10lb bags!  I buy multiple bags on autoship and that makes for a happy dog mama!  We’ve found the toys to be high quality and customer service to be very responsive as well.  Jasper gets excited when the Chewy boxes arrive!

  4. I also love Chewy. I have two medium sized dogs and I order their dog food from Chewy. (two 30 pound bags at once) Their food is a brand called Blackwood and it agrees with my chow mix’s delicate stomach. It is also not found in many mainstream pet supply stores so using Chewy is a godsend. If I could not get it from Chewy, I’d have to travel 40 minutes to the closest pet store to purchase it. The food also come in unbelievably quick. There are actually times when it is ordered and comes in the next day! WOW! 

  5. Chewy is the best! Their customer service and selection are outstanding and the prices are always reasonable. Glad you are supporting them.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this site! I’ve seen their advertisements on my Instagram feed and wondered how their stuff was I think my puppies would love the toy where you hide a treat inside! Have you ever tried Barkbox? I was thinking of trying it. 

  7. Funny, I just got my chewey order this am…..love this company, super fast shipping….your dog is adorable!

  8. Cool site – will definitely have to check it out! We have two dogs (sometimes I wonder what we were thinking). 🙂 One is a toy Australian sheppard and the other is his brother – who had a pretty big growth spurt and is more of a mini! I love the portable water dish for long walks in the summer – definitely going to purchase that one!

  9. Chewy is THE BEST! We’ve had two situations where our dog food was ruined in basement flooding and both times they replaced large bags of dog food FOR FREE! They also randomly sent us a hand-painted pic of our dog after they asked us to send a pic of her (saying they like to see the pups they serve. 😉 They are awesome!

    1. Wow, that is truly amazing. I feel like you all should have written this post! You’re selling it way better than I did. 😉 I am excited to get on their autoship program. I order everything else online, can’t believe I never ordered our petfood.

  10. I love chewy, I get dog food delivered monthly.  
    I have bad allergies which tend to impact my equilibrium (feels like vertigo).  This year they were so bad that my ears were impacted.  My ears felt like when you are flying and cannot pop them.  It lasted at least 3 weeks, I am finally feeling better now.  Good luck, I hope you find out the cause of your vertigo, that is so miserable.

  11. Chewy is great. I’ve been ordering from them for quite awhile now. Their customer service is EXCELLENT!

  12. I love Chewy too. Their prices are great on dog food and dog crates. They sell a pill called Ocubright that totally stops the brown discharge. Most people think it is a miracle pill. My dog was large but they sell it for small dogs too. 
    Thanks for the dog post!

  13. What a cute pup, I just wanted to mention I used to use angel eyes as well until a vet recommended I use bottled water for my dogs, I use one that is labeled good for babies and they have never had red eye tear stains ever again, it’s due to the tap water.

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