Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit

I’ve been asked to style more cardigan outfits, so I ordered a couple new ones to feature since most of the ones I have are sold out, and I’m excited to say that I’m two for two! I love both of the ones I ordered. This Halogen long ribbed cardigan is a major winner!

This Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit is a basic outfit formula that can be recreated a myriad of ways! Perfect for moms on the go!

Straight cardigans don’t usually create the most flattering silhouette because they tend to hide your curves, but this one is nice because the ribbed texture allows it to drape close to the body, following your curves, and the thinner knit keeps it from being too bulky. It also feels very high quality and doesn’t “grow” as you wear it all day. Halogen did a great job with this one! It comes in black and grey, and for size reference, I’m wearing the small.

Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit

Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit

Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit

This Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit is a basic outfit formula that can be recreated a myriad of ways! Perfect for moms on the go!

Long Ribbed Cardigan

I decided to keep my outfit simple (white tee and black jeans) to allow the scarf to be the focal point. I forgot that I have this same tee in beige, and I think it would have looked nicer, since the scarf has beige in it. The white is kind of stark, but it works too.

The scarf came from Stitch Fix, and I love the colors. It’s also just the right weight — warm and cozy but not terribly bulky. I wouldn’t wear this scarf all day inside, but it’s great for throwing on to go out. It looks nice with my camel reefer coat and my black puffer jacket. In fact, it would probably look good on my red wook coat as well!

I added the beet-red booties for a fun contrast against the black jeans and because there is some red in the scarf, and I carried a black satchel.

I used to wear more cardigans than I do now, I’m not sure why. I’ve been in major pullover mode recently, but I enjoy cardigans for their layering possibilities, and this long ribbed cardigan is a great basic that you can wear so many different ways. I’m excited to add it to my winter wardrobe!

Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit

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long ribbed cardigan (similar for less) // slub U-neck tee // AG destructed mid-rise raw hem skinnies (40% off!) // R Minkoff Mini Perry Satchel // Lucky Brand zip wedge bootie in beet suede (under $100!) // scarf c/o Stitch Fix

And it’s Friday, so that means linkup day! If you have a fashion blog, I’d love for you to join us. If you’re here for your weekly dose of style inspiration, you’ll find plenty of that here. Have a beautiful weekend!

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51 Responses

  1. I don’t have many longer cardigans in my closet, but the few that I have feel perfect!! For some reason, I love the long, flowy feeling they give!
    And those burgundy booties are fabulous!! I like the little bit of color they provide as opposed to if you had worn black!
    Happy Friday!

  2. As usual, you look Mahvelous Dahling!! I love how the booties give that pop of color from the scarf! Can’t go wrong with a black cardigan in the closet! I like the look of the long cardigan on you, but I dont think I can pull it off! A bit too much “junk in the trunk”, as they say! I tried on a few longer ones and they seem to get hung up there. A mid hip one looked better on me. For sure I’ll be pinning this outfit when I shop my closet. I’m on a clothing “spending freeze” for the month of January. I went online shopping a wee bit, put things in my cart, but never hit checkout! It’s a challenge as I don’t need a single thing! Up here in the North Pocono area, we had a bit of snow this morning, but not enough for a delay. Just enough to make it pretty again. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I’m so excited! For the first time I got your preview image on the email. Those images never came through for me before now. I have the same problem with Cyndi’s. Yeah! Cute outfit too! I really like the burgundy booties!

  4. What length coat would you recommend wearing over a cardigan of the length you’re wearing? That’s usually my issue with cardigans. By the time I bring out my winter cardigans, it’s time to wear a coat. I also have a long black cardigan with faux leather patch elbows and pockets that hits me mid-calf. I wear it on mild days but not when I need a coat. What length would you recommend with that? Or would it stay in your closet on cold days, too? Lol. Happy Friday!

    1. I think that’s why I tend to stay away from cardigans too. My go-to winter coat used to be a long parka, which worked well over long cardigans, but it was getting worn out and I got rid of it this year, and I’ve been wearing a shorter jacket. I do have my camel reefer coat, though, which is what I will wear over this when I go somewhere in it: https://bit.ly/2iJwqh8. I also have a long puffer coat that is super heavy for the coldest of days that will work over it too.

  5. Oh, this is killing me. I love this look so much! It is one of my favorites on you. But, I’m not shopping this month. At least for clothes!

    A cardigan that isn’t bulky or lose its shape is worth it! Great styling.

  6. I like the complete look on you! Long cardigans are a great way to keep things covered that we shouldn’t show in public.
    Most schools in metro Atlanta are closing 2 hrs early today due to the impending snow. The state doesn’t have the equipment that y’all have.

  7. I love the long cardigan look as it is super versatile in my office. If it is cold, I keep it on, if it gets hot I can take it off and still have a nice outfit on. In fact I am wearing it today! 🙂
    I always wear a long coat with the long cardigan, so that is an issue if you only have shorter coats. I bought one like yours in black and I also have a tan sweater knit one that I love.
    Thanks again Jo-Lynne another great post! (LOVE the pop of color in the boots!)

