LOFT 40% Off Sale

Happy Thursday! I woke up to a LOFT 40% off sale in my email inbox!

What to Buy at the LOFT 40% Off Sale!

I haven’t placed a LOFT order in quite a while, so I decided to take advantage of this sale to get a few new things to style for the blog next month. Hopefully some will be keepers!

My biggest complaint about the LOFT website is that they don’t show the clothing in such a way that you can really see how it is cut. I appreciate that their models look like they’re having fun, but I’d prefer they stand still and show the clothes.

That said, I’m going to do my best to pick out some good recommendations, and of course, returns are easy to make in store. (I try to make my LOFT returns in store because they charge for return shipping. I also always order enough to get their free shipping – it is usually $125.)

The hover prices you see below are the full price. Use the code OHGOODIE at checkout to get 40% off your order.

What To Buy at the LOFT 40% Off Sale


Happy shopping!

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24 Responses

  1. You are the blogger that turned me on to LOFT last summer. I love a lot of your picks and will have to get a few things! They are great with returns too. I also do mine in store. The local LOFT gals are getting to know me too well lol!

  2. I placed a huge order when they had 50% off everything a week or so back. I got that first sweater in the pink color and it is absolutely perfect! The knit is soft and pretty lightweight and the details of the bell sleeves and the open back are lovely. Also the length is great…not a tunic but not too short either. I’ve already worn it and can’t wait to wear it again.

    Unfortunately, the LOFT store in my mall closed. 🙁 Now I have no choice but to send stuff back in the mail. That’s certainly going to put a damper on me placing many orders from them. I wish they’d consider doing free returns.

  3. I could not agree with you more on the Loft website and the models posing! I LOVE their clothes, but it is hard to see how a shirt looks when they have their arms crossed or up. Very frustrating:( As always, thanks for all the great suggestions!

  4. Perfect timing. On my way to buy a gift and it is next door to Loft! Will go into Loft now!
    Great choices!! Thank you! Julie

  5. I love that you and Cyndi both did the loft sale post. Helps w so many options andi value both your style Opinion S its also fun to see if u pick out anything the same. ????

  6. My niece is now a rep for younique makeup. I was looking at her post and noticed you were in it. You use younique?????

  7. Shopping Loft sales requires strategy. Always put enough in you cart to get free shipping, because half (or more) of the items you chose are no longer available. But the pieces that DO ship, get free shipping. So if you think you’ll love it, get it; knowing you’re only going to get a couple of your choices. That being said, I didn’t get any of the jewelry I tried to order this morning, but I did snag a pretty peach cardigan and red jacket. Winning!

    1. I get so frustrated with them when I get the emails saying the pieces are sold out! A lot of times I don’t spend the $125 for free shipping so then when most of my items are sold out I end up with something I wouldn’t have paid $8.95 shipping for.

      1. That would be annoying! I haven’t had that problem, ironically. Maybe b/c I usually shop new arrivals. (I’d shop more sale styles but I have to get stuff that will be in stock long enough to post it on the blog. 🙂 )

  8. Hi Jo-Lynne, I am huge Loft fan. It is so funny that you mentioned not being able to really see the fit shape etc on their website….. I recently wrote an email to their customer service asking that they change this very thing. My comment in particular had to do with having the models tuck in blouses. It’s nice to see a style option but, in order to know how a blouse will fit, one must see the hem! I hope more of us will write to them as so many have noticed this. Maybe, they will change It! Thanks for your great blog! Blessings Krista

  9. Which styling box sites do you subscribe to? I am currently trying Stitch Fix, you have noted that you use Nordstoms, are there others that you use? Which do you recommend?

    1. Oh, and as far as what I recommend, I love Trunk Club. The service is more tailored to your individual preferences, and you can talk to your stylist. Stitch Fix is fun, but I don’t think the quality is always that great, but I’ve noticed they are improving that.

  10. Coming back to ask if you will be reviewing any of your sale purchases on the blog?

    I purchased several of your picks and finally tried them on this morning. The biggest hits for me were the Dandelion Flutter and Daisy fit & flare dresses. Now I can stop looking for casual dresses lol 🙂 I have been wanting color dresses but never find any that look right. I can dress these up with bright jewelry or colored cardis for work.

    I also love that tie shoulder top – not something I ever would have picked out for me but I love how it fits!

    1. I haven’t opened the package yet, LOL!!! I have been so busy — I literally have 4 boxes unopened in my office right now. I will try them on tomorrow. 🙂 Glad so many things worked out for you!

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