  8. CUTE! I’m on the hunt for a long cardigan and love the look of this one but I really want a burgundy one. I ordered the Leith one back during the NSALE, but even the x-small just felt to overwhelming for me. I’ll keep hunting. Have a great weekned!!!

  9. I love the look!~ I am too short for the long cardigan look, sadly I look like I’m standing in a hole.
    Meanwhile, I just got some booties that I think are the same finish leather as those you are wearing. How do you treat them? I have a mark on mine (worn once) that looks like a heel scuff and I wondered if there wasn’t a magic buffed suede brush or something that I should use,

    1. I’m bad, I haven’t treated mine. If you have a suede brush, try that and see. I find that material does tend to scuff up some, but I think it’s supposed to add to the rugged look.

  10. This is actually one of my favorite looks for Winter. If I wasn’t feeling so bad, I would probably be wearing this right now. I think I may do some browsing online!

  11. This is a great look, Jo-Lynne! You wear it well! I’ve been looking for shorter inseamed destructed jeans and since these are AG and on sale, a no-brained! Love that the cardigan comes in petite sizes, too!

  12. A great cardigan! Prefect height and love that it has pockets. I needed to added that scarf to my stitch fix wish list. Take you for hosting


  13. Love those boots! Want that color, but the 7.5’s are sold out in the beet suede. Glad to hear that Julie B received your email but mine continues to be a surprise each morning…clutter, junk or email. Today I had “The Latest From Jo-Lynne” in junk and the “The Long Ribbed Cardigan Outfit” in clutter.

    1. Hey Colleen. There’s not a whole lot I can do on my end to make the email go to the right spot, but it should definitely get to you. 🙂 Unfortunately, when other people mark my emails as spam (which happens occasionally, even though I never add anyone to my list without permission) it affects everyone who receives my emails because email providers start to think they may be spam.

      Two things you can do: Make sure to move them to the folder you want them to go so your email provider will learn where you want to see them, and if you add my email address ([email protected]) to your email address book, that should help because it validates my email to your email provider and makes them less likely to think they’re spammy. Hope that helps! Thanks for subscribing. 🙂

  14. Love your blog. I have just received this email today after a couple of months not receiving any so just wanted to let you know that it’s working for me. Hope to keep on getting one every day from now on!

  15. So cute! I agree with you that cardigans aren’t always the most flattering but ribbed fabric seems to make a huge difference. I have to tell you that after your post yesterday, I worked on my closet again from the “does it bring me joy” point of view. I took several things out that I left in just a few weeks ago. Then, I sat and thought about what I really love and feel pretty in. I wrote the keywords down so I’ll remember them when I shop. Let’s just say that I’m over all of the oversized, flowy clothes. Bring back belts! 🙂

  16. I love cardi’s, JoLynn and that black one is perfect. You can wear it with so many things. I guess the thing I like most about the card is the layering factor and the fact that when you have it on and leave it open you can see the shirt underneath, and you also have the option of the front tuck to add even more interest to the outfit. Sometimes just going with one or two colors and then throwing on a colorful scarf or statement necklace and maybe a bright pair of shoes or bag can really make an outfit look classy. You did that. I love your beet colored booties. I have a pair that are similar color and I just love them. Great look! Have a great weekend! – Amy

  17. I had to pin this outfit…so cute! I stalked these boot until they were available in my size. They are the perfect wine color and very comfortable. Thanks for another idea on how to wear them:)

  18. This is a great look on you, I love it! I was ALL about the cardigans earlier and bought several, but have been wearing mostly pullovers instead too (when I can actually wear a sweater down here, that is). Not sure why because I’m always drooling over cardigan outfits I see online!

  19. it seems that ALL of us are loving this outfit!!! 🙂 … I have to ask one question… can you do a tutorial on how you style your hai? I am LOVING this longer “bob” on you!!!! Would love to know you get the “umph and body in it….

    1. LOL! I just filmed a tutorial on how I curl it, but I didn’t think about the straight style. 🙂 I can try to do a picture tutorial sometime. I’m not sure I can convince my husband to do another video any time soon. Ha!

  20. Such a great look for you! I’ve always liked a long cardigan but definitely go through phases of wearing/not wearing the ones I have. Sometimes I find it hard to get the right top to go under them and that stops me from wearing them.

    I know you often wear mediums (and I usually order a large for myself in things you get in medium). Would you say this cardigan runs a bit big? Trying to decide if I need a medium or a large. The gray version is really calling my name!

    1. Because of the ribbed knit, it is a big clingy, so maybe size up if in between? I didn’t try the medium, and I wore it with a really thin t-shirt, If you want to wear it with a long-sleeve tee, I’d definitely size up. If you’re going to wear it over a tank, a medium might be fine. I hope that helps!

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